Look at this side by side, the new exb that i unboxed and bashed here a short while ago, that's right and the original creighton that you have from many years ago. I think it's a v3 so side by side comparison. Do you have your body pins in what is it easier to do it on my tailgate that's, not so freaking hot, oh i'm. Sorry is this: is this too high careful don't hurt yourself on my huge hitch? Er, like i'm four foot 11.. How tall are you you're, shrinking you're, getting older 68 inches dude? When you see this shot, the truck looks like a giant. You look like four feet tall. OK, let's go put it on your tailgate. OK! Let'S! Do that! That'S better, we don't we don't get so much glare, then so this is the exp. I unboxed it a short time ago. Uh. This is the horizon hobby, extreme basher version that comes with all of the hop ups and upgrades. If i may do it up under you're getting notice how i got permission before i went under well, you know i like that. You asked before you two yeah so right here you can see tactic. Radio he's got the chassis brace right here, nothing across the top and it looks like that's the plastic servo holder, that's there, so powerful uh esc right here. What does this say on it? De 185, the blx 8 185 Ja ja ja, and then what is this one? I don't even remember it's been so long.

Dit is een 2050 KV, so same thing on mine, except i got the smart setup in here. Kijk eens naar deze, this big brace right across here yeah to stop it from doing that banana shape. I saw that on their bigger version, that was it the 8s version of this yeah taking, because that was out before this right, ja ja, so they must have uh liked how that was protecting some support on that chassis. It looks like when i bashed it last time i didn't have any issue at all. I didn't break any piece which is amazing. I noticed your bumper is quite non existent. O ja, look at that's the difference there and look at the kind of flex that's on the bumper man. It can move like crazy, O ja, it's kind of more similar to the uh outcast. Ja, Oke, tires tires. They seem the same. I wonder they don't feel any different. Let'S uh take them out and rip them let's. Do it 6s power yep success, yeah success with success? Oke, so you know what they asked for last time that i never did here. I didn't listen. There was an inner, an inner tube over here like the pipe that we should have tried to go round and round in yeah yeah yeah. Shall we do it? Shall we do a double yeah? Oh there's, shit in it. I am willing to do it dude so hard to see because of the shadow.

How high do you think this is like four feet: Ja, almost five yeah five feet: Ja ja ja, yeah let's, see if i can get this for everybody Music, so don't whip out in the middle. Just keep going good luck in three two one Laughter it's like a corkscrew, you got to be careful. You don't work. Your way right out of the end. Is that what she said, everett's turn good luck, Bro! Succes! Drie, twee een! Oh straight out, the other corkscrew action try that again yeah well back up. Go straight. You'Re pointed at me three, two one that nearly took my fucking head off dude. That was like we're, not doing that. O jee, it couldn't have perfectly yeah. It was like the world would still just miss me. Man, let's, move on and arm a bullet. Sometimes ideas are just yeah. I shouldn't have been standing so fucking close that's. My problem come on. Let'S hit some jumps. I think i'll stay way back here. For the moment, can't see the landing. Succes! Oh leuk, you broke it. Succes! Broken! You can fix it yummy. Wat is er gebeurd? Wat is er gebeurd? Uh, the bolt for the top of the shock just broke that's it tower that's it so so you can pop it back on the new screw in and we'll be good to go nice Music doctor. What is the verdict just trying to find a screw long enough here should be good here: Music and we're back.

That was a simple repair: go ahead back in the game, mooi, een! Ah, ondersteboven, nothing broken no we're good it's, the only problem with not being able to see the other side of your landing like being safe. We know that there's nobody else here right now, but when you can't see the other side of your landing, you can't judge where the car is in the air, which means you can't, correct it, which means you're gon na hurt the truck, thankfully extreme bashful i didn't. Even hurt it yet another jump Music, Ja, good job let's go hit. Grote, probably look pretty cool Laughter. Lucky! O ja, successful front! Flip! Oh nee! I think same thing. I did look at that. Is it the same thing yeah? It might have shot? Oh no you're spot off. Look at this come on bring it in. Let me get the other side all i did. Oh the bottom i bought. I broke the bottom of the shock, the eyelet right here and it's plastic okay. So if i was going to give this an upgrade boom, where would it be well let's go pop that in for today, there yeah we're going to hit that pipe anyway, i just got to get the drive shaft back where it's hold on. I just got to get the drive shaft back there. It is oh, oh that feels so much better. Nu. I must warn you: if you hit the pipe too slow, you may hit the second pipe on the other side, no bueno, Oke, Ja, Oke! Rock paper scissors see who goes first.

Winner goes first, i don't even know where i left my truck right. Now we go one two three then one two three. Then i win okay. Oke, so i guess i go first dang it how's that a win your truck's right here, that's yours, you're, going senile it's right there. You can see it behind the log. Now that you're a dad, we barely see you in your mind. O ja, i landed on my wheels. I bounced on my roof i'm, making excuses for a failed landing, but that was still awesome. I get to go again um now it is your chance. I think you can do it. I got one failed landing. Two jumps in total. Good luck to you. Goed, i'm, almost ready this is this. Is his big moment all right here we go good luck, een twee! Oh, that was even better than mine, stops dead on there dude. It was just perfect one, Twee, absolutely great job. Dude and it's still working okay. Now we have to get your slow mo shot Music, dus Muziek, Music dude. What was that knuckles? That i don't know what you call that, but that was front flip one. You landed backwards. That is correct, dude, Gefeliciteerd! That was dope! Everett'S feeling frisky now he's got a little bashing into him. They'Ve got a few minutes of practice on the wheel, he's he's feeling he's feeling it after you. No, i insist after you oh way too far, oh onto the rocks, i was not expecting to fly that hard dude.

It just wants to launch and go airborne i'm going. Oh, and if you landed it wow, O jee. Oh you busted! It broke like yours. This time is it the eyelet, so that means we just need to get some metal ones eh. That should cause like stop that problem right away and just break the arm. In plaats daarvan, no worries. Goed, did you have fun ever i had a blast. Is the uh creighton worth it it's, pretty awesome it's, vrij ontzagwekkend. I would say it is one of the toughest trucks i've had i mean people, you know i hope they don't gauge, like oh it broke yeah cause. We took it off at 25. We sent it as far and wide as we could on what we have i'm gon na. Send it one more time over the tube heck yeah about the hell of it, because this is rc adventures and we give it all to you right here, that's right here. We go for the crowd. Everybody drop, een licht, click right now it doesn't matter. If i land it falls through full speed, Music uh. It landed right on the back, but i don't think it's a big deal. Yet again. It wouldn't be a bashing fest. If we didn't actually break our truck, no it wouldn't, be. I don't know where mine is there. It is broken broken. Wat is het? Oh yeah same thing popped out, so this is one of the huge issues that we could upgrade now.

We know guys thanks a lot for joining everett nine today's arma bashing adventure. Hopefully you like the exp and the original arma creighton we'll, see the next episode of rc adventures. Bye i'm limping it everett your house is dragging bud. Your front end is looking a little. A little limp, dude look at this. I didn't even realize that was such a hard landing. I bent my shock tower.