I hope I said that right he was forced to say first or one of my recent videos and that's one's this shot. Dus gefeliciteerd goedemorgen. Tot 101, Hier, met een review van de Emacs kleine Hawk. Wat is een kleine Hawk? Goed, zoals je zien, it's a little micro, FPV, racer, Oke, een follow-on de kleine akka tiny op s. Deze is 75 Millimeter, 31 grams without battery installed it's a 1 of 2 s, brushless that's, het grote ding over dit. Dit kan ook draaien op twee Amerikaanse batterijen, so it's an indoor and an outdoor fire it's meant for indoor and outdoor flying. Een andere grote verbetering die dit heeft ten opzichte van de vorige kleine Hawks is deze run cam 2 camera er zeer mooie camera met een enorme lens in er moet een zeer goede kwaliteit video voor uw vlucht. Nu, met de drone, het heeft een videozender die schakelbaar is tussen 0 25 100 en 200 milliwatt videozender met slimme audiomogelijkheden. Zo u hiermee parameters aanpassen en van kanaal veranderen. Op dit nu, the transmitter itself is the it's twenty, vijf of zevenendertig kanalen. Oke, op de doos, it's set to turn off some of the channels that you can use to be F cccapply it. Met dat in gedachten, you can't turn that off, Hoewel, door de knop Kanaalwijzigen ingedrukt te houden, terwijl u tegelijkertijd de batterij aansluit om de 37 kanalen, als je ze echt nodig hebt in uw specifieke land, also if they were legal and you're, met name land, om deze frequenties te gebruiken, het vluchtbord erop, is een F voor flight control board geladen met bèta-vlucht voor punt 1.

0 Gedateerd 16 Oktober 2019 dus eerlijk. Recent heeft de flight control board ook een geïntegreerde 4 1 5 amp ESC's voor de motoren. Ook, het heeft een vrije hemel D, 8 D, 16, geïntegreerde zender, ontvanger van acht kanalenzenders, een kanaalontvanger op deze. Ze raden je aan om het in de D8-modus te vliegen. If you're, met behulp van uw zender set op de D, acht telemetrie uitschakelen. Zij raden aan om dat te doen voor de beste ontvangst met deze specifieke boor. Eén ding had ik., Hoewel, een probleem: je weet dat je het op twee manieren binden door de bindingsknop op de ontvanger ingedrukt te houden, dat is nogal moeilijk om hier binnen te komen.. Maar de beste manier om het te doen is het gebruik van de CLI commando's in beta-vlucht. Echter, de CLI commando dat ik merkte in de handleiding hier is onjuist. I don't think exists. Het was bind onderstrepen R X onderstrepen, Ik geloof, SPI de opdracht die u wilt is gewoon binden underscore, rx bind underscore rx, don't use them command in the manual or because it just doesn't work, Oke. But that puts this into bind mode. And then you can open up your transmitter, select bind in frsky mode, and this will connect to this drum now. The motors on this to go with that 5 amp pscs or th, 0 0 Aan 16000 kv motors mom, pretty high speed motors here, echter, you know we mentioned it – heeft 5 AFP SCS, but you notice a little problem here.

Is this little pH? 2.0 connector? You only couldn't stand two amps, so you're not gon na get the full 5 amps good to that those motors with this particular connector. You might want to consider switching to xt 30 type connector. Maybe if you want to use that full 5 amps from this particular drum okay, but for most cases you know what i don't do. A lot of punch outs, heavy punch, Uit, I'm, just gon na be doing probably when I go fly in todayis high speed. Flying I like to do high speed, low altitude flying you know, diamond near the dirt, going between the trees that's. The kind of flying I enjoy to do, or it was an occasional going up into the air and doing a roll or a flip. But for that that type of flying this should be more than appropriate this connector. Now it also has what I like for indoor flying or knife flying. It has little LED strips between behind the prop but guard around air around the edges of the prop guards here that might sup the drone very well at nighttime, okay for indoor flying, if you wouldn't want to do that now. This particular drone comes with two batteries in the box. We get a 1s battery and the 2's battery 1s for your indoor flying I'm gon na be using it outdoors of course, and 2's battery also for outdoor high speed flag. Nu, met dat in gedachten, you also get a little warning here when you want to use the to us to make sure that you're in profile too otherwise they're saying if you're using profile, one which is for one let's, look lipo's, you might have problems, so you Might lose control on under two s? You know I have this set to two s and I've been using the 1s and the 2s under 2's profile, and I don't I don't seem to be having any problems indoors.

This will find that outdoors I'm, going to keep it in to us is what I was trying to say folks and if I, the one s N or two s under to essence, see if there's any issues with that. If there is I'll just go into smart audio menus and switch to the one s profile for the one s battery now this supposedly huh it does have turtle mode where your it'll flip. The drone over. I don't like using turtle moaning and I'm not going to demonstrate that, particularly out in the field in case grass gets stuck in here between the blades or, if you land in indoors and you're, laying on the shag carpet or something anything that blocks those blades is Going to burn out your East es es, if you try to use Terrell remote, so I'm, not a big fan of turtle mode, I never use it let's see. Tot slot, I want to talk about the aerodynamics of this particular drone. If you look at this thing, these prop guards, Weet je, they're, not ducks. Weet je, like you see on some whoops. These are actually prop guards because they propellers protruded below of them, so they're just strictly prop guards, but they are beefed up with double layer structure. Hier nu, the one thing I don't like about this is this blocks: air flow. Oke, so I can see degradation of performance using these prop guards the way they got them designed here now.

I understand why they did it, because the previous versions of the tiny Hawk were very thin and an easily easy to break. So I guess they wanted to beef beef. It up to. You know prevent breakage but expect reduced air flow going through here, possibly reduce life time that you could possibly get with thinner structure. Then it's currently has right here: okay um this, like I'm saying it's, this is probably going to reduce flight time, because you're gon na have to stress these motors. More you're gon na have to use more power running these motors to get these same performance as the other tiny Hawk. So that's a downside. I see of this now that's about it. Folks let's go over what you get in the box. You get a full spare set of props in case you lose some of these. These are just tell Ron by friction. It looks like so make sure yours are fully pushed in there and until you see the pin protruding out to bottom like so, Bovendien, you get that warning label by 2s and 1's profile. You get the instruction manual it's relatively well written, but why are these work? Getting tiny or tiny my old eyes, it's, not you know it's, just not my old eyes have an art every yes, but I I think most people will have a hard time. Reading this particular one. I have to use a magnifying glass, in effect to be able to read that manual.

You get the drum you get the three hundred milli ampere our 2's battery. There are Li HV batteries, keep that in mind and a 450 million per hour. One s Li, a true battery. You get this little USB charger or lipo, and Li HV. Then you can switch between the two by moving these little switches up or done, and you can charge on both of these simultaneously either the left side or the right side. Either 2s and 1's in combination or 2s in combination, you can do that with this particular charger. You get some nice labels, which I'm not going to put on my drum for Emax, and you get a little bag with screwdriver spare rubber bands. Now these rubber bands or how the batteries are inserted under these and the belly here, is a rubber band holding them on to two white rubber bands, and you get some spares. Als je ze nodig hebt, if you break them, you get some spare screws and you get another ph 2.0 connector i'm, not sure why they included another one, but you get another one in the box. I would have preferred to see you next. E30 connector, maybe that's what you get, en tot slot, you get the nice carrying case that goes with this particular drum so that's, the Emax tiny, Hawk tube let's, take it out into the field and give it a try. So I hope you enjoy these flights come on. Quadcopter, when we were out of one my favorite flying feels for flying these, this was the Emax tiny, hop there's.

A couple things I forgot to mention that in the tabletop review is that this camera can easily be tilted up or done. I got mine tilted way up for forward flight. Goed, you know I want to do high speed forward flight, but another thing I forgot to mention is in beta flight. This is set up so that this will disarm if it exceeds, if you put it on the ground and it's sitting like that, it will not armed and the idea being, is you don't want, if there's anything obstructing these propellers, Zoals, if it's tilted like that, Het zou kunnen zijn, actually brothers actually might be touching their ground. They don't want those propeller. You know these motors to arm while there's something obstructing the propeller so that's. Why it's set up that way? Mensen, you can turn that off and bait a flight. You know turn off the angle restriction for arming, but I don't recommend it for that reason, so you don't want to have anything obstructing these props, while they're being armed and actually, I should turn this transmitter on first before are arming the drone. Oke, what I need to do is try to tilt this up a bit let's see if it's, warm and we're going to start off with angle flight stabilized let's see if we can see right now, it's not arming, because I do not. For one thing I don't have this turned on let's make sure it is turned on okay, let's select arm in angle mode let's, see if we get to the air, see it won't fly because of that, so we're gon na have to tilt this a bit.

You know just this, so it does sit flat if we can get there, we go now it's sitting flat. It should be able to arm and let's take off. Oke. This is with a 1s battery it's, not the stock 1s battery. I just want to demonstrate it line of sight flying to show you it flying is rather nice flyer in stabilized mode. You know it meant for into a flying and stabilized mode I'm. Gon na try that later on now, let's put it into horizon mode. Going up doing a flip, bring it back over going up forward flip, bringing you the rod coming down, bring it closer again. This is not the stock battery and that I'm using I'm using a just a spear one s that I had like going up. Lots of you off the ground, je hebt ta, go up a bit higher to do those flips one more okay. Let me put the stock battery in now folks and then we'll do some a PD flying we'll start off with one s and then go to to s so hold on okay. We had to move because they're watering over there with the sprinklers here. So we came over here fly first thing before we take off, since we got using a 1 s. Battery I'm gon na go into smart audio by moving the left stick up and to the left and the right stick: pull up let's do that again, and that brings up the menus and I want to go to profile, and then I want to select profile.

Oke, we have it it's, no actually picked profile. One seems to automatically recognize one year using a 1s or 2's batteries, because this was set the 2's before there was profile well we're, going back again and then we're going down to save and exit okay. We should be good to go no we're in profile 1 and arming the motors or actually going to air mode, then arming the motors and away. We go the viewand this looks really nice right nowit's really nice picture on this. We are in 1s mode. It'S not really zippy, and I expect it to be in 1s mode, but the camera loves me by us here: can't go to the left there because of the water let's go down to the field, a bit turn it around now. This is what else why Music that's, what won us? Eigenlijk, they even cut a nice high speed passing one around the tree back righto bed here for that turn, I'm gon na ride again over there. This way here, going around these now I'm, not gon na go between those because I'll lose signal. We'Ll go around them powers, 13.3 5, volts we're, going good. There go around this yeah, so yeah it's it's, a nice flare, nice one is flatter. No still running, I mean sorry, I was gon na try to go over there because I don't want to get wet alright, trying to avoid going over here cuz, I don't want to get wet same low battery, but we still got three point.

Two six bolts still good between these trees. Here very nice flyer profile, one seems to be good nice profile, for you still got some farmable up high a bit higher higher higher and rolled up higher again. Try it another roll we're gon na have to land here soon we got over two minutes flight time with that lhb battery, and you seem to work with rather well. My breasts try some more when I put the two s: battery and we'll try some higher speed flying three: Vier, why I'm gon na lay it now and disarming okay, let me pop in a 1s battery and see how it flies that so hold on folks. Goed, it's another day, um that second flight. I forgot to turn on recording my cameras there on my goggles here and I didn't get any footage so we're doing it again. It'S, the next day, oke um, we were set up with 2's battery and I am going to err mode and next arming the battery or arming the motors motors are on and we should go there. We go see how this to s works out for us. Oke, je hebt ta, get a feel for it to us. It'S already Wow just try that the power from this but it's saying lindau already, but not that was a freshly charged battery. So there is a lot of lag or sag folks, because that pH to connect here with it to us.

So you know I have sufficient battery power, but no sag. Oké, dat is het wel., just flying around in flying around us going up roll over coming around 3.15 volt. So high speed pass go ride the tree this tree this tree just slaloming with a little thing. It is a good flier it's just that as a tube too much battery flyer it's, not so well. You know because that sag voltage I'm gon na fly. If your I got ta say then one this and one that seemed to be a reasonably well butch goes down and then comes back up again. So you can fly boy and goes down. Come back up right now, I'm, sorry think we're getting close to the we had doesn't stay in under there. We go goes back up again in his slow down, so we're gon na think about landing into here shortly. So you get about two minutes of flight time. As you see with the 2's battery, so I don't know you know people want to do this one more. We want to do that. Oke, Ik heb ta, lay it right now, coming over over over over over uh, we landed there. I hope I didn't destroy that battery, but yeah we got two minutes of flight time with me. Three s battery really flight would land over there. Oke, echt! No one s. Battery is more than sufficient for this drone that first flight I did so. The two s gives you a bit more punch in case.

You want to do freestyling mainly for freestyling, I would say I'm. You know I was going as fast as I could forward here. I didn't notice much of a speed increase over flying it with the one nice battery still very maneuverable, even with the two s battery. But again you know it's, just not enough flight time that you would expect from this battery. From this larger battery, it was more punch, but again mainly for freestyle. So I hope you liked the flight of the tiny hook to this quadcopter 101, setting that high quadcopter 101 hier weer hey. Als je je eigen schreeuw wilt krijgen in een van mijn toekomst., videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click the build button right next to the Subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot out, dus probeer het eens.