This is the kind of quad that makes you want to get away, get away from it all, get away from people just get out there and explore nature and have some fun. Maybe in some places you've never been before or explored, and you want to come home with some epic video seven inches the way to do it, let's go ahead and do some flying with the croc 7 light edition. Here we go all right, jongens: let's, go ahead and let's get this quad up in the air and the pandemic is shutting everything down, but we do have nature still. We can get out there today we're going to fly the croc 7.. This is my maiden flight and i'm just going to clip this up a little bit we're using the cadx receiver with the dji transmitter today and no covet out here today. Just me and the trees we're going to send it and we're going to see how it does. I am pretty confident in this setup. I have flown the original proc 7 and sent it up and down the mountain all over oregon and today is no exception, except we're up in washington today, flying and testing out in these treesand you can send this quad right out of the boxyou can Send it out further and further with the cadx receiver on board, actually does pretty good and the vista is just exceptional i've tested both back to back.

I think the penetration from the vistas a little bit better than the air module. I don't know why maybe it's just less going on, but it's it's, pretty good and the raw dvr footage, Ik moet zeggen, is usable for most people, but i think that as far as the flying goes as well, the tune on here it's pretty good for A seven inch there are some modifications on this one. This is a new flight controller from gap rc on this version of it, so we're no longer on the f4 we're on the f7 on this one and it's making a big difference in the tune. It'S extremely hard to tune a 7 inch quad, and this is where dji will be analog in most instances when you go through tree tunnels, you really need that extreme bit of penetration back to your goggles and with the dji setup you've got that quad versity on There so it really makes a huge difference, just so relaxing to fly down these rivers and honestly. This is the kind of flying where you really really want to trust your setup, and this is my maiden flight. Whenever you're flying over water, it's i've had them drop straight into the water. I'Ve lost 4k cameras uh an entire quad into a frog pond with a bunch of algae, no recovery, it's still there to this day and i've also dropped them in trees like this, where i've had to pay arborists two to three hundred dollars to climb up and Get them, but this is where you can see vibration and we, this is a review, so we can get technical about this.

There is a little bit of vibe, but if you want to slap a gopro on there, you'll get rid of all this and again, i saw the same type of vibes in the chimera 7., but not a bad tune. Muziek. If you've ever built your own seven inch and tried to tune it yourself, it's a nightmare when you move from six inch to seven inch, it makes such a big difference it's. So nice and smooth this version and it's a little bit lighter too than the last proc, 7. Muziek, but i'm loving the penetration of the vista i've tested the vista all over the state and um in various states and and in terrain like this, where we have Some of the thickest canopy the thickest tree cover in the country. These evergreens are no joke for five. Acht. If you ever tried to fly behind the evergreen with 5.8, U, you know even rocking, zoals 600 Milliwatt, sometimes it'll go out on you, but right there. The gps took over and auto leveled the quad out and started going straight up so that's, where gps on a quad can really save you. If you're thinking about getting a long range rig, absolutely should not fly long range without gps. Weer, the caddix penetration is great, and one of the biggest tips i can give you guys is to field test your gps return to home before you send it out there miles and miles, and i did test this one before we did the review today before i Clip this together, Muziek, but it's performing pretty well as well as i expected a lot of times with gap, rc stuff it's, just the type of quad that you can pull out of the box and start flying and not have problems with.

I have some of gap. Rc'S quads that are four and five years old and still fly really old gear on them now, but i can slap a 4s 1300 on some of my original cheetah fpv quads and just still go out and fly them enjoy them. But a seven inch is just a whole different experience, guys if you've never flown a seven inch. It has a really big feel in the air and it kind of feels like a glider it's, the closest thing to a glider in fpv that we can get super smooth, it's a really fun experience. So you guys will have to check one out, but let's go back to the studio now after this short break and we'll talk about the specs all right. Thanks for watching the flight test, let's go back to the studio now and if you want to we'll, hang out and we'll talk about all the specs and all the gear that gep rc put on here and my final opinion on the new croc 7 hd light. Here we go all right, jongens. Welcome back to my shop let's, go ahead and break down the new croc 7 HD. There are two versions of it: the full blown version with the air module on board. It has 1080p onboard dvr with sd card support. This one is the cadex vista version, which only has the vista unit for vtx and the camera up front. So if you're looking for onboard dvr with sd card recording, you want to get the full blown version that one's about 429 and this one's '9 for the live version.

So any video, aside from your gopro on top you're, going to have to record it through your dji goggles and the dji goggles are required for both of these versions. I'M, Ik weet het niet, yet that there's an analog version, so we'll have to look for that now. I might have mentioned before that the new croc 7 hd light is lighter than the original croc 7.. Echter, when i got backand i weighed iti thought they had trimmed down the frame a little bit, but it seems to be the exactly the same frame, but maybe just beefed up a little bit because it actually is about 50 grams heavier. The new version with the caddux vista on board this one's, weighing in just under 400 gram. This is the original one with the run cam. I believe this was the nano, maybe even the nano, the original nano on here full analog setup with the dji 5.8 antenna on the back still had gps on it. So i could really send this quad up the mountain and i don't know if you guys watched my old review on this one. But you should definitely go back and check that out, but i also updated it later on when dji came outand i did my own version of an hd gaprc crocthat video is also online. But this one is the brand new one and i think, it's great, because they made obviously what everybody wanted come to fruition with a bind and fly version uh for hd for guys that already have dji.

Now this quad will carry quite a big battery. You can get like a 6s 4000 op hier. The truck bed goes all the way across the top. I mean it's gigantic it's, one of the biggest battery setups that i've seen on most quads out there right now. It also has the option to carry the original gopro mount on there. It is a fixed, waarschijnlijk over 25 Aan 30 percent of tilt on there, but it matches the old the new frame exactly so. If you guys want to buy that and stick that on there, you can do that. That'S pretty cool, and i still have my original box that my other get bar croc came in and they still have the same dial prop on there. So this is a seven inch, 70 56 prop, and it is a right turn rear setup on this quad. Ook, what i like is they still kept, that sort of bolt fastener the red anodized aluminum. Look on here as well like the original croc had look at the original croc. They still have all that same red hardware, dat is super cool. They still have the same. Tpu front on there except it's a little bit taller now to accommodate the vista stack. So i think the the new croc is maybe just a few millimeters taller than the other one and the other one was only rocking the span f4 pro on here. So that's. The span f4 proand this one has the built in vtx into the flight controller.

So some guys didn't really like that, but it never failed me going up and down the mountain. That was not a problem. Some people were kind of concerned with heat distribution close to you know any kind of accelerometer or any type of cpu on the flight controller. But this time we have two separate stacks in here we have the esc's in the very back. We have the f7 up front with the newly updated usb c port right here, which is also pretty nice, and we have the floating cadets vista vtx in the middle right there. If we look on the bottom, you can see that there are replaceable arms which is very needed. You can get extra arms and i believe my kit actually came with a couple extra arms in the box, so that's kind of nice tons of venting under here, and we never really have a problem with heat or things overheating with most of our quads. Unless it's a really hot day, if it's like close to 95 degrees and your vtx, is cranking 700 milliwatt, sometimes they will shut down. One of the things that i did notice is that the wires are a little bit tight across here, so you might want to take care of going through the trees watch out for those branches sticking out, because this might get ripped off right here. It should be a little closer in on the frame along the inside of the frame, so this wires could be just a little bit longer, but what you could probably do is take the zip tie off right here, and it might actually give you a little more Room in there, if you remove that zip tie, you could also extend those wires.

Just be super careful if you splice new wire onto these now in the back, we still have the same bn 220 gps back here that will get up to around 17 satellieten. The tpu mount also looks exactly the same. It has two posts here, if you're using any other type of receiver like the fr sky, r, xsr or the xm plus, you can come out back there. You can also put crossfire on these and come out with your immortal t on the sides. If you want to go side to side like that and have your mortal t on the horizontal now one other thing, the gap rc got right on the new version over here with the red bottom. Is that not only did they put tpu bumpers on the bottom of the new one? They also added a lower kv on this motor. So this is still a speed x, branded motor gap. Rc speed x branded motor with 2306.5 just a little tiny bit larger than the original 2306. They lowered the kv to 1350, which i think makes a huge difference. Het was 1600 and i was flying 1600 en 1650 kv 6s long range for quite a few years, and i was happy with that. But now i think we should be able to get close to being able to use some lion packs on these, because this original setup on this one would not fly a lion pack and i haven't tried a lion pack on this one yet, but some of them Are getting pretty big out there, so i i kind of like to try the the lion pack on this setup again before it was drawing too many amps.

It wouldn't get out of the parking lot. So i am happy to see that as far as lipos are concerned, this is going to extend our flight time a little bit getting us that lower 1350 range kv motor and speaking of flight time. I know a lot of you guys are concerned with flight time for long range. Distance flying you don't, want to just go out there and fly three or four minutes like a typical five inch race quad with a seven inch. You want to get over 20 minuten. That'S kind of the goal these days, and even as far back as when i was flying the original one, i was getting 25 minutes on even like a. I was flying a 4s 5000 ook. I tested a 4s 5000 op het. It will carry it up and down the beach and up the mountain, and this one will also fly 4s battery. So if you already have some 4s 5000s laying around you can do that. As far as 6s is concerned, i would probably stick to around 6s 3500 Aan 4000 milliamp and you guys can fly all different types of transmitters on this particular quad. The nice thing about this one is: they do have it already wired up. The vista is wired up in here to the flight controller, and i believe, since this one is the hd version, it's a harness that's plugged straight into this flight controller, dat is super leuk.

So this one comes out of the box ready to bind up to the dji transmitter. If you also want to add your own s, bus receiver on there or you want to do crossfire, you can also fly the crossfire, tango 2 or the tx16s from radio master. But as expected, i was happy with the gap: rc croc, 7 HD. This was what i was really hoping for for a release on this quad. I i really trusted it right out of the box to send it down the river and today, when you guys watched that flight test after i tested the gps return to home. That was my maiden flight further out. So also make sure that you set up your return to home in the cli guys, because sometimes these companies are not doing that for you and inside the 300 foot range when you press gps rescue it'll drop to the ground. Dus een ding om over na te denken. But the the tune on there again was decent it. It was good for a seven inch. A seven inch is extremely hard to tune um, so that was the stock video that you guys watched and if you really want to get crazy cinematic just add on that. Gopro mount on the front there i think they're about maybe around 15, so i'll try to find the link for this one as well. The props i recommend and the battery and coming up on the channel guys we have the baby crocodile so super excited about this.

One too we're going to fly this one with some new gap: RC 18650 4s batterijen. So this one's going to be fun. This one should hopefully get us over that 20 minute mark that we're looking for with these quads, so i'll, let you know how that testing comes out, but for now i'm extremely happy with this one and this one's another two thumbs up on the channel. I try not to review really bad quads on my channel. I try to make it worth your time and show you the good stuff out there guys thanks again for hanging out with me, i'm justin davis be well be safe.