We'Re gon na go outside we're gon na take this axial capra of 1.9 and we're gon na do some digital fpv with it, and I say Digital fpv. If you're new to fpv fpv has two versions currently analogue and now DJI digital digital systems are a little more expensive than your analog versions. So if you watch this, video and you're interested in fpv but you're on a budget I'll put an analogue link down below. For a cost effective analogue fpv set up for your rock crawler. If you want to go full out and spend five hundred dollars plus for the HD system, you can do that also I'll put those links down below for both different types of fpv system, but today it's just it's, gewoon geweldig. I let some of my friends experience this as well, and I spent hours doing this a couple days ago with axial Capra, a very capable rock crawler doing some of the digital HD MPD is just so addicting and it's a different angle and twist on rock crawling. I love line of sight lock rock crawling, but this is just like sitting there in the in the driver's seat and driving it rock crawlers. Camera position is pretty important. You want to have it pretty high above the top of the car, with a downward position so that you can see the front end and the angles of your front tires. The biggest handicap about fpv rock crawling is that you can't see your back tires if you're up against a flat spot on a rock, so it makes it pretty challenging that's one thing that you're going to have to navigate through the rocks, and I think that the Experience of it is just too much fun so I'm gon na let this video play out we're gon na edit some of these clips a little bit shorter, so it doesn't go on forever, but this is gon na, be one of those videos that, if you like Rock crawling you got to share this with your friends, because this is a unique perspective and it is absolutely awesome here we go guys.

Let'S do some crawling in digital HD, FPV, so I'm, just gon na briefly comment on some of this rock crawling that we're gon na do today there's a whole bunch of guys outs, there's over 10 trucks out today, it's sunny and beautiful, and whenever it's nice out, Als dit, that you can always expect a lot of people out on the weekends, especially over at the elk island, place that we do some crawls. There are some competitions out here as well from some of the local hobby shops like RC hobbies and today it's. All about just having some fun and enjoying the experience of rock crawling from an fpv perspective. Voor mij, all the other guys they are doing line sight rock crawling and the nice thing about line of sight, as I mentioned before, is that you can see your front and your back wheels. You can spot your lines more directly from above, but when you're rock crawling FPV it's a little more challenging because, zoals ik al zei., you can't see the back wheels and you can get those flat spots on the back wheel on a rock and it really makes it Difficult so, if you're in a line like this, this is kind of nice, because you can see that one guy in front of you shows a really difficult line. It didn't make it through this, so you can kind of choose another one and just maybe go around pick a different route, but from the FPV perspective, it's it's a lot harder than see the lines because you don't have that that bird's eye view, like the other Guys do, but I also found that it's it's challenging because it's hard to see your your axis and your varying pitch of degrees, that your vehicle might be one way or the other.

If you tilt too far, one way you're gon na flip over or the other. Dus, judging how steep something is can be kind of difficult from from an fpv perspective, but we just go slow and we take it. A few steps at a time here through the different turns and curves and elevation changes in finding those crevasses. With your tires articulating, your tires to to get through certain spots and what's amazing about rock crawlers is that they will go through spots that you, you think they won't and then they they prove you wrong. They actually do get through it. So it's always surprising to me to what they can actually climb over and people that walk by and stop to check it out are also kind of amazed that these little RC cars can do what they can do. They are quite powerful, even at slow speeds. They have a lot of torque and all the trucks and cars made by axial seem to do pretty well, they have a lot of them, have metal gears and transmissions and it's pretty important that you choose a crawler. I think that can handle some rough ultra rough terrain like Oregon rocks. If you come out here with the cheap for all air you're gon na end up, probably not leaving with a crawler that still works, you'll have stripped gears. Sometimes you go in with four wheel drive and you come out with two wheel drive because the gears in a cheaper car just can't handle this type of terrain.

The vertical the amount of pressure put on the gears will just strip out plastic gear. So if you're looking to do some rock crawling like this on this type of level and scale, you definitely want to invest a little more money in what you're buying a lot of guys. If you're not doing super rough terrain, you just kind of you know doing some type of trail 4×4 and you don't really have to worry about it as much as if you're not doing so much vertical stuff. But this axial Capra. One point nine has been serving me well now for over a couple weeks, it's holding up I've, taken it out to various different locations, some harder than this way harder than this and it's always come home still working. So in comparison to some of my friends, axials that are a little bit on the cheaper spectrum side of things, the cheaper cost, they've done replacement parts, they've done upgrades and the cool news about the capper 19 is I'm still running this one completely stock and some Of the other guys out there that have been into rock crawling way longer than I have. They have brass upgrades on the insides of the wheels they have wheel weights. They have all kinds of actually very, zeer, very specific upgrades and if you get into rock crawling trust me gon na start out around the two to three hundred dollar level, maybe four hundred dollar level for a ready to run crawler and then you're gon na start.

Upgrading things and before you know it, you've got a thousand dollar crawler or more. You know some guys that have fifteen hundred into theirs. In the first couple months, they got started which is kind of crazy, but it happens because the first thing people seem to want to do is just upgrade everything but I'm trying my best not to go brass everything right now and just kind of drive this crawler As is from axial and see what it can just get away with, and so far I'm really happy with the purchase. It was around the 450 prijspunt, but one of the more expensive ones, but I feel it's fairly justified because, as I've seen, a lot of people purchasing tons and tons of upgrades they spent 300 Aan 350 to get in. And then you know three hundred dollars later worth of upgrades they've exceeded the cost of a capital, een negen, so the capper one. Nine is not like a truck body style, but it is kind of its its own genre there with the panels, which I kind of like I like the way it looks, but then again like quads and drones, Ik, like them all airplanes, Quads, gliders, crawlers, even bashers. Whatever I'm into it, if it's RC it moves I'd like to be able to control it, but I'll tell you what guys. I think that you're gon na enjoy this footage, because there's not a lot of really super clear footage like this out.

There that's fpv footage. This is recorded from the goggles, and one comment that i got to. Let you guys know if you're going to do digital fpv, you're gon na buy this setup, make sure that you've got your antennas exposed quite well use a TPU bracket on your camera. That completely covers it. Aan de bovenkant, get you know, don't worry about, looks so much, but go for durability use some guerrilla tape over the top of it and it'll be fairly waterproof and extremely durable, because you got ta think your fpv system has to take a rock punch, so that's That'S pretty hardcore and the TV you mount covering the entire camera and having to elevated up there with the gorilla tape on it seems like a crude setup. But it is very, very durable and tough and make sure that your video transmitter is underneath the frame somewhere and away from water, because this transmitter is not waterproof, one tumble into water and that transmitter is gon na, be toast there they're around 100 for this transmitter. So the cameras around that leave around 60 I'll try to put all the links down for for each analog and digital down below. So you guys can do your own setup. The way you want to, if you do a setup, please let me know as well and post it in or the drone camps Facebook group we have drum camps, fpv community forum on Facebook and I think there's about 500 guys in there right now.

So you can share your setup with us and that would be awesome, it's sort of an epic new new era for me and a new interest in the hobby in RC, so I'm happy to be able to make more videos and brought crawling coming up on the Channel different reviews, maybe some build tutorials coming up. We have some new stuff coming from axial, which is really awesome, but this is extremely addicting and challenging and fun and just different than flying, FPV race, Quads, but just as much fun. Voor mij, I love it and it also gets you outdoors and during all this coronavirus stuff too guys. You can find yourself in less populated areas, with less people around and kind of go out and get away from people, but still be outside, dat is leuk. So all you guys be safe out there during this pandemic that we have going on, and I hope to see you out rock crawling somewhere sometime we'll keep our distance, but we'll have some fun. Natuurlijk, I'm gon na go ahead and let you guys just enjoy the rest of this video if you like rock crawling, just sit back and enjoy some different perspective and a really amazing HD perspective just totally awesome. But thanks again for watching my channel guys, I'm Justin Davis enjoy the rest of the video guys.