All right it’s got uh gps return to home weight points. It’S got a two two axis gimbal, believe it or not at this price point, and it has supposedly a 4k camera rated ages, 14, plus guys all right make sure you peep that 14 plus pick this guy up on amazon. It was like, zoals 250 bucks right, zoals 250 for this guy, but at this price point with the 4k camera the brussels motors looks really interesting. I wanted to go ahead and uh check it out so here’s the box. I actually have the red one came in three different colors. Zoals u hier kunt zien, i got the red one checked off: it got white and black really nice slick model. I believe this guy’s actually on sale right now. If you hurry up and buy hurry up and buy you and get this boy on sale, yeah that’s pretty much all it says on the box and there’s nothing, you might have some specifications on the back check that out real nice. Looking joint man, i was excited to pick this up when i seen this man 4k. So here dropped. My camera. Sorry guys apologize for that drop my camera, but we are good to go. Let me get it reset there. We go so instruction manual here check that out make sure you read that thoroughly, especially messing with these gps quads here’s. A quick start guide check that out nice nice little foam padding on the top check that out man, mooi, looking quiet nicely packed package.

Excuse me very nicely packaged like the way this guy looks here: the red color everything is looking real, nice and slick on that boy. It’S actually kind of large, ook. Look at that nice, large slender body, brushes motors everything is taped off and packaged really well. So let’s just go ahead and see what we got here see here: uh usb naar micro, usb that’s, probably going to be to charge the controller. We got a screwdriver here, a little phillips screwdriver and a micro usb so that’s, probably to charge our controller i’m guessing our controller is rechargeable extra propellers let’s see there’s one two, three four full set of props, that is nice full set of props. That is nice. Always here’s our remote check that out, and it has some heft to itcheck that out. Look at that lift up antennas release the handle okay, so you make you want to check that out, and it has a display screen right here with some warnings remove the scratch screws from before, and it has your leds display screen is going to show you, like Your telemetry and stuff, like that that’s pretty cool. I will i’m gon na leave that first until i fly this guy, so i’m gon na leave that on so i don’t get scratched up, says the x20 right here on the remote that’s, pretty slick, you got a power button right there um you have your mode Button right here, you can turn on it off the gps, return home right here, look at that unlock and lock the motor buttons, and then this is your automatic takeoff and automatic lan button.

Your speed is a dial. This is your speed button right here. This is your camera button, which is a dial i like that. Some of these little cheaper drones put the little clickable button where you have to click it. This actually is a dial to tilt the gimbal on this guy it’s. Pretty nice photo video button, nice little metal, filling gimbals are these. You actually might be metal altitude check that out. Oh, i didn’t even notice this look at this. Ah, that is pretty nice. Kijk daar eens naar.. That fits pretty nice. Kijk daar eens naar.. That controller is pretty nice, is it rechargeable? Is it rechargeable c it has to be rechargeable somewhere? Oh here it is on the side there’s our little micro, usb port, bang, nice rechargeable remote. I love that that’s pretty nice. I am digging that nice, nice remote guys check that out: bang simerex x20. They did really nice with that. Our battery is supposed to be 11.4 volt, 3 000 milliampuurbatterij, guys they’re boasting a 30 minuten vliegtijd. With this guy 30 minuten, that’s that’s impeccable here’s our battery check it out with some check it out. So look. It has a protective like little ring around it. They’Re telling you to take that off before you put it in there, so make sure you take this ring off here before you put it on there that’s what they’re telling you oh look at that led lights on top for your power indicator.

Look like my sticky! A little sticky i have to worry about getting that off later, a little bit of water and get that off, but uh here’s. Our power button led indicator. Let you know how much battery life you have let’s see if we can test it out and see. Oh mens, we are almost a full battery, just one bar off yeah right. That is a full battery just about check that out that’s crazy charge battery with this guy. Oh nice let’s set that to the side for a second. This guy is supposed to have a two axis gimbal, you guys i’m trying to be really careful pulling this guy up out of here and not to damage it. Kijk daar eens naar., but they did protect that guy nice protection on the gimbal there pretty slick this guy is actually bigger than i thought. Look at the side profile of it. Nice staggered design almost like a mavic and all these other foldable quadcopters that are coming out. These days nice foldable sleep. I like the way this boy looks thumbs up simmer x, for this joint it’s got a real nice slender body on this boy check it out. It is really dope real nice slender body on this boy looks like you want to unfloat the front arms first and telling you how to unfold this guy foldable, big nice size, rekwisieten, mooi, Borstelloze motoren, big large size, Borstelloze motoren, big brushes on this joint um let’s, See you want to take that off.

You got these little. Oh here you go to the side here. This is how you take these little tabs off, see that just unfold them. Kijk daar eens naar.! This thing comes out really large. I got ta get this. I don’t have to get this box off to the side there. This guy unfolds out really large i’m, really impressed nice build quality to it. It has some heft to it. Usually half means quality, usually check it out, not sure the weight, but um drop. My battery here wow, if we got any sensors underneath i’m, not sure we, Ik weet niet, think we have any sensors, no optical flow sensors underneath i don’t think so, but it does um here’s underneath it does have some really nice big brushes on it. I got ta get this guy unfolded there so bam because i almost dropped the camera and once more here we go. Excuse me guys not working with too much room here, but there it is let’s see snap the battery in there just so you can get a look at what it looks like as i try not to power this guy on it. Wow that’s a nice looking quad here, move my props out the way that’s a nice looking quad there, man yeah, we got a little gimbal cover on it. So there’s our two axis gimbal supposed to be a 4k. You can see it says: 4k on the camera. Yeah man check that out supposed to have a 30 minuten vliegtijd, 500 meter bereik, Oke, so we’ll that’ll all be tested and i’m sure that 500 meters is probably without using the app without when you’re just flying the quad line of sight.

Het zal., probably be half of that with using the wi fi. Weet je, wi fi tends to interfere with the control distance of this guy, but look at this guy man, nice big brushes on the leds on the ends of the motors here and then in the rear. You have leds, underneath there 3 000 11.4 volt milliamp hour battery guys this guy is on sale. This is the summer x x, 20 jongens. So you guys, let me know what you think of this swift unboxing here. You pick this guy up pick this guy up at just about 200 bokken, which is i’m gon na, say this. This guy is priced in comparison with the beast. Have you guys seen uh the beast pro it’s in comparison with that guy we’ll see how it flies? We’Re going to see what the camera looks like and everything, so this is your boy drawing the dogs, er is, everything that comes in it, and i appreciate you guys for checking out this channel today and watching me today, pretty every other reviews for you guys to check Out and uh, you know what make sure you uh hit that notification bell, make sure you subscribe, so you can see the flight review of this cimarrex x20.