Navatics MITO Solar 500m Wireless Underwater ROV Review – Deel 1 – [Unboxing, Inspectie, Setup]

This company is a sister company of B propulsion. If you remember my propulsion motor on my little mini boat, it's kind of the same company and manufacturers as that go ahead and check that out, I'll have it pop up here and it's, pretty cool video on my mini boat. I also have the […]


This is an underwater camera. Well ROV, I would say a remote operated vehicle. It does have a tether on the back. That goes to a radio that establishes a Wi Fi connection that talks to my phone it's very complicated, but it still lets me get some great photos from the camera up front. […]

Navatics MITO Solar Underwater ROV Submarine DroneMaiden Ocean Dive Review with Pros & Cons

Tot slot, our ocean test, we're gon na see how it does in the ocean. I mean I'm just on the shoreline, but this is where I test a lot of my drones underwater subs. I should say for our Ovie's and this one did super awesome in the pool just the most precision one I've […]

BESTE FISHING DRONE voor 2020 – Zout waterbestendig!!! ??

It is one of the world's premier speaking destinations for Marlin offshore fishing swimming beaches in thousands, zo niet miljoenen mensen gaan er om te zien in grote pogingen om thuis te brengen, maar vandaag, if you're looking for a clickable zone that is usable, water of zoet water installeren, This is probably the drill engineer […]

Chasing DoryAn Underwater Marvel for Under $500

Now I've been using this product for the last couple of weeks I'm having so much fun with it, Omdat, essentially, what you get is this beautiful miniature submarine that you can throw into a lake or a bay or maybe the ocean near you swim it down to A depth of up to 15 […]

GLADIUS Onderwater ROV – Het verkennen van Hawaiian Reef 's nachts!

I do all my videos in the daytime for in the water I'm at the beach here and I got the Gladius and I thought it would be pretty cool to take it out at nighttime and see what's in the reef over here in the shoreline. Dus, as you can see I'm just kind […]

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