My friends you've already read the title. You'Ve already seen the thumbnail. Eigenlijk, you know I have been needing one of these for quite some time. Thank you FedEx for giving yourself some free promotion on the show, also for customs, letting me know that you ripped into this already and had a look keeping my country safe, hopefully not breaking my gear, which I've had happen before, but hey it has had to travel. All the way from China, I took a punt on something on a website called Aliexpress. Everybody always asks me. Where do I get all of my construction equipment? It'S a variety of places, but Aliexpress is one of them be careful. There I've been screwed before so they do have some good buyer protection, but the people that are there selling some of them can be shady I'm, not saying that they are, but you can see it for yourself now this one. This one I've got great hopes and dreams for we're gon na open this up. This crating that they send is amazing. I would like to say that the shipping on this only took about a week and a half to two weeks over the Christmas holidays even to get here from China, so really not too bad. Stick a screwdriver in there flip these tabs up these metal tabs actually hold this crate fairly secure. We treat it's a Guyana chestnut tree. I know you're all saying it right now, but it's also known as a money tree.

It was a gift to me and before all y'all go saying: oh it's, just another one, you go up for free that's, not true at all. Eigenlijk, none of this stuff I get for free, come on. Eigenlijk, this one cost me about 2600 USD plus shipping and I live in Canada. You guys think that's expensive in the US for me that's about 3400 Hier, but definitely required for the studio yeah. These are decals and I didn't want a typical, yellow loader on the show I didn't need one. I wanted a white one. Look at this kind of break up the monotony of all the yellow that's. Why I have the Cobell Co ya want to be gentle. Oh, it looks so nice look at that. You guys can't even see the tire tread, but there it is same thing on the extra rock truck that I had purchased. All of our views on our channels are going down down down. I don't know if it's the people don't like the content or because ever since I marked not for kids, they have actually put a big kibosh on my channel, so I thought yeah I'll buy these items. While I can have a good time with the guys. While we can look at that, Hey it's, absolutely beautiful I've been on YouTube for geez over a decade, making amazing RC videos. I have to tell you right now. This is one of the highlights of my career right now.

Let'S take this out, so you can have a look at it. Yeah there you go crazy job. All the boys are YouTube's goals, we're in business now it's beautiful. Kijk eens naar deze! These are powder coated. Look at the shine on these Forks rookie. I know you're watching right now, Buddy. These are a little bit longer than the Forks that came on our tract loader and look at this beautiful machine. There is so much to look at right now, it's a little bit hard to absorb when you're, just seeing it on camera. Plus, I am discovering this with you. Look at the bucket is actually a rock bucket. You got some open area on top all of it powder coated spring loaded, pin removal system which actually just leaves a flat plate which you're able to hook and click on the forks or the bucket itself. Those are huge teeth, those teeth are not replaceable or it looks like they are separate individual pieces, but they're not individually screwed. In one thing. That catches me off guard right away is the enormous size of this piston that's, what she said, because this is large and in charge like if I take my finger like that is beyond normal that's that looks like it can take some serious pressure. I love that it's got the braided hose with actual spring on the outside right, so it's, not gon na have any rub damage at all. I noticed the pistons on the inside are just slightly smaller than that large Ram piston on top here.

This is normally has two because I do have another wheel. Loader it's, quite aged now is from our C four wheel. Drive we'll, do a comparison, video of the two eventually, Natuurlijk, this get in there I love the cab opens. This is a 3d printed seat. Look at the attention to detail: they even put the drivers hand on the control. Stick there close this see. This is all metal cab, Geloof ik, feels all metal metal on top. This is 3d printed for the exhaust stack and for the air. I believe this is the air intake, but everything else is absolutely beautiful. This is based on or like it's supposed to be a Komatsu, a W a 470 Wiel, loader completely hydraulic for those that are wondering. Maybe you've never seen the show before welcome if you're new. This is a large beast that I've been waiting and I had to take a risk on it, because I've I've had some models. If you guys may know that didn't work out so well on aliexpress they're good, but they could be so much better, but this one. I did so much so much research on look at that. This is the actual pump right here, the pumps. This is the pump outrunner motor and it actually moves all the hydraulic fluid on the inside. This is where the battery will sit. It'S got an xt60 connector on it. Everything is in there, including supposedly a sound kit and a light kit.

You can see all the lights are already strung up fire extinguisher. Natuurlijk, just in case you don't have a fire on board the new loader. Does it have a fan in the back? It doesn't no need for a fan full size, full size servos. There is your pressure gauge for your hydraulics that, Natuurlijk, being the receiver right. There I'm gon na have to fill it up with a little bit of hydraulic, fluid and show you it does come ready to run comes with a fly Skye already done up, het weegt 20 Kilogram. Misschien 23 kilograms is what I read. Look at the transmission on the inside beautifully painted, I don't see any leaking Rams. I see seals around the connectors, which is fantastic. I'Ve got great hopes for this. Oh, I even see some rings on the inside for pulling that's amazing. Now I know a lot of people will be wondering what I said about going down and maybe the content isn't as good, and maybe even what is Coppa and if you don't know what the Child Online Protection Privacy Protection Act is then that's that's what you really Got to look up, and ever since YouTube has forced us to change the channel either to be made for children or not for children, and that was their choice, not ours. Weet je, Natuurlijk, we made we've specified. It was not made for children and thus suffered a huge loss in views as soon as December, or pardon me as soon as November was getting to a close and so that's what we're contending with on this side.

Don'T worry, Hoewel, I've been doing this for such a long time, though we've weathered so many storms, the ad pocalypse and other things like that. I'Ve got no real intention of going anywhere right now, other than just to keep on having fun and entertaining you guys with RC and different ways to do that. Tada. Just like that and I'm sure. He found my way of filling hydraulic oil very interesting, but it was a really great way to stall and tell you the story about Coppa. So regular viewers of the show often write to me and ask me what kind of hydraulic oil do I use and yes, I'm, holding a five liter jug of oil, even though I only use one fourteenth style machines, except for my large skid steer, of course get The smaller versionand then of course this is the bottle that they asked you to fill with a hundred milliliters of that anti wear hydraulic oil and on the inside of the wheel, loader as per the instructions right there. There is a small screw that you can't see with a small arrow that you can kind of see. Now I got to take that screw off and then just insert the oil through the tube into the tank down below now, while we're on the topic of you know, my show is not made for kids. I would like to apologize to a lot of the kids that do watch my show.

The government of course says the the US government says a child being anyone under the age of 13 years of age. I know a lot of families watch my show and then they had to explain to their kids. You know why why I was saying that the show wasn't made for them, and it really was because it was YouTube. If you look it up, online YouTube was collecting data on kids, watching the YouTube shows across YouTube. Trying to you know, target ads towards them to help them buy or influence them more, which is illegal, but the fact of the matter is, as rcadventures has always been here, to entertain and inspire and to show the people of the world no matter what age you Are how amazing this hobby is so I'm gon na continue on doing that and tons of people write to me and tell them tell me they're not getting notifications or when they watch the videos it's not showing up in their watched feed, and so you know something's. Definitely influencing our channel we're doing our best to combat it. People will say to me get back to your roots. Medic start doing more trail, Spullen, do more RC maintenance and really my roots have been over the last decade of just making really cool content in all. Not just trail trucks, but in construction and boats and tanks and all the cool our seas that normally we couldn't see otherwise, hey now put that screw with the rubber seal around the tank.

I'M surprised it's, not a breather hole, but it must have that somewhere else. In the system there we are I'll get a 3s lipo battery. Goed, as I wait for the battery to charge itself upand we get to have an extra look at thisI want to kind of address saying. I know this is an unusual unboxing video. Normally I just focus on the model itself because it is fantastic, but I also know a lot of people have been having questions about my youtube channel and people have been wondering about views like I said, they've been, writing me and I know the haters or the People that aren't haters, but really don't, like the content that I've been producing lately, are gon na, zeggen, it's your content and I you and I could argue till we're blue in the face. I think it's a little of everything going into play here. I know when I first started YouTube. Gold people absolutely hated it. There was a mass exodus, but now YouTube. Gold seems to be one of the things that people love the most about the channel and, Natuurlijk, with loading wars having to change its name to loading Kings because of the silly algorithm and all the PC based stuff. Going on on YouTube right now, there was a bit of an exodus with that as well and with the Coppa thing. So all of these you know all of these factors above are driving me a you know, a little crazy and trying to figure out ways to make the YouTube channel still work and be fun for me right because that's, what it's always been about was my RC Adventure and if you guys wanted to watch along, I always encouraged it and look at how far we've come together.

Hey we've seen things reinvented on the show so many times I think that's why we keep coming back. So if you're, not getting notifications or if you're noticing that it's, not my videos, aren't appearing on your subs feed or it isn't being in your watch category, please write to YouTube and let them know because there's nothing we can do on our side. We have done all of that stuff already and they keep keep saying. We'Ll just try to get more subscribers and I can tell you right now: we have gained like 30 Aan 60 thousand subscribers every single month for years, and we never really see the videos go up and you so they always do well, while they're hanging around and The algorithm recommends them and then people discover us, but I don't think really our videos go out to the subscribers. The way YouTube says they're supposed to or the notification bell or any of that stuff. But you know what let's forget about that and pop the battery. In okay battery is in it made a beep off camera and the light turned on that's. A good sign probably should turn on my radio first and so I'm. Beginning to think there is no onoff switch here. Let'S see is that the case? Oh, I hear a pump working let's see where the lights switch, schakelaar, schakelaar, schakelaar, schakelaar, schakelaar, no lights. Maybe the lights only come on when there is sound, O ja, let's start it up now.

Does the lights work? No lights? Oke, what's! Up with that? Oh look at the smoothness of the bucket, O ja, so nice use the lights or the other side. Oh, Oh, it was the other side. Kijken. The lights are on it's. This top button right here on either side, oh cool and then off. Those are flashing. It'S not that you're just seeing the camera Wow. Oh this one it's, the same sound kit is in the Volvo rock truck. I got ta put this down on the ground. This is fantastic well hold on I'll put it on the tripod. Eerste. Op die manier, je kunt het zien. A lot of people are probably wondering why I got a white one, but simply my collection is fantastic. Already I've been collecting our sees for more than a decade and I've never really been able to afford the very expensive European RCS that are hydraulic because they they get to be like 20000 per item, and I could just I could never justify that. Oh, O jee, the boys are gon na love this in YouTube, gold and in loading wars. I am so excited you bet, you can hear it in my voice. Yeah let's, put it down on the ground, have a good look at it. Wow, look at the bucket capacity on this it's enormous. This is the largest bucket we have in the studio guys. I have to tell you and I've got some big buckets here as well, but look at this fantastic everything set up properly.

You pull down on the stick, you pull up on the stick, and then you got the curl left and right now everything is set up on the radio. Eigenlijk, all the motion is on this side and being an articulating vehicle. You only need to push it to the side once and then it's turned right. Sorry about the focus issues: Muziek, Wow. I cannot believe this machine. Het ziet er fantastisch uit. Ik vraag me af. Who'S gon na be fighting over to use first at the studio in loading Kings, right or who's, going to try to claim it for YouTube gold so guys. Thank you very much for tuning in today. I know I was babbling throughout the video, but it gives you a little bit information on where we're coming from. Hopelijk, you guys have been enjoying the show, and let me ask you it's very rare, that I ever ask any of the audience to do anything. But if you love of YouTube gold and if you love rcadventures, please talk to your friends about it. Share our videos spend some time telling others about it. So they can discover the show to have some fun, maybe be inspired and to get outside and have fun with RC guys. Thank you so much from us here at the studio we always say, go and have some fun and we'll see you in the next episode.