My friends look at this. When was the last time you saw the G made Jeep out on the backyard scale park. I think it has been several years since I've used this old fella and I it was on the rock park last time. I did a perfect opportunity, while we're all stuck at home on quarantine for the health crisis of 2020, and I know we're all excited to see another backyard trailer park video. But I am doing my best as well to self quarantine with my family and I figured hey. Why not when the sunshine is out little wind it's a little brisk, but why not get out and entertain some of the people that you know are sharing some of the same feelings we all are at home and trying to wish. We were outside more and saying hi to everybody, so shout out to all the people in YouTube land there that are stuck at home as well, watching for a little bit of stability, something familiar that you're used to. I think that's important they routine right now. Dit zijn 1.9 size flat iron tires covered in snow right now. I did modify them did a video years and years ago about how to modify tires, and it was just basically on cutting tread, not a big deal now, but certainly was unique back in the day. Oh I'm, in trouble that cut tread, not helping me now. Is it ah that's all right am I gon na save it? I don't think so when in doubt throttle out a little bit of whiskey throttle a little help.

There try to pay more attention to my drive, and then I will do my talking trying to get them lined up here is not easy. These old jeeps, Natuurlijk, not really made to do a lot of climbing like this in the 40s, and I made it past the shock tower. Now I go on to the bridge this year, oh I'm, gon na I got to back up a little bit. I almost drove off into the center abyss. This is a teeter totter bridge, I built a few years agoit's, nice and weathered twisted and war. This is a very light machine as well, and this is a big fail spot for us most of the time. A lot of people underestimate the dismount onto this side area and with a lighter truck, I have a feeling mini. Medic is about to be put at major risk here we go. This is gon na have to be Swift. That doesn't want to go down anymore and I still have a huge gap to go. Can we do it with throttle? Oh good thing, I was wearing my seatbelt. I made it didn't even bake bunk, my head, so to all the hobbyists that are out there right now or non hobbyist. Maybe you're just checking out these videos for the first time. Let me know what are you doing while you're at home? Are you making any kind of home courses yourself or you out in your backyard, or are you stuck inside doing a build right now or wishing you were doing a build if you're wishing you're gon na do a build? I want you to post in the comments section what you would like to build and also, if you're not new to the channel, and you know what I have here at the studio.

You can also comment what you'd like me, what you'd like to see if you wanted me to run something specific on the course for you, Oke, this you're, probably all gon na, say optimus overkill, but I can't run Optimus on this course, because it is such a Nice vehicle and very top heavy look at this. This is where it is excelling with light weight. This is where Optimus are. This is where overkill 2.0 of 2020 actually failed right there, but the G made Rock Crawler completely stock. Shorter wheelbase made it with no issue whatsoever, shall we try something different and do the beat the bars here? This is quite a challenge. I have to line up to it. Absolutely perfect and it's quite a fall down below perfect for a guy with no cage on the top visit Jeep see if I'm even gon na be able to get these tires up. Cuz they're uneven bars right in the beginning, no excuses medic. This is your course. You should know what to do on it. Yeah just like that. Oh super, voorzichtig, look at straight blow and ice the whole way there ain't no forgiveness on that lexan body. The drag break working against me making sure to let it roll, though over yes, kijk daar eens naar. That is exactly how you do the uneven bars. You have to trust in your driving and then, if your drag break is to is set too high, you know you're gon na have to give it a little bit of throttle and keep on it.

The entire way, which is what I was doing my drag brake, is set at 75. Look at this exceptionally steep side hill. It comes down into a bank but low center gravity on the G made sawback, making it a nice easy truck, not a lot of flex. You guys say no flex in my other vehicles that have stiff suspension. You ever tried driving a Jeep Willie crazy. This bridge, Geloof ik, would be simply impossible. Ja, a spongy suspension with lots of bounce and the longer wheelbase definitely required here. Oke, especially, I just noticed that this one right here is even busted, so this is a very important one. That was a support at that time, so there may be literally no way to get up this now end, oh right, there I'd be my pants in full sized, at least for getting some melting action going on let's go around the outside to where it's actually quite Steep, but if I mmm this is gon na be tough, you just don't want to roll no matter what Oh, on I backed up too far, already I'm gon na have to install a winch on this thing again. Yeah no I'm gon na have to ride this side, but she said like this like that: yeah simply rock sticks. A few pallets some extra tires some dirt. You know it doesn't really take much to make a backyard trailer park. A lot of people have done it now, it's a thousands in the Hobby.

I remember when I first started there wasn't very many at all, but now there is a ton. Will speed we'll, see yeah, see with these old beaters you don't mind, giving it a little bit more Jam just to get the job done. Oh mens, there we go let's, get a good shot of this crawl in here nice and slow, especially on a descent whoa whoa whoa, if you guys were gon na, have any color of Jeep at all. En, Ja, it has to be a Jeep. What color of Jeep would you like to have? It can be any model of Jeep, but I want to know what's your favorite color of Jeep that's out there. Now this way is a lot easier made for any RC, 110 scale easier, I'm. Just putting on a show, I could easily power by it. Sometimes when making RC films, one of my biggest goals is to make sure to entertain you guys and even if you've seen something like a backyard trailer park before or one of my R sees before. I still thoroughly go enjoy going outside and being able to share it with you guys online. Look at that beautiful crawl, all the way down there looking forward to getting back out on the trails one day that is a rock for 12 squealing away in there, but don't pay too much attention to that noise, because this truck has seen plenty of action with That motor and ESC it is such a great looking truck, especially for an old one who remembers when axial actually came with the metal bead locks, they actually came with the metal bead locks as a part of the kit way back in the day.

Eigenlijk, my buddy RC athletes Lyle. He reminded me of the original axial company when they first sent out skulls on their packaging for the axial kit. Do you remember that if you do remember post down below how long have you been watching rcadventures did you watch my first honcho KITT build the scx10 one all those years ago, we've seen many trucks fail in this area. The crux for the trucks it's tough because it comes into an axle hangar on either side with a giant gap in there you don't hit it just right. I have a feeling I'm going to the hospital here: oh that's, a bad spot to be in that's, better that's better. This may be a very impossible task: Muziek, Muziek, if you're still watching the video right now comment down below if you've left a light, click for a dislike click, maybe just drop a light. Click for that insanity yeah! Goed, there you have it guys. I normally leave you with saying: have a great time get outside and play with RC, and I know a lot of folks cannot get outside right now. I hope this even just a few minutes of RC action outside gives you a little bit of reprieve from from. Maybe the isolation you guys are feeling don't worry, you're, not alone, there's, a lot of us feeling it right now. We do have about 1600 films on this channel. If you guys are interested in upbeat films, a lot of them have really cool our C's and maybe can help you be distracted for a little.

While. Thank you all for tuning. In today, my friends stay safe, verblijf, healthy and we'll.