Moving around here is my cross. Rc 6×6 currently driverless as i'm away from my studio at the moment out on a little excursion, but i wanted to take the 6×6 with me just to make sure i could finish up the modeling and actually get it rolling. This is a fire truck, build that. I want to do. I was incredibly detailed when i was uh putting all of the pieces together. I even painted the axles. Everything is looking quite choice. There are very small pieces on a build like this. The cross rc model itself took me many many hours. This is my first most detailed, build on cross rc and small parts like on the hood like there's, some handles on the hood that there's supposed to be more there. They were so small in transport. They actually ended up being broken off, so i'll have to remodel those and put them on, but not a big deal. This is an insane looking vehicle guys. I am so happy. I have it out with me here. It is two speed, although i plan on keeping this in a low speed crawler for a long time, let's have a look at some of the details on it. Je kunt zien, Natuurlijk, all the uh the tie down hooks there. The hinges everything having to be all uh done very, very carefully. I know just one static shot, you'll be like where's, the rear lights. I haven't put the lights in yet i did notice, like many other people with cross rc, and i was a little disappointed because it's such an expensive model uh that they weren't working properly, so i thought ah i'll just leave them off for now flip up.

These hinges, let me bring it back just a little more, so we can drop down those bench seats for you guys to see like that and, Natuurlijk, ta da, like that pull forward. This way a whole truckload of firefighters or whatever can get back there. Look at this all the way to the back spare tire has been put in this uh box. Right here is for the battery i'm. Storing a 2200 milliamp 3s lipo in there right now could probably store a small 5 000 milliamp in there uh three cell, maar wauw. What an incredible shot of this truck? Hey, jongens, let's, uh, let's wheel a little bit and see what you think just beautiful i'm gon na have to get like a fire engine horn for it. I'Ve already gone to harbor models and uh ordered up some of the water cannons and jet tubing for it. Now i just have to figure out like a turret on the back, possibly a servo, to oh to change the elevation look at this. I just want to see the flex of that back suspension, zo leuk, i also see it's going down in between the spotlight gon na have to get a driver in there such a boss rig. You can see why it was used in the military and by the u.n and by everybody everywhere, because these trucks are huge, heavy and very powerful and scale wise. This is one of the more heavy trucks i've ever built as a kid drop down, so nice triple axel, even with the back axle up off the ground that's.

What makes this so amazing? All those axles have a ton of traction, what a beautiful spot for those that are wondering. I am on vancouver island in canada, Natuurlijk, canada being my home, O ja, and then into the rocks. But these are nice. Sharp rocks too ooh crunchy all six wheels. Trying to give me a little bit of a boost must be hung up on a diff let's back up and try a different route. Yeah that's, the high spot right there. One tire off we're gon na have to go straight, not to get high centered here and then turn all the doors open the driver is bailing. Oh kijk daar eens naar. I had a little bit of a crack in my glue job. Oh that's, gon na cost me. Oh look at the back tire nice. I love seeing it folded over like that great tire flex.