That is a ripper what's up guys happy friday, and it is labor day weekend this weekend, but we have a pretty fun review here for you today. This is the heiress hobby chameleon. Dit is rond een 220 millimeter frame and what's cool about this frame. Right away is that it has really really nice motors on here and a really nice sort of coated carbon fiber frame. It has five millimeter arms on here. It has leds that are already built in i'm, using the lull5 gopro mount, but you can honestly could put just about any type of tpu printed gopro mount on here. And if you want to record, you will not see the props in your gopro video, so we'll show you some fpv video from this cadx retail camera. Ook, it has again one of my favorite fpv cameras on here. We have another top plate for bolt top plate release which is fairly trendy in the industry, but also has that same type of purple coating on it, which looks really cool, and i noticed that they used gold hardware all the way around top and bottom and it's. All recessed hardware, you have a 3m sticky pad on the very bottom it's a bottom mount battery. Uiteraard, and you have an xt60 connector on the very back right there, which generally you want to take a zip tie and zip tie this off. So it does get pulled off of your escs. We hebben 40 amp eses on here, an f4 flight controller on this baby and today, i'm rocking my xm plus, with the two antenna posts coming out.

The back from this extra tpu mount underneath this top plate, which is pretty nice as well and i'm. Using today, some of the props that i've been really enjoying flying, and these are the nasco 5 inch. Props i'll try to put a link down below to these. It did come with some different props that were way more aggressive and thicker cord and a lot of times i like to go a little bit thinner cord when i fly and that's just my preference. So i don't like to go super fat cord because it draws more amps out of the esc's and uh, and the motors are just probably punking out the battery a lot quicker. So this is going to give me a little bit longer flight time. You can get five minutes on a 4s 1550 batterij, so that's going to be my battery of choice on this one, but really nice quad. It is also a true x guys and it is extremely extremely fast. So um fasten your seat belt, we're, gon na take a really extremely fast flight and the guys at the field were impressed by this. Quad'S amazing boost power, speed and it just it sounds amazing out in the field and it's really impressive, to see in person. So after that, we'll come back and i'll give you my final opinion on the chameleon um around a 200 quad with really nice components and an extra special frame. Daar gaan we helemaal goed, so the fbv flight test let's go ahead.

This was my first flight with this quad, and first thing i noticed was the speed. The next thing i noticed was that it feels really locked in on the sticks and there's no over rotation in my flips and rolls so it feels really good. I feel like i have really good lines already with this quad, so i knew right away that i was going to be doing some crazy stuff with this look at how fast this quad is, i mean it's. Just really really has a ton of control. It it's able to get back on the throttle when i need it and it will stop and turn on a dime which is really impressive. You see some amazing, really quick, yaw snaps in here back y'all snap back to a flip there and back down the runway. I mean this thing is totally dialed right now and what's great about the cadx camera is that you can really see what you're doing flying between gaps. You know trying to get in close to a tree for a tree dive fairly straight down aggressive dive right there and back down into this little side road around the field and looking for a gap here along these trees boom back up for another snap. Roll really really locked in right now i just want to keep like throwing the sticks. It feels really really good so i'm impressed with it. Tot nu toe, and and this you know eris, i haven't heard a lot about this company and they sent me an email and said: would you like flower quad and i said sure, and when i got it i was just nice out of the box.

Het ziet er goed uit. So sometimes looks can be deceiving but uh. What most of this is about is having a quad that flies awesome. This feels like a quad that, like a friend of mine, would have built to race, multi gp. I mean look at that yaw snap around that tree. Rewind that and watch that again, that was a really really fast snap and the flight controller didn't freak out right there, so it held its ground didn't have any wobble and right here, i'm, just flying straight ahead for a nice slow tree dive here and back down Around and at this point i'm like okay – goed, i know this quad will do anything. I wanted to do so we're just going to play around and do some more freestyle for the rest of this flight. But if you know motors really well and you've been flying brushless motors for years and years, sometimes you can tell youhave a good motor by the sound of the motor and these motors sound, really really extremely good. In the field it's a little bump down. There touch and go no reverse touching goes with this quad, because this quad has a bottom mount battery, but very impressive. I and i had to go up for one more boost and another tree dive and coming down to the end of this battery i'm. At 14. Bijna 13 8 right here and i got four minutes on the chameleon, so not bad for a 4s 1550 and getting still lower on the battery now, but man that's a lot of fun to fly this quad so um i'm pretty impressed that this quad has zero Reputation and it'sprobably it should be more talked about since they have a nice frame and it flies good quad looks great it'd, be one that you'd be happy to own and it actually performs so good combo here.

That is a ripper guys. That is like. I can't even explain that that was like super dialed in tight snappy rolls super fast motors, gek, yaw snap and a really locked in tune. The camera looks great, also no, no vibes at all great tree dives boost pretty much everything four and a half minute flight. I think if you were just cruising, you could get five and a half minutes on this battery. It'S good and the frame looks cool. The whole thing is nice. All right guys welcome back from that very impressive flight test. So if you're going to ask me which one should i get 4s or the 6s version, i prefer 6s, because i like that extra bit of power now i was very impressed with the 4s version that i have here and the the big difference there is the Motor size um, de 2306 25 80s – are the ones you're going to get for 4s configuration and then 6s versions going to be around 1750 of 1800. I believe i can't remember but usually below 2000 kv is what you're going to fly on 6s. I generally don't see many motors out there with higher kv than 2000 46s configurations, but i thought this thing came like pretty: set up and ready to go. I was happy that really all i had to do was add my receiver to this, but they do have a couple different options on their website. You can even get a radio link style receiver, you can get the rxsr on there for fr sky and i believe you can get the xm plus as well, maar uh.

I think that the the quality on here looks pretty good. I also noticed that on the very bottom they have an embedded beeper, which is kind of a cool thing. Here you can see that embedded beeper on the bottom, so the beeper is a full size beeper and it is extremely loud indoors when you're setting it up. It'S definitely going to let you know it's there, but out in the field, it's nice, because if you lose it in the grass you'll be able to walk right up to this thing, you'll be able to hear it even when there's a little bit of wind and Speaking of wind, this quad does not care about wind at all there's a little bit of wind the day. I was flight testing this and it just ripped through the the wind, so um really cool components on here i like the smooth motors, the smokes motors whatever they have on here. Ik, like the finish on these motors. You can see they have their own logo on here and some pretty decent looking stator inside here, and it looks like really nice, copper, coils, pretty thick high quality, copper inside here, it's, not real thin and chintzy copper wire, and it looks to be well wound inside The motor here so a really nice also a hollow shaft through and with a bolt on the very bottom, which i do prefer as well for holding everything on now i'm. Looking for something kind of negative to say about this quad, i i flew this for a weekend and after i was done with my first two or three flights uh.

This was the kind of quad that i wanted to pull more batteries out of my bag and fly more because of the performance that this quad has. It is just extremely fun to fly it's kind of like borrowing your friend's porsche and just going out on an open straight highway and gunning it and that's. What kind of what this quad feels like it's extremely fast. I would say this one's on par with even the t motor quad, the um ft. I think it was the ft5 that i reviewed on the channel a while back. This one is probably almost as fast as that one, but it has a pretty loud report on here. It is fairly loud out in the field when you do go full throttle, so people will take notice of a five inch when you're flying it also. They have kind of this cool strap on the bottom. It'S kind of, like reflective, looks kind of like something you put around your ankle when you ride your bicycle, but um it's also got a metal buckle as well, dat is echt leuk. I don't see this strap breaking and i also like the fact that they, with this frame, they made a nice slot on the bottom, just below the flight controller and esc. So you can get that strap through there easily without having to fight underneath your esc's or you know, possibly, break chips off. I'Ve had some pretty tight configurations before, but this one just goes straight through, and that makes it really nice for anyone who owns this quad, but eris hobby has a lot of different quads on their site.

They i mean they even do agricultural drones um. They have some ready to fly kits as well and if you haven't seen them before, check them out on, you can go there and look at all the different quads. They have race quads. They even have some a cinewoo style stuff, some binding flies. I even think they they're an emax dealer but um check out the chameleon. If you're looking for a a really ripping five inch, this one is really really fun. So the proof is in the footage, guys i'm justin davis take care and have an awesome. Labor day weekend.