So let’s get straight into it for many of us that are looking upgrading our exhaust we’re looking for an increased airflow reduced exhaust gas temperatures which result in increased power, torque and fuel economy, along with giving this v8 a nice note now for me, in my application, Is exactly what i was looking for? I was looking for something that would have a little bit of a growl or a bark when you put your foot down but still be really comfortable on the highway for long term touring and also towing things like a caravan. But also to make sure i wasn’t going to get any of that annoying drone. That does come with some of the systems. So on my lanc with the 200 series here, i have got a twin three inch inter single four inch: manta aluminized steel exhaust system with one center muffler. Now i do have a full video into the installation of this and why i chose and how i went about purchasing this particular system, so check that video out, if you are interested in that, echter, just keep in mind. This cruiser here is a 2014 pre facelift model, which means it was never fitted with a dpf filter. So this exhaust system is from the turbo back, so the first comparison we’re going to do is how it sounds from outside the vehicle. So we’re going to some sealed road we’re going to put the vehicle under different stages of acceleration and see how it goes.

Let’S go test out this exhaust Music, Muziek, Muziek, foreign, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, so so that’s. What it sounds like from outside the vehicle. Let’S jump on inside and see, if there’s any differences in here. So one thing that was super important to me when choosing an aftermarket exhaust was to make sure it was quiet and comfortable for the passengers inside the vehicles, particularly on those long highway. Stints we’re going to do a few tests today inside the vehicle to see sort of the noise level and we’re going to see whether it’s changed at all. With this new exhaust, the first one i’m going to do is just standing here and idling. Nu, whether or not it’s the particular exhaust i chose or the soundproofing in his 200 serie, the idle has changed very, very little there’s, a subtle difference in the tone of the exhaust from inside the vehicle. Echter, it’s not much louder, is. Definitely nice and comfortable let’s go for a drive and see how it goes at some other conditions, so driving at 110 kilometers an hour of course, there’s an increased noise from the wind resistance in the engine. Echter, the exhaust contributes very little to the cruising noise itself. During acceleration there’s, no doubt you can definitely hear that exhaust, but when you’re up to 110 kilometers an hour and just cruising down the highway, there’s very little difference between that of the factory exhaust and this new exhaust and it’s still very, very comfortable for the passengers.

Inside the vehicle, so i don’t have access to a dyno or any fancy gps gear that’s going to measure a 0 Aan 100 kilometer time run. But what i do want to do is i just want to do a rough estimate to see whether or not it’s made any significant gains in acceleration, uh or power and torque. So we’re going to do here, we’re just going to do a 0 Aan 100 en een 60 Aan 100 kilometer hour run just going to do a couple of them and get the averages and see whether or not there’s any notable difference between before and after feeding. This aftermarket exhaust, so we’re cruising here about 60 kilometers an hour we’re gon na go from 60 Aan 100 and uh see how we go okay, jongens. So one of the most frequently asked questions about fitting an aftermarket exhaust, and one thing i’ve been asked quite a bit about is drone. Now drone refers to a humming sound or a constant, noisy exhaust makes specifically at higher speeds or at cruising speeds. This is something you don’t really want an exhaust as it gets quite annoying and irritating for passengers inside the vehicle. Nu, with this particular exhaust, there are two areas of the rpm range where drone does come in now. The first one is three to four thousand rpm. Nu, as you can imagine, you’re never going to be cruising or touring at those sorts of speeds, you’re only going to be activating that sort of rpm range when you’re, accelerating heavy and that’s what you kind of want.

You want that nice grumble that nice raw from the exhaust up in at higher rev range when you’re accelerating. Echter, there is one period of drone throughout the rpm range, which is within the touring cruising range, and that is at 1750 rpm, so quickly jump inside the car. I’Ll show you what i mean and then we’ll talk a bit about it. Nu, although there is a little bit of drone at 1750 rpm, it is a very, very short or narrow width of rpm range and it does drone out and for my cruiser that’s 88 kilometers an hour so it’s not really a usable speed anyway, if it accelerate, Vervolgens, just a little bit more and drone goes away straight away and we’re doing 90 kilometers an hour, so it really is a very narrow window of drone. Nu, Natuurlijk, i’ll put my foot down like i am at the moment. Those rpm are 3250 rpm at the moment and, Natuurlijk, the exhaust is going to be notably louder again, you’re not going to remain at those levels and therefore it’s, not something that you’re really going to have to consider on those long touring stints. Dus, as you saw from that clip, there are 1750 rpm and 50 rpm above and below is a very narrow band of drone within that rev range. Nu, fortunately, voor mij, my cruiser doesn’t really sit at 1750 rpm at touring speeds anywhere between 85 en 88 Kilometer.

An hour is where you’re going to experience it with this particular setup and these size tyres. Echter, that’s with the lock up kit off as well. If i chuck that on the rpm is brought down, and it comes out of that period and therefore eliminates the drone. Now look with any aftermarket exhaust. There is the risk of getting some drone. Echter, with this matter system i’m pretty impressed with the entire rev range, it really does liven up at those higher rpms and that one very, very narrow band of drone doesn’t really affect the way i drive or the touring comfort on the highway in this vehicle. Now another huge consideration for me was towing i’m going to be towing a van around australia for an entire year. I need to make sure this exhaust is going to remain nice and quiet and comfortable for the passengers inside the vehicle on those long driving stints. Now i don’t have a caravan at the moment. Echter, i have towed a 1.2 tonne trailer for 2 000 kilometers already with this particular exhaust fitted, and i got ta, say i’m very impressed with the fact that it doesn’t emit a whole lot more noise than that of cruising speed. Unladen there’s going to be two main factors as to why the exhaust could cause an issue while towing the first one is the fact that you’re towing something heavy and you’re placing more load on the engine more load on the engine will either increase the rpm or Just create a louder noise emitted from the exhaust now, the second factor, if you take into account, is the noise rebounding off the back of the front of the caravan as the noise is emitted from the exhaust, the noise waves can then bounce off the front of The caravan and be projected into the vehicle so guys there you have it, as you can probably imagine, i’m extremely happy with the system that i fitted to my vehicle.

It performs really really well and appears to be of really really good quality. So far now, when you’re accelerating heavily putting your foot down, you really get that nice ground nice bark from the exhaust. Echter, when you’re touring at highway speeds, it really is very comfortable inside the vehicle for all the passengers. Now i wasn’t able to get any egt temperatures from my old exhaust from the factory toyota exhaust. Echter, there is no doubt with the straighter, larger and less restrictive exhaust from manta. Here the egt temperatures are definitely going to be lower and therefore is going to allow for some more tuning down the f in the future. So i guess a big question asked is, if i had my time again, would i change anything with this system and the answer is simply no i’m really really happy with the system. I definitely wouldn’t want it any louder. I think it would start to become a little bit disruptive when starting the vehicle in like early morning. If you need to go to work or something like that, and it will definitely interrupt with the the caravan and the towing and the touring speeds. Echter, i’d say that i wouldn’t want it any quieter either. I like the fact that, when i put my foot down, especially when the vehicle is under load, say on a beach, bijvoorbeeld, it’s going to make that nice v8 note that we all love from these engines having this twin three inch, just single four inches one Center muffler, Ik geloof, is a perfect compromise for those who want to hit the highway on long stints and keep it nice and comfortable yet still have a really nice sounding v8 note when out on the tracks and under load so guys.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review on the manta exhaust system. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us on facebook or instagram. Ik zal.. Try my hardest to get back to everyone.