SpinUp – YouTube-tips – Win een Mavic Air 2 – RSD-kanaalupdates

Allereerst, Ik wil mijn evenement aansluiten, die spin-up wordt genoemd. It is happening september 12th and it's coming up very, very soon, it's going to be online because of covid and such this year we wanted to make sure everyone could attend, and people who couldn't travel would be able to […]

FPV Madness bij Mindfield – Ken Heron's “Wat de FPV!?!?” Meetup

Dit is vrij verbazingwekkend. Veel dingen te zien daar neem je een stap voorwaarts. How was it drunk dude it's awesome, there's a lot of wires if you're flying analog you're going to lose some stuff. Vandaag, Muziek, what's up roosevelt good, to see you buddy all right, yeah i'm. Doing great i'm […]

Sneltoets Ep 14 – Kai F?

FPV In Verlaten Putt Putt Golfbaan (Griezelig)

Het gaat over naar Canada, a replica of that uh tower it's a tower that's actually over. In Canada, it's replica of that and a freighter, so i'm gon na do a little fpv flying through this abandoned putt putt golf course and i'm gon na take you with me so stay tuned. Dus als […]

Speelgoed RC Speedboat door Syma – Volledige Review

Nu, als jullie weten of kijken naar mijn kanaal veel, je weet dat ik hou van sema quadcopters. They make some of the best toy grade quadcopters out there they're definitely toys they're not built for fpv or really for serious photography, but they are tons of fun to fly. So i figured a boat might […]

Win Insta360 GO & Newbeedrone Beebrain Brushless FPV Drone!

Als je naar mijn eerste vrijdag kijkt., je weet dat ik sprak over deze kleine camera. This is the insta360 go and how much i've been using it this Music summer it's a great little camera for that kind of thing, voor het fotograferen van cool, kleine b, roll shots and it's. So light and easy to mount […]

GEPRC Rocket Lite – FPV Park Explorer

Zeer opgewonden om uit te proberen de gep rc raket licht vandaag, i've been flying the rocket quite a bit the rocket plus. I think the rocket light is going to be an interesting difference, because it's lighter weight it's not carrying as much so. I think this is going to feel really light by comparison, […]

Eerste vrijdag – Augustus 7, 2020

Kun je geloven, it's already august 7th um already august, Ik bedoel het lijkt erop dat deze. Eerste, fridays have been uh flying by even though they're just once a month for everyone who doesn't know two. I am doing a regular thing on fridays. Nu, next friday, i'll be doing the uh fly in with […]

FPV-beeldvergelijking – Insta360 GO vs DJI FPV Camera

Now these are both uh digital 1080 camera 's, so we'll be shooting at the same resolution and we're gon na see what the difference looks like so stay tuned: Muziek Applaus, Oke. So ever since i got the gep rc i've been loving, this little guy, it's really fun to fly it's very uh, uh […]

TinyHawk 2 Freestyle RTF (klaar om te vliegen) KitEverything you need to start flying FPV!

I have a package here that is still shrink wrapped. It is a brand new ready to fly kit from emacs and we're going to check it out. So stay tuned Applause all right. So if you watch this channel much, you know i'm. A big fan of emacs and the tiny hawk series, en […]

Autel Evo 2 – My Impressions Of This Drone

. I have very little experience with the autel evo but i'm going to uh. Try it out and see how it goes. Dus blijf op de hoogte, Muziek Applaus. Dus, allereerst, thank you for tuning in to ready set drone. If you aren't already a subscriber and you like drones, i would strongly encourage […]

Tips om te schieten & Drone Stock Footage verkopen

You learn how to make money selling stock video from your drone, so stay tuned. Music know, Muziek. OK! Everybody thanks for tuning in today, i've got vinnie falco with me. Vinnie is a friend of mine. He is a contractor who works with us as a video producer and shooter and editor and […]