I think you could get it on costco i got on in costco. I got it in costco and i think you could also get at walmart super center. Now let’s jump straight into the review. Let’S and put turning on the drone is just putting this wire in turning on. The drone is just putting this wire in and done turned on, and you just put the switch up to turn this on and then you just set it down and to startand you do this this and then it will make that long, beep and then you Press this button, it’s the auto, start land button and it starts flying. So this is like the first. This has three speed modes. This is the first one right now and and it’s pretty straight and it’s. The balancing and the stability is actually a lot like it. Also has altitude holes and everything and the t mode is you just press the press, the direction control stick vertically, Music down so i’m in t mode right now and then, if you are in the normal mode to rotate, the drone is just putting the altitude control. Stick and um to whichever side you want it to rotate and obviously, and this and here’s the second speed mode, pretty fast on second ski mode and then even faster on third speed mode and the flips can only be done in second speed mode or third speed Mode i’m going to do it in the second speed mode and start speeding, second speed mode and now the third speed.

So this drone is actually pretty good. Oke, what about the battery life and the battery life is about 10 minuten. Oke, do you like this drawer yeah in fact it’s one of my favorite toys, so you purchase in costco right and what is the brand name? What is the brand name? U zei: zero naughty, Vier, eight f, a one: zero, zero, eight, okay and the brand name is boy: zero, lotics, oke en uh. Do you recommend this drone to buy? What do you recommend uh kids, to buy this drone yeah and is it safe and what is the battery life? You said um about 10 minuten, that’s good, oh about my old drone. Oke, this is new all right and anything else. You want to share about this. I’Ve destroyed lights up and it has like it has pretty stable, slides, okay and you could also land it on your hands. Oh nice and you have the autolay at the bottom, but you have to press the auto start, the auto land button to start, if it’s not started okay, what about auto land, Pers, auto and let’s see good and how much? How much did it cost? How much did it cost it cost 10 dollars in black credit that’s a black friday deal right. No, it was a christmas christmas costco deal correct. Ja, Oke, that’s it anything else. Ja. Do you want to say thank you to your viewers yeah! Dank u.