I look. It'S melting, springtime, snow and I know back here. Look at this it's, just like a creek flowing through my property. Look at them. Look at the mud yeah. I got away rubber boots out here, or else I'm totally underwater and I've been here for many years, and I know off of this back farming field back here. If I don't get back here and make a trough for all that water to come out, it starts to get up in behind my shop foundation. I don't like that very much so lots of water coming down here, but look at. I got the flow going nice and I think this is a perfect opportunity to take out an old truck that I love so much Music Applause now I normally never do time bound videos, but under the circumstances that are unprecedented in our time. Everyone is stuck at home right now with the current health crisis, and I just want to send out all my you know, love and support to all the viewers that keep tuning in for a little bit of an escape. You know because we're all locked inside I know I've got a little bit of property here and if I can get us all outside for some fun, even for five minutes, Waarom niet? Who remembers the Beast number two? This was my backup beast truck. Another trail truck with the tires way too big for hit, but that's just the method to my madness.

When I'm out going in the mud, you can kind of see there that that's color changing hydro dip on there from pit dog hydro, you can check out pet dog hydro on Facebook. Natuurlijk, shall we get ripping my friends you can tell. I really do love my rock crusher XTS from RC four wheel drive hey, those are 2.2 giant sized tires on there. Let'S get rippin finally able to get outside with some RC and have a good time that was a long winter I'm sure that I'll see even more snow coming up. Look at that those are into GM s are ten shocks on there, you're! Probably thinking right now. You know there's no articulation happening in that front suspension and you would be correct, is right there you can see who's actually under full load. I got a salve ox 1210 SG servo up there. That is a very high priced, waterproof servo they're excellent for for what they are, even though I find them very overpriced, you can get lesser quality or lesser cost servo for close to the same quality. I would say for around. Weet je 60.00, if you look for it, maar over het algemeen. Thus a box 1210 SG has served me well for many years, and it's got plenty of torque plenty of power I'm, just kind of giving you a little show right here. I'M sure I could speed it up, Voor jou, 30 turn brushed motor in there.

Why would I call it the Beast to barely move say? You must be thinking that right now well it's, because it helped me entertain tens of millions of people on YouTube over the years 12 jaar, I've been doing this, my friends I'm still loving it more than the first day. I did it yeah when in doubt the throttle out, Ik was gon na, say power out that's the wrong thing. Look at that and lots of flex in there up and down the river. So we'll go down to the end of the river here. First and we'll crawl, our way back up, no sound kid in this one. Sometimes I just like to hear the sound of the RC. I have a feeling it's about to get very deep, niet al te slecht, not too bad expect with big tires. While you get that on the full size, rigs hey like you, can see the water flowing under the snow here, it's one thing I love when I'm out trailing is finding unique obstacles. To kind of you know basically pretend, and during these times, when we're all stuck inside, I want you all to remember how important it is to play. I know that might sound stupid it's a lot of you guys it may not even it might seem like a foreign idea there's a lot of hobbyists out there. That would agree that play time can help get you through a lot of the hard times right.

Take an hour just to sit back and relax, you know think about family or friends or it doesn't matter. What our see you have, if you have an RC just get outside by the window, als je, Helaas, we all have to keep up her social distancing, though thankfully the online community and tech world has allowed us to actually get out and communicate with each other. This way and I'll talk to in yesterday's video about being a Labrador, Retriever and just wanting to be in every puddle. I could be there's something just universally fun about playing in a mud puddle. I don't think it's age related at all. I think it's just having a good time, stomping and splashing beautiful sunlight today. Rats go around that one bun over get that big tiger move around oh yeah. I remember somebody had commented on one of my videos back in the day saying that RC was a waste of time and a waste of money, and I got ta say that if you're doing something that makes you happy and takes up some of your time and You'Re, you know being productive and creative and exercising your mind or your body, I don't think it's a waste at all to each their own. I say especially when you're able to finally get out with a group of people and trail or something like that you can meet all sorts of amazing folks, Muziek. Oh look at that straight up in the air.

Can we back up with those huge tires, bring her down, indeed drive away, so you can see that suspension now that the warmer air is here definitely is flexing out for you guys man that color on there just pops in the sunlight, it's stunning insane. I love this time of year course it's brutal on my trucks, cuz. I got to clean them all like in detail after this, but you can't have them sitting on the Shelf forever: hey that's! What they're for yeah little chocolate milk bud action? Did I get my way out that well, while you're at home, my friends if you're in the RC Hobby already, you know make sure to do your maintenance try to take your trucks apart? This is an awesome opportunity for you to stop procrastinating and get on your maintenance, because spring is in the air and eventually all this stuff's gon na work itself out we'll all be back outside playing around. But until then you can count on me to do. My very best to keep bringing you guys fun and entertaining RC content. If you haven't already, please leave me a like click on the video and hopefully we'll see you in the next episode of rcadventures. Now you know: do your best, my friends be kind to one another. Bring the community together and we'll.