I get to say that one of my buddies gives me an rc. It does happen. Uh and i got ta say that when it does happen, it is so heartwarming. I love sharing the hobby as much as anybody else on this planet and i'll. Tell you what, when i get a heartfelt gift from somebody else, it's always an amazing feeling that's why i always try to pay it forward to other folks that i meet now. I know you've already seen the thumbnail we already know what's going on, but i'll give you a little bit of background. I was over at rookie's house the other day or pookie. Zoals u weet, i'm uh from youtube gold, uh or from my other, show that we did before loading kings. I was at his shop the other day doing trailer trash, which is like a new type of game for semi trucks, more of a time, trial competition. But i digress. I was at the hobby shop before i went to his house that day, if you guys saw a recent video, i did you'll know that my new build project is the cross rc. Wat is het? The uc6 6×6 112 schaal. I'M super stoked uh to get that going because all cross rc kits are fairly complicated, um but very rewarding in the end. If you do them right and and when i was at the hobby shop, one of my buddies says: did you know that your buddy rookie has the first uh 8×8, the military truck that came out and i'm like what you're kidding? I totally hadn't seen that in forever, while i was there, i said it to buki.

I said to him: zeg makker, i heard you got the the ape i hate. I haven't seen it in a very long time: he's like oh god, yeah i barely ever use it. Do you want it and i thought, are you kidding me absolutely? I would love to now. He said it's not overly capable like the new, like the mammoth and that from cross rc, which is also amazing, but check this out right here, it's already finished. A lot of you will be like. O jee, i got ta dust, the windows a little bit. That'S, Oke, do a little bit of touch up paint on it, but you know what unbelievable eight by eight and he went and upgraded it look. He painted it all here's the flat deck on the back, the big cross, rc symbols upside down, just because of how i have it there. It is cross rc, all the way to the back cab forward to access the battery uh he put in a waterproof servo. I put in just a little a battery adapter because he had it on an old traxxas plug and look at underneath guys. It still has some grass hunted from his last trail run. Can you believe that it's, like authentic trail, run uh shrapnel? You always get the hungry axles right, he's got a castle system in there. It looks like he's got a savox waterproof, nul. Two three one servo, which is that blue one it's got plenty of torque.

Look at this four wheel steering that's how come it has a double horn on that servo because, as it turns it moves both steering arms on the uh on the axles to help them steer also upgrade upgraded drive shaft in the middle upgraded drive shaft on the Other side as well and these amazing this is a beautiful truck guys for me to get something like this. I told him right away. I can never accept gifts same with rookie he's, one that never accepts any gifts either. I give out all my stuff or a lot of my stuff just to my friends that help me uh um, Weet je, make the show and whatnot, but i had to offer him something in return. I'M, going to give him my lesso wheel, loader that i just finished, building he's going to get a lot of use out of it and i hope they can use it in trailer trash as well. I have two other wheel loaders i don't need three of them. Kijk eens naar deze, this is where the front hook was i'll have to get in there and uh put a new hook on there. Ja, i used to have i heard that question who just said that i did build an 8×8 by capo rc many many years ago. It was the tatra good memory on those who are remembering that right now, what did i do with that? Goed, it was a very over engineered piece of kit and i actually traded it on to somebody else that could use it a long time ago, and you know i also had an orange six by six.

That was the rc four wheel drive beast now. That was a beautiful one. I also gave that one away many years ago to somebody that could use it more than i could at the time and i'll tell you what what goes around comes around folks, and i got ta say this is absolutely amazing. Rookie, if you're watching right nowand i know you watch all the timethank you so much for this. Unbelievable gift now check this out folks. This is also what comes on the back rookie already painted it had already had it set in place. Ja, you guessed it all the way around the back bed. Op deze manier, i can keep all the cargo in place. Let me put it in the spot for you, zodat je zien. Let me see it goes like this on the outside these kind of clip into place on either side those slide in this clips into place. Bingo bangle bongo problem solved. Goed, there was no problem. Look how easy that was look at that killer, truck guys, that's insane in the membrane. Ik vind het geweldig. Let'S put a battery in it and see uh rookie said he put some lights in this too let's let's see it and fire it up. Rookie was so awesome. He'S, like here you go, you can have the futaba 4pl that i hooked up with it as well right. So that is all good to go. I charged a new battery, put it in there, 7.

8 volts i'll put a 3s lipo in the back of this, which will be super easy here's, the battery i'm going to use. It is the adventure series of the gens ace, 3 cel. It has up to a 50c discharge rating on that it also came uh with an xr60 plug, but it comes with a dean's adapter that just kind of plugs in on the end. That is pretty cool. Hey like that, the big moment we have all been waiting for lights on i'm, loving it already just simply because of the side, light that's on it and the side light protector that is so cool. Also one of the things i noticed you guys might have noticed as well: keeners look under there if i go beyond the headlight. Look at that yellow springs in there for shocks, so cool the light. The light protectors that is looking severe, let's see eight wheel, steering or pardon me four wheel. Steering yes, sir no problem. What can i go forward? Everyone'S gon na be like you need a sound kit that's like about thirty percent of people, the other people, i hate sound cats, there's the sound of the beautiful rc itself unreal. There is the back i'm loving it there's a hook here to help tow people out. You got dampeners and springs at the back more shrapnel swamp, shrapnel i'm, pretty sure that he has made this waterproof. Just by what i see those lights look fantastic! Does it articulate at all? Oh my gosh.

It does okay well, instead of just ending the video here on a tease, i think we should at least drive over a few two by fours, no i'm gon na take this out on the trail like right away, Whoa. That is a high pitch. I wonder if that's i'm, assuming that's the motor in there. Oh my gosh, kijk daar eens naar. Dat is zo cool. I am immediately sold. I love this thing and it's signaling unreal. Let me know right now in the comment section make some noise: do you like this style of truck the man truck the i didn't put that there that's just the style of truck that it is manufacturer? Look i just love eight nine tires and then ba bomb. This is the first time i've ever done this with this truck one side, then oh, look at the tire flex. Why do i love that so much as a hobbyist who's with me right now smash the like button. If you love seeing tire flex like that, it just does something no problem at all i'm, just pushing slow on the on the throttle. Just to let me truly appreciate what i'm looking at. Oh, mijn gosh, this thing is just screaming for a hobby wing axe system and that's like a motor. What am i thinking like, i don't think i'd go in the 3000 kv range i'd. Keep it in the in the low 223 2400 bereik, misschien 27 wow cool guys i want to know.

Are you excited for me to take this out onto the trail? Give it its once over. Kijk eens naar deze! This is one of the things that's. A big hang up about thisthis is a literal hang up about this truck. Is it does have that low center, where you go to go over things and you get hung up, but you know what that's, where you learn to take things at an angle.