We are at my shop right here in langford on vancouver vancouver island island british columbia bc. My name is afro afro. I see crazy play. Don'T pause press play, don't pull press play, don't frc don't pause dude. My head, Dank u, Oke, jullie. This is too cool. I have been drifting and it is so much fun, especially when you all get in the train. It is absolutely mint. You can bring me oh wow, so so uh. Dank u. O ja, all right afro! It has been an amazing journey, would you say i really think so. Yeah i thoroughly enjoyed uh building my pro drift car with you. Dank u. So much appreciate you. Uiteraard, it was amazing meeting you having the chance to hang out with you building something personally from me, giving it to you, seeing you drive and learning it's freaking, Amazing, it's, so much fun. If you guys, haven't had a chance to go drifting, if you're in the area in langford in british columbia on vancouver island come on down, see afro at after rc yeah yeah, please everybody all means come hang out with me. Yeah see you guys, thanks for hanging out peace bye here. Is my car been going non? Stop the motor, not even hot this. This fan just is unbelievable.