Kijk eens naar deze. This is my kwizzy fyfish v6, with the uh claw attachment. This is an aluminum claw that works via remote on the dial of this remote to open and close on a worm gear now i'm gon na go and attempt to find my drone today. I have not uh seen it since last june, which is many months ago. Being october now, i've been back to that pond time and time again to try to recover the drone, but the biology in the water is so thick uh. Now that that we've had a full summer of sun, i can't see anything in there. I did not have a gps location last time, because simply it is too deep in the water to have that, and this unit does not have any kind of location. So i have to look at the clues. Where did i find it in the last video? How deep was i, which was about 24 feet deep, and am i going to be able to locate it in this massive expanse of a pond now it's, basically looking for a needle in a massive algae haystack, you'll see on the front of this, there is a 4K camera. I also have lights, but i can't really use lights down there right now, because it's kind of like driving head on into a snowstorm with very bright lights, it's, you can see all the snowflakes or all the biology, but you can't see beyond so i'm going to Have the lights off today got a gopro up on the top just trying to give you guys an extra angle.

If we do see anything cool today and uh here might as well just kind of show you how the claw works. There is a dial on the side, so i open and close it and there we go. Je kunt zien, hopefully it's going to be strong enough if we find the drone. I know eventually i'm going to find it one of these days i'm, going to have to two ballasts on either side to help with a float got some extra tape on there just to make it extra strong on the bottom. All six thrusters are clear and ready to go. The t, the cable actually does the communication from the remote itself and the remote broadcasts wi fi the image from the camera up to the phone. So i can see and record everything so i've got a camera recording here. I'Ll be screen capturing this and i'll be getting as many angles as possible. Let'S go dive! Good luck on your voyage to the deep. I hope we can get that drone today. Attempt number! Oh at least 15., so into the deep we go. You cannotice that the water is just absolutely full of life and biology. I can barely see take note in the lower left hand, corner you'll, see the position of my vehicle. You'Ll. Also take note just above of my depth in the lower right hand, corner you'll notice, it's 12, 22 and in the top right hand, corner you'll notice, we're at 97 battery you'll see i'm near the bottom here at 12, feet uh or pardon me 18 feet down.

Uh – and i can just barely see if i turn on any light, it's like driving into a snowstorm like i was saying you can understand why the last clues i had of where my vehicle was or the drone. I should say that i lost was at about 24 feet deep here's, some old footage from the june dive where you'll see the drone was in good condition. Note the water clarity is so much better uh early on in june. Uiteraard, there is not a lot of growth going on at that time, dus op 24 feet deep. This is really the only hint that i have of where it could be other than the uh bottle marker i left on the side of the pond. I continue to look around i've been down here. You know just only for a few minutes but i'm searching for a deeper area. Now i fast forwarded here, i've actually been down for more than half an hour and you'll notice that my battery is at 46 i'm. Eigenlijk, getting close to the end of my run and, of course thinking about giving up was i going to find it and i didn't want to give up. I had surfaced and then descended to the bottom, so many times in the area that i thought it was. I just i just wanted to keep going, keep looking. I don't see anything 21 feet still looking and you'll notice. My course is a little bit different i'm still in the southwest area um.

But you know how many times have i been down here after half an hour, it gets a little discouraging on the 15th attempt, it's, Oke, persistence, like anything in life, rechts, patience, persistence and really. It was just an obsession for me to find this and to continue. Looking for it until i did and then lo and behold, my friends check it out, look right. There switch in between cameras here for you here's the onboard camera view right now that i can't see this color. It looks so much better in the gray, but there you can see i i could change that on the phone app of course, but i think the green you know did help me define it a little better. I have never grabbed anything with this claw before of any consequence. I'Ve got one shot at this because i don't want to you know freak up and and make a whole bunch of turbidity, with these six thrusters you'll see i'm already starting to kick stuff up. One chance here to really just kind of grab it it's plastic. Is it brittle after six years uh can i grab it? Ah, this hook is on. This claw is on a worm, drive i'm losing it i'm trying to lift it right now. The pr the props are causing so much prop wash off the bottom. I can't see anything at all and i'm trying to lift it, but the the drone seems to be stuck on the bottom.

I can see it's like the phantom of the drone in the bottom. I don't want to lose it if i lose this, just lift it, lift it it's, not lifting it. I can't get anything off. Do i even have it anymore? Oke, i don't want to freak out. I can see the leg. I can see the camera. Oke. I'M. Not i've i've got to somehow get this through the water. Oke. The best thing i can do is just try to go backwards. I'M. Trying to go backwards. Is there any better way? I'M gon na have to just shut off the motors, because i can't see anything at all and i can't lift it at all the weight of the hook, the weight of the drone. Maybe the propellers are stuck in some seaweed. Oh, i still have it shut. The motors off okay, now that the motor's off just try to drag it forward or backwards slowly. I don't want to lose this because if i lose it anywhere along the way, there's no way for me to tell where it went i'm still getting it with me. As long as i don't get it caught on the bottom through any seaweed, if it gets turned sideways, it might come out from the claw. Ja, i'm totally gon na get this i'm totally gon na get this. Ja, it has been so long. I have been hunting for this for so long. I don't wan na lose this like stuck it's like stuck i'm trying to pull it i'm, trying to pull it.

We'Ll flip the camera and get it passed because it seems to be stuck on a rock. I can't seem to get it to go past where it's supposed to go. Please i don't want to lose this. No, No! No! No! No, if it turns sideways there's, nothing i can do. I just have to take my time and slowly pull on the tether. No, Oh, O jee, after six years of hunting, guys after a finding attempt and then not being able to get it back and then getting a claw. I cannot believe i'm about to pluck the dji vision 2 from the pond. My friend you deserve to be here with me: let's go, get it unbelievable. Kijken. It here was the bottle marker i left in the pond. I had no way to do gps because 30 feet down there's, just no way. Look at what you see in the water. A hint of the phantom guys i've been obsessively looking for this i've been out like at least 15 times fail after fail. After fail after fail to win today the kwizzy five ish v6, with the claw we did it i'm so glad i didn't have enough power with the drone for or with the with the underwater rov. For some reason it was either very heavy or it was stuck on the bottom. I had to basically gently pull it back into shore, maar kijk naar deze, oh and i got the battery.

Ja, it is recovered. Mijn vrienden, i did it, i did it. I can't believe i got it. That'S unbelievable and i recovered the battery from the depths that was so important to me to get that stupid. Lipo battery out of there no more pollution in the pond phantom lake. You have been exercised, oh man, what a rush! Can you believe it can you believe it? Eindelijk, this time we did it wow so much dedication battery after battery after battery this battery runs about an hour and 20 minutes for a dive time. It'S amazing. How far and how long you can go underneath there, i cannot believe how bad this drone actually stinks, just because it's been down in the sludge for so long. All the motors, Natuurlijk, are absolutely seized, maar, like i said when i first popped this out, am i ever stoked to see that i got the battery back i'm sure i can't even oh. I can look at that. I can't it must have like popped out when it hit the water gross i'm, so glad to get that back, that's, just normal sludge from the pond unbelievable. This is what i was really after. Kijk eens naar deze. What happened on the day of the crash there? Het wordt: can i recover this sand disk after all that time? Oh, it doesn't look good here, i'm at my computer. Look at this that's how long it was in the water it actually corroded the the contact point on both sides.

Kijk eens naar deze. I did as much cleaning as i could to get it off of there. Is this going to reveal what happened to the phantom vision? 2. I highly doubt it but we're going to attempt it let's get in my card reader here. Is it going to work? Is it going to work work trying to read it? Oh it's, not recognizing it fail so hoping, but what do i expect after six years eh and there it is in all of its glory. Look at this when i first started this journey, and i had this drone disappear at the bottom of what i dubbed phantom lake. There was no technology for me to go and even see it unless i was going to go, diving and i didn't even really know where it was in that giant pond and then kwizy a company. Just serendipitously happened to come out with this underwater rover and it didn't have a gopro mount on it. It didn't have a claw on it. It was just a rover that could go and dive underwater. I had one of the very first prototype machines that they were working on. They were still coding it. While i was troubleshooting this trying to dive in my very dark pond just to see where i had lost the drone and over time i got to see this product, you know evolve and eventually, after several years of hunting and diving, we finally got eyes on this.

Drone back in june 2020 and then right in july, they launched the claw with the ballasts on either side. That would be strong, and i hunted for months after, but the pond had had so much biology and so much growth in there. I couldn't see past all the algae until today, when we finally see a whole dream. Every time i looked over at that pond, i always felt the sting knowing that i had never been able to get that drone out of there and that that lipo battery is going to be in that pond forever, and i did not like that idea and so Six years later it all comes to fruition, it all comes to a head and we finally get the drone out of the pond guys. I hope we earned a light click today. I also left a uh a link to kwizy, and you know the phi fish down below to their website, as well as a link to the entire playlist it's, been an incredible journey, guys i'm going to find new places to have fun. With my fly. Fish go underwater hunting we're going into the winter season. That means it's going to be nice, clear water in the springtime. We will see you guys in the next episode of rc adventures now get outside and have fun with rc.