I think it's always been this weird hasn't it hello. Ah, for a canadian boy, it is absolutely scorching outside today at least 30 degrees right now so it's beautiful to be out going down to the water and putting around three of my streamline rc thrasher jet boat modded changes for my inner tube […]

IT WORKS!! Modified TOW RIGTUBE PULLED behind THRASHER Jet boat (Second Attempt) | RC ADVENTURES

So any kind of tow ropeI don'thave to worry about it. Getting you know kind of spun up in the prop, but I can say that I was up all night. Like a mad scientist, I was reading your comments. I was looking at the pictures. People sent them to me […]

IS er meer macht?! Thrasher V3 PAKT de DAM – Jet boot Bashing! | RC ADVENTURES

Streamline RC has been constructing and designing their "Works First Basher Boat" voor 3+ jaar.. en hun nieuwste 2019 model (de v3) niets willen spectaculaire. MAAR – hun declare van 20% extra stuwkracht.. heeft intrigeerde me. Jaarlijks (elk model) Ik heb gegaan naar het kanaal en geprobeerd om mijn methode om de huidige strijd. Als […]

Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 gets MUDDY in CHOCOLATE MiLK! Boom Racing BRX01 | RC ADVENTURES

Spring is within the air, and which means the Run Off is SEVERE! Zeker, I must be pumping out my store.. however screw it, Im going out to play within the water! There may be Mud Mud MUD In every single place I look.. and I need to christen this truck the right method! Dat […]