What might be the best deal out there right now for a GPS? Beginner drone is the Beast: SG, 906, 4k and 1080p versions, but don't get it confused by the 4k option. Is 4k photos not video 2k video and 1080p for the 1080p video option, it records the media down to the phone you're using Android or Apple iOS, and it comes with a pretty nice case that price is really cheap to get into it. 122 non restricted flyzone's, which most people love. It also has a pretty nice case that actually looks on par with some of the mjx RC stuff nice waterproof zipper lining right there, all the way around soft foam padding on the inside, and this is the drone. The controller it's a battery inside 7.4 volt 2800 million I'm. Getting at me about 25 minutes flight time on this quad press, the LED readout right. There shows the battery levels and we can charge it by USB cable, which is really nice charges up in about an hour and a half's time for each battery. Also three different instruction manuals. One is a video tutorial link, also the software instruction with the QR codes inside for iOS and your Android China version and a u.s. mobile version H. Fun plus is the app you're gon na use, go ahead and calibrate the compass for the first time after that you don't have to. If you go to the same spot, connect to the Wi Fi.

Eerste, you don't need a password on this one, dat is leuk. You have modes on there, follow orbit and waypoints in an emergency stop motor button onboard, and this is the user manual which is actually quite involved. It has all the options for your controller and making sure everything is properly calibrated. The remote has a speed button on the side and rth button onoff button right here and your video mode button and lastly, over here we have the 4k photo button right here, and this is your throttle. Stick right here and left and right will give you y'all access and we have our aileron and our elevator access right. There forwards backwards, left and right. These posts lift up to hold your smartphone. They both have rubber grips on, en, if you pull these two out, these are your antennas which actually do have antennas inside on the display screen on the remote. You have your signal, Kracht. How many satellites are connected? You have your height and your distance and the mode you're flying in and the TX and rx battery levels and over here on this side we have camera up and down options on the hand side we have headless mode and a one button take often land button. It also takes for double a batteries in the back to power. The transmitterand it has removal sticks, thank God for that that's really nice for travel, so you don't break these off in transport and the drone itself actually has a nice design aesthetic to it.

It looks a lot like the mjx RC quads. It might even have been produced by mjx RC. It also looks kind of like the DJI air on the bottom. This is the camera antennas that running 5.8 and your sensor on the bottom and what's. Really cool is, if you broke your camera, you can remove this camera and replace it. There are parts available for this camera, so no worries. If you crash and break your camera, I think that's a nice option and I love the way it looks up front. Everything is really flush. Looking the design looks really nice I'm gon na go ahead and fold out the arms. Now the SD 906 front arms now the back arms it has that same original stance like the original DJI Mavic has 1806 brushless motors on this baby are powering it quite a lot quieter than your phantom sized quads and really nice LEDs. They look really nice outside. We did test it in low light levels and you can really see the green and the red in the back. Also in the bag. You get four extra propellers, dat is leuk, a screwdriver and some extra hardware and let's go ahead, guys and let's zero out the scale now and see what we get for a weight, because I know you guys want to see what it weighs it does weigh over 250 gram, it weighs in at 532 grams total takeoff weight. Now let's go ahead and do the flight test first thing: we're gon na do is the hover test, the GPS hover test.

It has to hover in one spot, it looks like it's holding a really good position, so we're good to fly. If you see your start, the toilet, bowl or spin around a little bit, you want to go ahead and land it and recalibrate the compass, because when you use your flight modes, you might have some problems with the positioning. Now let's go ahead and go out and do some forward flight we're just gon na take it up there. It is quite fast if you're looking for a fast drainer drone. This is a pretty fast one. I hit the return to home button. Aan de linkerkant, side of the remote and now we're gon na watch, the drone come down if it lands within a 10 foot radius, that's a pretty good landing for a GPS drone, especially a toy version. A DJ eyes will sometimes land directly right on the landing pad took off from, but this one is only a couple feet off which is acceptable, so let's go ahead and check out the video itself, no electronic stabilized mode. You also have another mode with electronic stability on there and it looks pretty good, and I have to say the first thing that I did notice is: it turns sort of like an RC airplane that's, because it doesn't have a 3 axis stabilized gimbal on board or A motorized gimbal, Eigenlijk, so straight ahead, flying looks pretty good. The sky is pretty blown out up there.

The ground actually looks pretty good and another thing that I did notice about this drone. If I can get really critical, I didn't I don't, really notice any jello in here. I do see some side to side shuttering in moments where I change direction or I change the throttle. It is very sensitive on the throttle and it does really fast movements very similar to a lot of toy drones. That will give you that sort of robotic feeling on the sticks, this one doesn't feel quite as robotic, but at times it did. When I pushed on the stick, a little too fast, like a beginner, would you're gon na get some pretty abrupt and jittery motion in your video. But this doesn't look actually very bad at all. The colors look great and up high a little bit higher. You can see a little more definition in the clouds you're. Looking at this, the electronic stabilized version right now got that down. On the lower left hand, the screen now we're gon na try out gesture mode. I don't even really know if that worked at all kind of awkward and then there's the 4k photo a lot, a handsome guy. That guy is now we're gon na go ahead and try out the orbit mode orbit mode works from the position that the drone started out in when you press the button. So the drone will turn and fly away from its point where you started at and it will look like it's looking the other way like this and then all of a sudden it switches around and turns back around.

Godzijdank. So it looks like orbit mode. Actually does work on the Beast which I'm pretty happy about, and it actually works pretty good too so I'm, zeer, very happy that it does work. The one thing that I would maybe get a little bit critical on would be the speed I'd like to be able to change up the speed. But again I am super happy that orbit mode works hallelujah. The one thing that I couldn't really get to work was the Follow Me mode. That was a little bit of a disappointment, but I think the up close video as well. It has a pretty nice looking camera on there for what it is now let's go ahead and go back up and you can tilt your camera up a little more just like that. If you do change your camera angle, it will be a little bit abrupt and sometimes there is some light shift in the definition of the light that you see in the landscape mode right here now, we're gon na go just do a little bit of flying over The field right here and I'm actually pretty impressed with the video. I think it turned out a little bit better than I was thinking it was going to be. You can see a little side to side jitter at times, but overall for the price. This is actually a pretty cool drone. If this was your first drone to start out with the SD 906 would pretty much do just about everything for you as a beginner that some of the more expensive ones can do organ load.

Volg me. It also has waypoints. You can play around with those my favourite option on this. Drone is the removable camera. Some of the more expensive ones do not have a removable camera. So if you crash there's no way to replace it, if you need to replace this one, you can buy a new one on the website and pop it on there that's really kind of nice, and that connects back to your phone. Your phone must have 5.8 g Wi Fi onboard to be able to run this, but I think my biggest takeaway for the day is the long flight time around 25 minuten. The batteries are around 25. The whole design is super sleek and cool. Looking and most of the modes did work really really well so I'm, pretty happy that it also has GPS and return to home. If you have a failure, it has three modes of GPS, return to home and that's really nice so into your battery. Push button and loss of signal returned at home. It'S got all the bells and whistles for the price, not a bad drone at all I'm liking.