Zeer opgewonden om uit te proberen de gep rc raket licht vandaag, i've been flying the rocket quite a bit the rocket plus. I think the rocket light is going to be an interesting difference, because it's lighter weight it's not carrying as much so. I think this is going to feel really light by comparison, so let's check it: Music Applause out, Muziek, Muziek, Oke, so i just flew a 4s now i'm going to try flying it with a 3s. I know it will fly with the 3s, but i want to see if it feels any different flying with a 3s versus a 4s Music Applause: Muziek Applaus, Muziek, Muziek, Muziek, dus Muziek, dus Muziek, dan Muziek, Muziek, dan Muziek, Applaus, Muziek, Oke, just to wrap up. Eerste, impressions of the rocket light: allereerst, i mean it's just amazing. I love the rocket plus this thing, it's, even a bit more fun to fly because it's lighter weight. It does well with a 3s battery. It does take a little more throttle to get it up in the air, but um overall, just a blast to fly. You could see from the clips. I was able to get through some really tight gaps and i did crash quite a bit with it and did not break a single prop as a matter of fact, i've only broken one prop on my rocket. Maybe that means i'm, not my rocket plus. Maybe that means i'm not trying hard enough, maar uh.

Just overall can't say enough: good things about this setup, it's, the the rocket light, the dji goggles and the dji controller, with the cadx vista in it just it just it. Just is amazing. If you're thinking about getting into fpv, this is definitely not the first place to start i'd, probably start with the tiny whoop, but i would get this over a five or six inch racing quad any day. If you're just getting started, the ducted props save you a lot of headache when you crash the camera is well protected in here. Everything'S well protected, and this thing really is not heavy enough to do a whole lot of damage. If you crash it, you can really crash those big quads bad, but this thing for me, along with the dji system, because of the clarity that you get it's, not necessarily great for recording video, even though i did and it's not too bad um. If you want to record video, i would recommend getting the rocket plus, but for just tooling around like this and trying to get better at hitting gaps. It is amazing just again love this thing uh. I hope you know that's really sincere. Dus bedankt. Gepparc for uh making this and for sending me this one. I am probably going to get a couple more, maybe do a giveaway or something i don't know.