So all right guys welcome to today's review today, we're checking out the iflight chimera. It is the seven inch edition chimera that can fly 6s. You can also play around with 4s, but i have to tell you that this quad is very capable. It can do serious long range flights 20 Aan 30 minuten. Depending on how you experiment with battery size, you can go all the way up to a 6300 i've played around with 4s and 6s and actually 6500, so quite a big battery on there. If you want to get a little longer flight time and depending on whether you want to carry a gopro or not that's, also going to affect your weight and your flight time, you can also record 1080p at 60 frames per second with the onboard dji air module. That'S installed in the rear of the quad, and you can fly it either way, so it has two different options for the mount on the front. We have a tpu mount for a gopro hero, six or seven. We also have a larger version available for an eight, dus um. You can check that out, depending on which one you have you can grab that that is an optional accessory. So it mounts right on the front right here with a post and a bolt it's pretty easy to set up. It comes with a little allen, wrench and allen key that you can just tighten it right up, but let's go ahead really quickly and let's do a little sort of a sexy, spec montage and then after that, we'll do a flight break.

Then we'll come back and we'll talk about some final thoughts about the chimera. 7 inch. It'S gon na change people's lives out there. If you've, never mountain surf before this quad right here, i'm confident will surf any mountain in the world. This one is super legit and it will freestyle like a Music, dus Muziek, Muziek, dus Muziek, buitenlands, Muziek, dus Muziek, rechts, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, all right guys welcome back from the flight break. So in your opinion, what do you think about the chimera? What do you think about the gopro footage? The onboard dvr footage that i showed you and what do you think about the goggle footage, um i'm, very i'm, very affluent with the dji system, so i've been flying it for over a year. Now i had it very early on and i think that this will kind of change your fpv game, if you're, if you spend the money on it, zoals, i always say, it's worth every single penny for the dji goggles 500 it's a lot of money, but it Will change the way you fly and it will change your experience uh your enjoyment of the experience that you're having with fpv so like from analog vhs tape to um super high quality, hd video. It is just uh twice as good as what we had before. So very worth it. I also like the fact that um iflight's now making this strap and it's an extra wide strap.

It doesn't have the top strap on here, die ik leuk vind. So this actually feels a lot more like my fat shark straps that i've the fat straps i've had in the past, so um cool that they're making thoseand i also wanted to show you guys this larger camera mount. This is the tpu mount for the hero. 8 of de 9, i believe so um a little bit larger than this one. This is for the seven or the six version, so the white ones, for the six and seven and this one's for the eight or the nine. Ik geloof, there's a nine out now, but kind of losing track of gopro. They keep releasing new cameras all the time, but my largest battery that i did get on there and get upwards of 25 minute flight times is that 6500 and it will fly a 4s battery, Geen probleem. You can get out there and do some range flying. If you guys are going to set up the gps on this quad, it does not come pre set up so that's. One thing that you guys need to know if you're gon na buy this and you put that switch on your transmitter for the gps rescue option. In betaflight need to make sure that you set it up in the cli command prompt, so um iflight has default, set it to drop. So if you uh go out there and fail safe with this quad, your your quad's going to drop to the ground several miles out, dus houd dat in gedachten.

That'S really important you're going to have to have a usb c cable to hook up to this, to hook up to betaflight but i'm, going to recommend that you guys, Google, oscar lang's gps setup, because he has all the cli prompts in there for you guys that You need to enter to set it up, and you also want to field test this first before you go out a mile out and then think that your stuff is ready to go and hit that return to home button or if you fail safe, while you're mountain Surfing and you have a catastrophic failureor it flies away so very important that you field test your gps return at home and one other thing inside the 300 foot circle it will drop to the ground. So around 150 meters uit, you have to use a cli command as well to deactivate that type of drop, so one other thing to think about there, but i think that the truck bed on herei always call this the truck bed. This is that sort of dead cat style frame, geen rekwisieten. In het zicht, we have a really nice thick front end on here. This is three millimeter for this camera shroud and we also have another standoff in the very front protecting it in a frontal crash. We'Ve got three millimeter on the bottom plate right here, which i think is nice and pretty standard. But six millimeter arms are fairly beasty.

This one feels a little bit heavier than the croc 7 um by gap rc. So if you want a little bit lighter rig, you want to go for that that quad there but uh. I like the way this is set up as far as the the long body in the very center of this quad. It is very narrow, which i think is nice, and you can see that bottom plate there with the immortal t in the back and the gps. Here it looks like a bn 220, a smaller gps on the back, dat is een soort van cool, and i was getting up to about 17 satellites on here. So it is a glow, nas gps and i like the fact that they did use bindi tpu mount for the antennas in the back and we have these extended iflight dji antennas, and these are for your video and then my nano is seated nicely in there. On the horizontal, so whatever way you have your antenna going on your transmitter for your tbs crossfire or your nano, it should be the same. So we have it horizontal here. You won't have a horizontal here, so you get the best range and less fail safes. Daaruit, maar um, i think that the overall quality of the quad is pretty much what i expected from iplay and i flight's really been catching up with gap rc this year, they're kind of like uh, one of those kits that i can take out of The box and just start flying and with the dual f7 on board i've i've, shown this flight controller to 30 door 30.

Stack i've shown this one on the channel before and it is very predictable, very smooth and super responsive. If you want to freestyle it will absolutely freestyle um, maar ja. You have to have some serious balls to freestyle this quad. It is uh very large and it is definitely a flying tomahawk out there. So you want to fly this where absolutely no one is around. You want to double check that there is no one going to walk out from behind a tree when you're flying this, and you want to make sure you're totally clear if you're freestyling this as as well as yourself, you could really take yourself out if you hit Yourself with this quad, so um very big, very beasty, and it is fairly quiet for how big it is, which is kind of interesting as well. It'S super super quiet and also guys, if you decide that you want to put a cadx vista on here, you can get the extended camera cable, but you already have it. If you buy this version, if you just want to make it a little bit lighter, you can do that with this 20 door 20 stack mount option in the very back as well. So you have that there and that's, where you can mount your vista, so they thought about that for guys that want to do that, and they also have an additional 20 door 20 mounts as well. So if you wanted to do some type of other option on the back, say you're going to build this up yourself and put a standard size vtx on there, you can also also put an analog vtx in the back sort of in the backseat and one last Subject that we have to talk about with the squad is, is honestly the size and the format of this quad.

If you have never flown a seven inch before and you're looking to do long range, there are some sub 250 gram options out there um we have the chimera, i believe it was the chamira four that's coming out and that one is around two hundred dollars. I believe um under two hundred dollars, if you're looking for the analog version of that one, but the the larger version is going to let you fly in um, more extreme environments. If you fly this one up a mountain with a pretty good sized battery over 4 000 milliamp or 5000 milliamp you're going to handle wind a lot better. And if you have a gopro on the front, it's not going to have as much vibration in the video with hypersmooth other than say, you're running, something like the flywood explorer lr. Bijvoorbeeld, we have this tpu mount for my insta360 go on the front, but the problem with this is when you get above the mountain range, with this little guy you're going to be doing this, you know it's going to be doing some serious jittering and shaking Around and because it's super lightweight um, we we toyed around with the idea that this might be able to get out there, like your 7 inch rig and possibly replace it in the future. But right now physics is kind of holding that back, because these little guys are super lightweight and when you have a super high wind coming off of a high ridge when you come above that ridge, with the smaller rig you're, definitely going to see in the video.

So guys that are looking for the ultimate ultimate smooth video in even in larger, wins you're going to get that with this quad i've. Hardly ever seen, video shutter with this particular quad, so um and other seven inch rigs like it. It would just handle wind flawless. So that's one big benefit of going a little bit bigger and at most of the airfields around the world, all the guys out at the airfield say, bigger is better and it's. True with rc it's it's, extremely true, dus um. Not only does it handle more wind, it also flies better, so um it's just a little smoother the seven inch. I believe these were 70 40 gem fans on here. Little smooth, taper and thicker in the middle for freestyle gives you a pretty nice punch out, and i think that the the zing motors are some of my most coveted motors in my shop right now. I'Ve been using these actually on long range airplanes as well. They make some really big versions of these and i'll. Try to put the link down below if you're looking to make any kind of long range plane. Zing motors from iflighter are very reliable for me, so i think that this one is something that is going to sell to a particular customer, and it just depends on what you want to do. It'S, absolutely not your first quad uh, the guys that are more experienced. This one's going to be a huge seller this year, so this one's, probably gon na uh it it might even sell out by christmas.

So if you're looking for one of these you're gon na give a gift to somebody, that'll be the ultimate gift. Somebody please give me an extra one in case this one goes down: uh it's, always good to have a backup so um. Two of these would be super nice santa claus if you're listening but uh, thanks again for watching my reviews, guys and uh checking out the chimera. Seven hd version i'm super happy to have this one and this one's my going to be my new 7 inch rig of choice. It happens all the time i get new stuff and, and it becomes my new favorite, but that's um, that's part of the game of being a reviewer guys. Thanks again for going on my adventures and enjoying my adventure reviews on the channel. Please do subscribe because i have some pretty awesome content coming up. Christmas is coming and all these companies are just kicking out the new releases.