BEGINNER FPV QUAD RACER (DEEL 4) – Crash, Crash, Crash! – Eachine Falcon 250

This video follows my journey in studying fly FPV Racer Quads. On this video I present flights 6 Aan 13. I crash into just about something that does not transfer. Echter… my flying is enhancing! If you happen to missed flights 1 to five, you may catch them right here: https://youtu.be/Qcs2HgRn_UI

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  1. 5:11 Stop spinning aroundyou're going to make me puke..

  2. Hehe, thanks for sharing this, had a big smile on my face during the entire clip, love those written commentaries inside the video 🙂

  3. Loving this man, i am a begginer FPV so got all this to come, using Freerider at the moment, as i only got one racer so don't want to kill first time out but crashes are inevitable. You seemed more competant with the 4S, probably as you had gotten enough practice by the time you switched to them. However there is a good possibility that that increase in power helped as when you need that extra power to help you out its instant? Keep em comming bud good stuff. 🙂

  4. 😄👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  5. Ik vind het heerlijk, another great video, you are now ready for the world drone racing finials

  6. Houd omhoog het goede werk………………………i have a big smile when iwTCH YOURE CLIP thnx for sharing….Greetings from Amsterdam.

  7. Did you ever figure out what made you lose video reception? 8:40
    Also if the blue LED's start to flicker and go out after a few chrashes, do you know what that could be because of? Is there some internal component that's damaged or do I just need to resolder them?
    Merci vervroegd!

  8. Me like most watching your videos is a noob. Your progress is unreal, great to see you flying again. I have a big phantom too, and come back to home and the floating is a life saver.

  9. Thanks for the videos mate. I've just got a x220 wizard and have done 2 vluchten, first one I ended up cutting my leg lol. Was great to see another beginner starting off. Keep up the good work mate

  10. You are my hero for post all of this video. I still feel my flying is a danger to public safety. But I keep trying any way!

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