Alright, somebody in the last mudding video of project, overkill 2020 said those are fantastic tires. Where did you get them, and I just want to say that these are at six OTT six comm s IX, and these are K, L R M? These are voodoo tires. Somebody else said you know for overkill. They seemed awfully small and I thought to myself geez. You know I went for more of a scale. Look but they're right when you think of project overkill, you'd want to think of large tires. Now yesterday. I did the video with the Traxxas and these oversized 2.2 sized mud tires, which were from Capel racing. These are fantastic tires, I love them and then I thought jeez. What about the Black Widow from way back in the day? Goed, Black Widow is actually sporting. The RC four wheel drive tires that I have those are mud, slingers that are up there on 2.2 s and I swapped the big iMacs red rocks out onto project overkill 2020. Look at this tire difference between yesterday's tire, size and today's. If you didn't see the tracks, this video I'll post it in the info bubble up above, so you can check that out that Bronco mud video was fantastic, but project overkill indeed, should have large tires. Nu. I probably won't run these in the TTC, because I want to keep it to a class to these being 1.9. Would keep me in that class too, and I don't know if these 2.

2 sized tires aren't, even legal, the imax red rocks I've had these forever. They are on 2.2 Vanquish, rims and I've also put the 850 offsets on the inside that's. These big hex adapters, which brings the wheels out widening the stance now where's the body if you've never seen, project overkill 2020 before well. Here you go now, you'll see a lot of people say why haven't you put the details on it. It looks so stupid and really it's, because it's purpose built right now, I'm, not really interested in putting the details on until I absolutely know what the final product is because running it in the mud and constantly washing it off and covering it with lubricant and everything. It'S gon na ruin those decals, so when I'm ready I've got another body on the way that I'll finalize, but look at that my friends right beside the Bronco. It really does have a menacing stance and for a project overkill you know aptly named. I would say for sure that this is the setup that it should have right now hook a winch on the front, a winch on the back and ready to go muddy and my friends let's go 550 can motor in their ax ESC and a three cell lipo Ready to rock and roll these are air filled, tires no foams whatsoever, you'll see it's a little colder than it was in my last, video started off with the decent shitty here that wasn't bad, better beautiful, who's feeling dizzy right now, you might have to have a Shower after this is over I'm, getting a shower right now, Applause same path is my Bronco.

Oh those tires fling a lot of water, Muziek, Muziek, Oke, goed, let's go find something: soupy, Applaus, Muziek, mooie! Oh there we go beautiful performance. I thought we're gon na see a rollover for sure that dual suspension, Hoewel, really holding up well: Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, Ja, so much more Music, Muziek, Muziek Muziek. So what are you thinking about the wider stance? Mensen, were you somebody that liked the smaller tires on project overkill for more of the scale looker? Do you like the bigger monster truck tires, or do you like them both, and it just depends on the day? Let'S get some reverse in here. I actually love seeing trucks reversing in the mud because they got tons of power should have flipped over there, but now monster stability, mud on the camera lens. Weet je, it's, a good film when who the wind is brisk stability. What about the other way? I guess we should test it out as well: hey backwards, just throwing mud everywhere, all mud on my videos, the last week but I'm telling you tis the season because I've been stuck inside with winter for muds. Natuurlijk, Applaus, Muziek, yeah it's, a heck of a mud truck. Kijk daar eens naar.. Dames en heren, thank you very much for tuning in to today's RC adventure, as I just limp my truck along for you to see what do you think the big tires or little tires? What do you prefer? Are you a mud puppy? Let me know because this thing is a mud hog.

It just wants to be in the mud and play all day long guys leave a light click. You know it helps on YouTube and we'll see you in the next RC adventure Music. I call this clean off alley.