Sneltoets Ep 11 – Natuurlijke vliegen ?

I think i finally got this new format figured out with the uh with the two people on the screen at once. I had kind of some trouble. Last week i went back and rewatched that show, and i have to say thank you to everyone who stuck with, because that was kind of a […]

My New Favorite DJI Drone Is Not A DJI Drone

This has really changed my fpv life okay, so it is my third day in a row to come out and fly pretty early in the morning before it gets too hot still got a little bit of shade here, so let's get set up and do it do My so i've flown all of […]

Mavic Air 2 – Watch This Before You Buy!

I'Ve been flying a lot recently: the Mavic air 2 so stay tuned. So the Mavic air 2 has been out for a little while now and I've had a chance to fly it quite a bit over the last few weeks and months, en ik moet zeggen, it's, really a different experience flying […]

SpinUp 2020 – Event for the Online Drone Community

It is spin up 2020, so stay tuned. Goed, first follow me. Dank u, everybody for coming out here, it's. So great to see all of my digital friends spin up this year because of the pandemic and everything is going to be virtual. I see this as an opportunity for us to grow this […]

Sneltoets Ep 8 – 51 Drones

This is episode 8. I actually believe can't believe it's already been eight weeks that we've been doing this, but I am super excited. I know it's a little different for anyone. Who'S new to this live stream. Het wordt, it is definitely a different format: it's, a it's, a kind of cross between a […]

NewBeeDrone AcroBee BeeBrain Pro – Nieuwe Tiny Whoop!

Acro be pro and we're gon na take a look at this little thing and see how it does so stay tuned. So the acro be pro from newbie. Drones has been out for a bit. There are different versions of this. I have the binding fly, brushed version right here and it's, a pretty […]

Unboxing Abonnee van de Maand Video van Jenna C – Mei 2020 SOTM (SOTM)

Sometimes you see me as Jenna see in the chats and I'm gon na do an unboxing video for you. Kelly Shores made me subscriber of the month and yeah, so I thought I would thank him doing. Thank him. Do a little unboxing, video and yeah let's go from there aren't you supposed to […]

Selling or Buying a Used Drone? Bekijk dit eerst!

I'Ve got some tips that will help out in both cases, so stay tuned. Alright so it's time for me to sell the old Mavic air here, she's been a very good drone for me for the last couple years, but I've got no more room on the shelf, and so this one's got to […]

Sneltoets Ep 5 – Live Listener Call In?

I am a little bit late, getting this thing up on to YouTube, so I think I might have to wait a little bit to see if a few people hop in, but I wanted to just spend a bit of time with you guys and do a call In show today and see, Als […]

Mavic Air 2 vs Skydio 2 – Return To Home Autonomous Landing Accuracy

Dus blijf op de hoogte. Oke. Dus, if you're not familiar with the sky, do it's had a lot of buzz. This drone has a lot of cameras built onto it and has the ability to do some really amazing, tracking and following and avoiding obstacles. The Mavic air also has the ability to do some tracking, […]

EMAX Tinyhawk II Freestyle – Snel, Leuk, FPV

So before we get started. If you haven't already hit the subscribe button, please do if you like all types of drones, camera drones, Racing drones, FPV, Drones, enz. I'Ve had the good fortune this year to get to know a company called Blue Max and try out a lot of their time. Hawk products, […]

Mavic Air 2 Return To Home Test

Zoveel als het kan krijgen, dus, it's updated the home point, that's a good sign 17 satellieten die tussen 16 en 17, so that's, a pretty good number let's go ahead and take it off, fly at 500 feet away and 200 feet in the air and then We'Ll hit return to home and […]