I haven't run the power wagon in about a year close to a year, i'll, throw all that stuff together and see how it goes now for all the people that wanted to see the the bug steve is now pulling up to the gate got a sound card On the inside sound kit, whoa nice decide just to get out of there. Good recovery. Nice well done goldbug with some speed brother trying to get that wheel over first yeah, Ja, Music made short work of the seesaw approaches, the beetle all over your property. I know man it's partly my fault, Ja, Muziek, that's, a powerful beast Music bye here is the gold bug. Oh popping, his way up on the other side say hi that sound card roaring nicely empty tires. Coming up to wesley pipes, lining up properly it's, niet gemakkelijk. He'S staying on the far side guessing where his front is well done, just idling his way down. Like a champion nice job it's been sitting here for a while beautiful, Geen probleem. There sluice, oh that's, a nice competition rake. I love the paint changes from gold to green yeah brother rip. It up right up the rocks yeah. Oh there's, the bug that's the bonus of having a round roof like that. Getting back on your wheels. Oh, he fell right into the open pit over. He goes around oh down, he goes again. You can get out. You can get out. Oh he's stuck choosing a rollover.

Oh look at this. Oh nice job can't see out the driver's side window, but who cares Music dude oh took it aggressively was able to recover back on his wheels up and over no problem at all. Eerste, you got ta start with all four tires on it: Muziek. There you go there, you go there, you go there, you go there, Jij gaat. Oh nice job, yes and it's got a scallop part dude. You did it throttle down. Buddy yeah nice job. Well done it was doable. Music sluice was just mentioned, and since this is a traxxas, trx4 he's got it in cruise control mode, where you're not even giving it any throttle or very little. Oh, niets, it's just crawling by itself, that's the beauty of it. You can set it to a nice pace that you want, misschien, when you're out on a walk set it to your walking speed, just have a crawl and you steer. Oh leuk, see you later dude awesome that's.