We wanted to send our love from the rc sparks family out to all the people that are affected in the world south of us in the fires. Right now we know it's, tragic andand we just want to send those words to you out there, for quick healing and on a very positive note. Vandaag, i've got everett the fifth scale boss. If you guys follow my show over the years. You'Ll know the fifth scale boss. He is on his way out here right now to help me fix my primal rc raminator monster truck. Now that youtube gold is over and a lot of the things are wrapped up. I can get back to the things that have fallen behind for me and i'm very excited to do that. But mr everett is also having a family that's growing all the time, and so all of his funds have been wrapped up in growing the family, and we 100 support that. And since we are blessed enough that i was able to bring in a second primal, rc raminator for my wife and i to have fun with and other people at the ranch, we darn know that the fifth scale boss will put it to good use and that The community would benefit from him having one of these machines, so he doesn't know it today, but he's going to be driving home with one of our primal, rc raminators. For no other reason, then it's just goodwill, and we want to have someone to play with.

Tell me the story, tell you the story. Yeah of dinner. Ja, tell me the story we're having uh chicken, tacos or fajitas one night right. You know we're sitting there eating and i look over my wife and she's. She takes about two bites into her taco, wrap and uh. I decide to look at the hot sauce because i haven't had hot sauce in months. My stomach is not great it's like mine. It spices these days. Ja, and i twist the lid off to look. Oh she's, like two months pregnant and i say to her uh don't don't, eat any more of that and i take the bottle and she's like what i go well here and i show her the lid and she's. So i i take the bottle to the sink. To go, dump it down the sink and it pours out pours out pours out like glittery, green and red. Oh looks like somebody added green glitter, flake Music. We need to get onto the show. This is everyone just tuned out, because they're vomiting, poor girls, hey at least everyone's, got a great immunity. Now she got lucky she didn't get sick. Mr everett people would say to me that this was almost a shame to look at these two beautiful machines that where most people would have theirs glittering and shining, i spent time doing youtube gold, and these got dusty well, aaron doesn't care about his rc's. You mean me uh, but mr uh rc, i care very much about my rc's.

I care for them very much and shoot it with a shotgun. I didn't shoot it. That was a friend and it wasn't, even mine, he'll he'll, just take it off. Jumps that's right jump, it that's what you're supposed to do with these beauties. Helaas, when i have a big door that opens up and the wind blows me, you can see that there's a lot of dust, so i'm thinking uh this cage. I live in a dust pit, yeah it's, a farmland, it's farmland. You know how much dusting i have to do in here to keep all this stuff. You already know. Oke, help me lift this big guy up under me. Yeah forget how heavy these things are. 80, pounds of monster truck okay, so i was the first one to put a rigid led on there. It lasted several bashes uh. This is the led. It was basically bulletproof when they first came out, but it pulled out of the cage so let's pull this cage right off or this body let's. Take that right off, i'll fix that and do something with it later. This is the stock engine that is in here. Alles werkt, Voorraad, no issues so what's wrong. With this truck. This one is busted the post here, the post here, the post here. This uh is still here, wat goed is, but this post is broken and that post is broken here. Maybe yes, that's? Oke! These are just two inserts as well for the front body posts which are supposed to be here, which it is here and then these inserts right here, Oke, OK, so they fit inside the posts that busted off.

Oh look at this. The actual inserts are all busted yeah, O ja. This is one of the big downfalls of the raminator i found. Is that no matter what, if you bump it you're going to break the cage or you're going to break the post but 80 pounds on some plastic yeah it's 80 pounds when you put it the best way, once you roll this over, all that stress is on There, but from js performance i got at rc max they have these posts right. These are aluminum posts, so we're gon na replace all four, and we also have these back posts for back here. So we won't have to worry about busting, those anymore nope and all those how many of these do you have. I said it wasn't a five, so there's no fours in here got one right. There done just scale. Boss knows his sizes, man that's tight. So we will need to break it loose, so it is well done see if i can even crack that free okay, so you haven't been on the show. In a long time you haven't been on the show. In een lange tijd, people thought we weren't even hanging out anymore yeah, so why? Where have you been you weren't even on youtube gold at all this year? No, i wasn't this year. Do you have new news you'd like to say? Well i mean you know. You know as the family grows the fact nice people with a family will know that uh when your wife is pregnant and you already have a young very expensive, ineens, you're tired, Ja, you're, tired and she doesn't necessarily think that when she's done work, Ja, that she should be the only one to watch your kid while you go play with rc, Juiste, Juiste, being a dad is one of the best things i've ever had the privilege of doing anyway.

You know i need to need to hold that with a wrench. Now these aluminums are pretty much never going to break so that's going to be a big bonus. I got a lot of my hop ups for my raminator at rc max, if you guys have never gone to rc max before uh everett uh f1. Did i sync your battleship anybody, yeah we'll, just gon na set him up here, where's my submarine there. It is thank you good i'm no longer focused on putting these on. I just want to play. Battleship that's it i got. Ta have some sort of bombing range going on here. Just like that geez sorry, oh man have a t handle. I need a t handle jeez, you get so upset man, you know where the tools are just go and get yourself a tool: holy cow where's. Your t handle you're all used red loctite, knowing medic uh. This is this is stock man. This is box stock yeah. They do use a lot of loctite at the factory, but it does like rattle and everything the you know the whole machine. You need the extra torque yeah you've lost weight brother, U, you look much smaller yeah it's, all the uh stress of worrying about being a daddy. I too know this and, as i have my friend, come over and do my work for me. Op de achtergrond, i thought Laughter yeah, that was the uh. That was a good one: Muziek, not burning the gas tank, not burning the plastic getting in there heating it up.

So i can heat the aluminum and heat uh. All the thread lock that's in there average got it with the wrench and the heat helped it torque out. So that helped melt all the thread lock and it allowed me to back it off a little easier. So some blue loctite on the screws you can see or thread lock, Hoe je het ook wilt noemen, and then that way this will stay tight and then, when the whole truck is vibrating around and moving, we won't have to worry about them, backing out everett how Tall, are you four foot nine? How tall are you really so we can get a six one. So this shows you how big this truck actually is. It'S freaking, massive it's it's massive, never seen such a big rc. Goed, i know uh. There was like that limited run of the art like um, the atv that turned into a monster truck, probably close to the same size, but guessing a little larger, but they were a limited run. If you guys want to check out more about the primal rc raminator, you can check the video description box down below, Natuurlijk, as always in all of our videos on rc adventures. Try to make it easy for our viewers to get to their own rc adventure as quickly as possible. It is how you look at it. It'S just cool yep, a lot of people say it's slow. When they get it, the stock engine is slow.

How long have we seen the stock engine continue in to improve in speed? I think i think most people should honestly drive it first before they really comment and use it and get used to it. Even at that speed because it's different it drives different than anything. I'Ve ever very heavy it. I don't know how to explain it, but it drives different. I can explain it the first time i drove it. I was shaking yeah it it. It feels dangerous, yeah there's, an energy about it when it goes by you, Ja, energy and you feel the danger about it. Yes well said: Ja ja ja, you respect the truck, you do yeah and you realize that i think most primal people that are watching right now will comment below. Ja, we are totally on point. I mean we've all seen: videos of people being hit by slashes and there's people out there like fast buggies and they'll, even hit them with their with their ex max yeah. You will probably most likely be in a hospital pretty bad, even with the stock engine. If this hits you yeah, this is the size of my fist it's the it's the front diff cover it is it's surprising how much handles it has how much it gets up and goes so quickly. Ja, this giant truck for what it is. Ja, the engine that comes in it when you see it, move you're still like whoa it moves that truck yeah now.

Does it go from here to you know a kilometer in four seconds? No, no or a mile, whatever yeah yeah, yeah yeah in the world. You are it's still amazing, but it's it's, Indrukwekkende, Ja, it's cool. It is what do you think drives you to be in the hobby, pun intended. What drives me yeah? Why are you still in the hospital break from the world of something that's a little bit fun and you're still using your hands and imagination? Ja, i would have to say, is probably well said: yeah well said you get to fix problem solve. Imagine you're driving a truck plus actually do it. You know that's crazy, Ja, it's uh. You get your hands dirty. You feel accomplished when you make something work again, but it's like a therapeutic break yeah, ongeacht wat, when it's, not gon na break yeah they're they're. Eigenlijk, designed to break plus the force that we put behind these wheels, sometimes for any rc yeah, especially when we're not used to them, and we run them into like my brand new boat. When i ran it into the dam and i concave the front end of my thrasher, do you remember that you know the way we are? We always want to find that next, more crazy and faster and yes thing and so you're, taking your rc's and you're, pushing it more and more to things that it really isn't designed for per se and uh that's, where you're getting your enjoyment out of it breaks And then you've got to fix it and work on it and i think that's, what kind of keeps you in it is that bit of fun until you get six to six thousand broken ones in your garage and you're, just like none of these things ever work, I think well said everyone just hit the like button.

I know they did and for the laugh, if not for the comment, then the ftec laughs make sure that's, nice and tight, so there's one replaced two replaced onto the rear post. Everett'S almost got his in on that side, almost done that easy to change, hey just two screws yeah. I love working on this thing. It'S like one of the simplest things to work on so i'll, be now taking over filming duties. Since i won the race that's, your prize, you get to hold the camera, hold the camera and laugh and shake because i'm laughing that's good, though that's. What this hobby is all about, laughter having a good time, so these ones are different. They have this little groove in there yeah actual chassis that it actually sits in there to kind of lock it in place from moving, even though these ones don't really move but completely different. If you look at the back, excuse my reach and face so you can see this part here. Actually just sticks right into the chassis here, dude. How many videos have we done together? I'Ve, never counted lots now lots over how many years have we been doing videos? Oh mens, close to ten years now in nine years, something like that nine years, probably yeah we'll have to figure it out was project large, our first one i think uh yeah, Geloof ik, just bef yeah. You know i can't remember my brain is uh useless, yeah there's been so much information jammed into the brain over these years.

All of our brains are getting full. Geloof ik, but uh yeah i mean a long time. I mean little c5 is what brought us together for people that don't know one day project large medic was, i didn't know he was working on a project large. He had already started gathering parts and talking to people and uh companies and things like that to showcase what the low c5 on his channel was. He'D already used the low c5 uh and then uh. He messaged me about something i had for sale, that's, true and uh yeah. I had a stock engine he's like i'm looking for a spare engine in case mine blows because i'm probably going to blow it because i'm rc sparks, and i i didn't know what was i didn't know what the i was doing parts and i was like uh. You don't really want this engine. No, you told me to go straight for obr at that time. You know get something you know like an obr for your build project. Goed, i didn't even know about a project at the time i don't think but uh. You know what look would look better on this than that body grab that body, because that's just been hanging on the wall yeah that body don't yeah george costanza, not with these nipples sitting up there it's bro great thumbnail by the way. Dank u. This one's all clean, yeah i've been saving it. I mean it's got a little got some dust on it, but it's like brand new.

This inside posts, aren't broken. Oh that's, put it on there. What about the front we got to fix this yeah? I don't have the parts here for that: no we're in transit bring up that source object, that's. Oke, there that's the way it should be dude brand new it's, so good looking it is okay. So that looks much better. Sir. Take that over there and take the cover off the battery plate for me, take the cover off the battery plate to the radio red raminator. Tell me what it says. Underneath the plate of the radio everett's truck happy bashing, yeah your truck yeah. I i talked to jeanette and because you've been putting all your money into family this this is yours. I got you, i got you over here, so you could help me work on your truck that's. Waarom? I said i need you specifically to come over here. Um, just you, you don't, have to say anything, buddy there's, your new truck, give me a surprise face. I think i got it already. Dude that's, a shade of red is that the glow off of the truck really hard nipples of embarrassment, that's? Oke! Hier, if you need to just rub these ones, it's appropriate for the show here you go buddy. I know what to say you don't have to say anything say, Dank u, zeggen, say you're going to bash this too much. Geloof ik, om eerlijk te zijn, tell me you're going to bash the out of it.

Yeah it's going to be jumped you're going to come back and play with it the truck specifically well dude. Now you have a raminator as the fifth scale boss should well. Hartelijk dank. Ja, Ja, i'm honored. I have something else for you know what to say. You don't have to say anything here, unwrap that please and pull it out, and this can go with it as long as you promise to bring it back and show us when you're done. Oh damn, these are all the cabin. These are all the carbon fiber plates holy cow to go on to the raminator, to make your raminator look extra special right, heilige koe. These are a huge upgrade from primal rc wow, Ja, they're thick dude. These are the wow everything you need it's. Eigenlijk, O ja. It'S, the back end it's the front end it's the plate. Look at that hey yep! Dus, even though you wanted to put thread lock on there, and i couldn't tell you, i was giving you the truck you're gon na have to break field free and put the plates on there and here's. The funny part is, i was like, as i went on, i was like yeah. These probably don't need threadlocker yeah that's. What i was thinking too this whole time and now i've got more room in my shop. You can come back and play with the ramen. Now i'm gon na have to get one of those lipstick right.

You have a huge rc collection already, but the fifth scale boss did not have a primal. I couldn't have one no! No, but now it's yours, Wow, yeah you're, welcome, buddy wow everett has been making rc videos with me for x number of years. What'S weird is that we were doing like a reminiscing that's, what i was doing on purpose yeah, but i was even bringing stuff up. I know it's perfect that's wild, Hey, yeah we've been entertaining people a long time on this channel yeah it's a lot of fun yeah, get together with your buds and yeah have fun that's. What it's about right? Sharing the rc love brother, heck yeah until next time. Jongens, maybe we'll get to see ever come back and fire up the raminator. Oh, you know they're yelling right now you didn't didn't. Do it today, that's too smoky? Where does he get? One see you guys, Liefde, y'all Laughter, my beautiful wife. You just came in yeah.