If you're looking for a 5 inch race, Quad, maybe you're. Looking for your first fpv racing drone. This is an awesome. Quad to go for now, I don't recommend this to start out with, you want to start out with something like a micro like a tiny Hawk to start with tiny, hawk s or tiny heart 2 or even the race or the freestyle versions of those I'll put Those beginner links down below, but also when you're ready to move up to the next level. Na die, you want to go three inch and then you typically 5 inch after that, so that's. Usually the beginner progression that I like to tell people to go on that journey into fpv, so today this would be the point where you get ready for your first 5 inch and when you're ready for it. This is a great one because it's around 200, which is kind of the average price for an analogue. So now the mark 4, if you don't, know about it, it's already super super popular with the 4k version that they have. You want to record 4k video. They have that one and you can also get the DJI version, so the digital fpv version is way different. As far as the camera quality versus the analog and the best way, I explain that to people is kind of like analog is like looking at like something like old school TV or VHS tape. Nu, when you move up to digital it's, like looking at a 1080p flat screen TV, so biggest difference there that I can kind of compare to, but this quad is nice because we do have replaceable arms on here: it's, not a unibody.

It has all gold hardware on here which is really nice. This is not recessed hardware, except for the front and the back right here we have a TPU mount in the back for crossfire. You are xm antennas back here and we also have pretty beefy arms on here. We hebben 5 millimeter arms on this quad. We have TPU bumpers. All the way around those are for protecting your motors in a crash, and we have some classic speed X motors on here that are, deze zijn 24 50 kV in their 2306 en 2306 is kind of like the sweet spot for fpv racing quads, with five inch Props along here now we do have some gap bar C stock props. Dit zijn 50 43 s. They have a nice sort of a medium cord in the middle to a nice taper out on the end, and again we have gold hardware on the bottom as well. On the top really nice top mount battery is going to give you a little bit smoother video and a little bit better flying experience for making this sort of cinematic type of videos. This is a quad that if you have a GoPro, seven or eight, you can stick them out on the front of this quad and do some cinema style stuff. Now you can get adjustable mounts as well. This is a fixed mount at about 35 graden, or so maybe in 40 it's pretty high. But when you put this on there, you want to match up your fpv camera with your GoPro tilt so that your video comes out right.

Anders, you might be just staring at the sky the whole time, if you have your camera too horizontal, so something to think about there. An adjustable mount is always good. Yep did not send me the one that comes with this one or comes separate that fits it. So I just grabbed the eye flight nasgo mount and actually just I just stretched it out a little bit in the front in the back and it actually fits on here, dat is een soort van cool, so you can grab. One of these and sort of TPU is bendable, so you can kind of force it to fit, but we also have on the top. We have hardware that's, also recessed, so you're not going to get any battery rub on top, which is really really nice and you can fit something like a 1550 or even an 1800 4s battery on the top of this, because it really is what I call the Truck bed, you have plenty of space here to put a very large battery and you can experiment with batteries. I wouldn't go over honestly over 1500 you're going to get over four minutes flight time, maybe even five minutes flight time. If you do it with a 1500. De 1300 is the classic size for it's good for freestyle, and I usually like to have a lighter battery for freestyle, gives me a little bit less flight time, but it feels better in the also. You can take the GoPro off if you're, hardcore freestyle guy.

That wants to you know, have the best feeling experience, because this GoPro one here will affect the weight and it will affect the high end of the throttle as you're coming back down around for those big new verso and one other thing about this particular quad that You guys have to know about is it's gon na be easy to work on. We have eight bolts on the top plate releases that top plate. It is a five millimeter plate with a 3m backing right here for your battery, so it's not velcro. I usually like to use velcro to keep the batteries from flying off the quad in a really hardcore crash, because this 3m sticky stuff right here will actually let your battery come off quite a bit easier in a hard crash now inside the stack right here. This is a really good stack and I've flown this, for actually, it seems like well over a year notice too big a Parsi, a fork span tower stack all in one with the VTX on there as well. So I have an MMC X connector, coming off the built in BTX out to the back right here and what's really cool. Is they also have a receiver tray in the very back right here? So they have a carbon receiver, tray it's, gon na put your XM, plus or whatever type of receiver. You want on there and bind it up to your radio and I've got my Kemp RC strap right in the middle there, so we're all good to go as far as the quad let's go ahead now outside let's do a little bit freestyle with this quad.

Let me show you some analog video recording in my goggles and some GoPro footage here. We go guys let's rip, Alright, guys let's go ahead and get into the flight test. I always enjoy you guys coming along on my flight with me. It kind of feels like we're together at the field, Altijd, because a lot of you guys watch this channel for my reviews coming out three to four times a week. Sometimes five videos a week, depending on how loaded up I am with flight tests and different products that I'm testing for you guys. But this was again one of those products that I knew that I was gon na pull it out of the box, bind it up to my radio. I had it set up in beta flight in about seven minutes flat, which is usually timed beta flight setup. For all the menus and everything I need to set up in the radio and just have it ready to go it's a really quick experience. If you not first and beta flight, go check out my beta flight for dummies video. It is a great detailed, video and I'll do an updated version of that one coming up soon, but this is the ultimate five inch beginner quad well for quite a few reasons here now, we're gon na we're gon na get into the meat of this review now And you have a lot of precision with the sticks and the power system on here and the tune all together.

All of those things come together. Quite nice right here you can see there's no vibes in the video way up high. If you look at the analog camera down at the bottom right, that's, the CAD expert out that that is where you will see that it has zero vibes and for power loops, Geen probleem. That was a tiny crane generally I've hit other cranes, full size cranes, and with this quad I was able to maintain control and not kind of geek out in that power loop, which was nice now back over to the field. Here I feel like it has a lot of duality with this quad as far as to freestyle and the cinema capability, and it really does make some nice tight, turns and snaps back around here and we're gon na do sort of a knife edge type of spin. Reverse transition back the other way check out these beautiful flowers out on the tree farm on these particular trees. The GoPro Hero 7 has hyper smooth, so it's gon na look a little smoother here, maar eerlijk gezegd, I don't feel any difference. I don't see any difference between what I'm seeing in my analog fpv goggles and the video that you're looking at here. So there's no cheating here with, like only seeing the GoPro hyper smooth footage with this. You can back up and go back and look at the CAD experto video and it is a hundred percent smooth. The stock props are really good and I originally had some gym fans on there and I wasn't gon na run the stock crops, but a lot of times guys.

I like to run everything stock for you, so that you can see how it is out of the box, so I didn't do any special kid tuning on this quad or add any special props, props or everything also on a quad guys. You have a really terrible prop you're gon na have a terrible feeling. You'Re gon na have a bad tune, what it feels like a bad tune, but it's. Eigenlijk, a bad problem. Give you vibes in your video, so great quad, all around fantastic experience. Okรฉ jongens.! Welcome back from that flight test, deze quad, I told somebody at the field. I knew what to expect when I open the box and it's always the same experience with gap RC stuff. I don't in six years of this channel I'm, not sure I've ever opened up a box from gap RC and had something not just work out of the box and fly. I can't even remember a time that I had that experience, no other other companies. I could write down a list of companies that I've opened stuff out of the box and had problems right away and that's pretty much all the companies out there. Besides gap, I have not had something come from their factory that did not work out of the box. So that's the biggest value out of out of gap RC honestly because it just their stuff just works and their flight controllers seem to handle whatever tune that they have on here, extremely well with the airframes that they chose in the power system.

So everything works really good out of the box and again your if you're gon na ask me which one should I get, should I get the 4s version or sure to get the 6s. I think that beginner should start out on 4s and progress up to success. Now I believe this tower a particular tower on the 4s version handles up to 5s, or so you could graduate up to 5s. Uiteindelijk, if you wanted to upgrade these motors and keep the same stack but that's gon na be up to you if you're wanting to get into soldering and building your own quads, this would be an easy one to upgrade to success later. Als u wilt, if you wanted to do some building and get more experienced in building, but I think that the the tune that's good, the quality is good. The weight on it is fairly comparable to most freestyle quads out there it's not super super heavy. It is going to get you over 500 grams with the GoPro on there, but the flight times also, if you're looking for the flight time it's around 4 Aan 5 minuten. If you're ripping really hard for a freestyle session with a GoPro in here, you're going to get around 3 minutes with the 4s 1300 batterij op hier, so that's. What you can expect for the flight time, but I this was hands down a five star quad. So I'm gon na give it definitely you're gon na get two thumbs up for me on the channel and that doesn't happen very often, so the entire Mark four series is just awesome.

I love it especially my DJI version, but for guys that want an analog version. You ask for it and get barsy listen. So here it is guys you can check it out down the link below. It is the ultimate beginner. 5 inch, freestyle or racing quad, put some crossfire on this and send it up. The mountain guys do some medium range flying with this quad. It would be an epic beast. Dus, thanks again for watching my channel guys, I'm Justin Davis take care.