Maar vandaag heb ik een gloednieuwe geprc, quad and we're going to check it out so stay tuned, Muziek Applaus. So right here i have the gep rc phantom. Now this quad has actually been out for a while, but the difference is this: is the phantom hd which features the cadex vista digital fpv system, built into it, ready to go and ready to rock? This is what's called a toothpick quad, which is very small, very lightweight and primarily used for freestyle flying this one features brushless motors, the gep gr 1105 5000 KV motoren, which are actually different than the original version of this and oh by the way, there was an Original version of this and still is it's an analog version that doesn't have the digital fpv system built into it, but essentially the same thing and designed for the same purpose, but now it has the cadx vista. It is also really powerful. It'Ll take a 3s or 4s battery, which gives it amazing power to weight ratio and it's got an xt30 connector here on the back. It does have the digital fpv system. Deze nu., zoals ik al zei, is the cadx vista, which means that it is not designed for local recording with the dji one. You actually have a sd slot built into the side of it, so you can record locally in 1080.. This one will record on the goggles the dji goggles at 720p, but not in 1080 and not locally.

So you get any breakup that you'll see during your flight will be recorded in the goggles, but you could very easily put the insta360 go onto this quad, which i actually intend to do. I think that'll solve that issue of being able to record 1080 and the insta 360 go is a stabilized image, so it makes the footage look even smoother than it would just with the local recording in the dji system. Dus, in addition to being extremely lightweight, this thing is also pretty small and it is very, very well built, naar mijn mening, it's very clean. It doesn't have any issue with cable management. You know a lot of these little tiny, toothpick style drones, vrije stijl, Drones, i've, run into have issues where the cables will come out and tend to be in the way of the propellers and so you'll hear a clicking sound. You have to stop and adjust before you can fly, because you don't want to cut any of the cables with the propellers. This one's very just well well groomed, as far as putting all those cables into place, tying them all down from the battery cable to where the antenna lays it does have adjustable um two little screws here on the side, so you can adjust the camera angle if You'Re going to fly faster or slower, wat erg leuk is. As i said it comes with this rubber pad for the battery, it does come with. A spare set of props comes with a bunch of screws for putting the props in.

I will say too: the props are not super easy to get on and off, because you have to line these screws up, these tiny little screws with the screw holes, and then you also want to make sure that you put the props in the right places. The way i did that was just turned it on without the props and figured out which way the motors were spinning, so i could put the props on the right way. Het is klein, zoals ik al eerder zei, and that makes it great for flying just about anywhere. I probably wouldn't fly this indoors i'd, probably stick to the gep rc rocket for indoors or a tiny hawk, of zoiets, just because they have the ducted propellers and they won't hit anything or damage anything. I would imagine once this gets going. It'S, probably pretty pretty fast and a little too speedy for indoors, plus again, no prop guard so you're gon na you know damage whatever you hit, although it is lightweight and it's. Really not gon na hurt a whole lot other than you know, maybe scuffing up the wall, but what i really really love about it again is the fact that it has the digital system in it. I have dabbled in fpv for a few years and always struggled a bit because i've had a hard time with fpv dropout. When i get too far away or if there's interference, i can't see what i'm flying around.

If i get into a tree, i couldn't see any detail with the digital system. You can see all that stuff and it's so much easier to fly, because you have a clear clear view of where you're going and what the cables look like, that you might run into etc. So i have not flown this guy, yet i'm very excited to get it out. I did do a setup video which i will link to. I may put them out at the same timei'm, Ik weet het niet, but if it's not out already i'll put a link in soon so that you can see how to set up not only the dji, not only this guy in betaflight, but also the dji digital system. All at one time bind it to the goggles and the radio, controle, enz. Dus, with that let's get out and fly the digital fpv phantom from geprc and see how it does. Music Applause do Music, OK, Muziek, dus Muziek, foreign Music foreign. I have learned to that with fpv. You definitely need a clean lens. I think you can see that one's not very clean, so unfortunately i brought these lens wipes. It really helps with visibility and the recording if the lens is clean. A lot of grass on this one Music, dus Muziek, Applaus, Muziek, um, Muziek, Oke, so i've had the opportunity to fly a few packs through this thing now, and it is very, zeer snel. The power to weight ratio, as i suspected, is just off the charts.

Voor mij, as a sort of advanced beginner fpv pilot, i have two quick pieces of advice and they're based on a story that i want to tell you real quick first time i fired it up was out in the parking lot here of my office building there's A shady spot with the tree kind of overhanging, i was there probably about 20 feet up was the branch and i had a 4s on it first time to fly it. I took off and i went straight up into the branch and got stuck in the tree. I wish i had had the camera rolling at the time, but i didn't that was just kind of silly. It just got away from me went up so fast. I couldn't control it and went right into the tree branch before i knew what had happened. So my piece of advice would be fly this thing in a big open space without any trees or things to run into i've. Crashed it a few times already it's held up just fine haven't, really nicked the props and when it did get stuck in the tree. I was able to kind of throttle it around a little bit and it fell out of the tree and i was able to actually put it on a soft spot and some grass, so it didn't damage it. It'S held up just fine, despite my crashes, but the overall performance of it. If you want to get into flying freestyle, it really is amazing.

I mean my second piece of advice would be start with a 3s battery. Don'T go to a 4s. When i put it in the tree, it was it had a 4s on it, and then i flew it with a 3s a bit to get used to it and then a 4s as well. So it can handle a 4s and you'll get used to that, but really starting with the 3s. This thing is so much more powerful than the little gep rc rocket that i've been flying recently and and so much more kind of responsive to the throttle that a 3s in it to begin is a great way to start off. I love the rocket it's. A great little park explorer: this is not a park explorer. This is not a beginner drone for fpv. I don't feel like it's, really a little bit more advanced because it is so powerful and fast, but it's a ton of fun. If you want to get into doing freestyle, doing crazy tricks, this is a great thing for it, because it's really agile and really versatile. I hope you enjoy this video if you have a digital system or if you have a gup rc rocket or get bar c phantom i'd love to hear your comments below, even if you don't, if you have questions, be sure to ask if you haven't already subscribed.