How to Fix your Broken Joby Gorillapod tripod

Did your Gorillapod leg pop off? Does your Gorillapod now not maintain the load of your digicam? Right here is an easy repair, that works, that doesn’t contain glue.

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  1. Bedankt. I had considered roughing up the ball with coarse sand paper. I wonder if a little trickle of glue from a hot glue gun just around the socket would work? Perhaps protect the ball first with something.

  2. Now why didn't I think of that! My Joby has a cracked base socket from an RC crashing into it. I think this elastic trick might help with that to keep it together.

  3. Rubber bands! Always keep them with you.

  4. Mooi! I'm glad I found this video before I went and did anything screwy! Dank u! 😎🎥

  5. Fantastic solution, I just fixed up my gorillapod with a bunch of different colored rubber bands, it actually looks quite badass now. Cheers!

  6. Easy, eenvoudige, and economic. Thank you for this tip.

  7. How to fix gorillapod .
    Simply buy new one for 8 usd in aliexpress

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