IK HEB GELUK GEHAD! Heb je deze 8 gezien?×8 MAN Truck Voor? | RC ADVENTURES

I get to say that one of my buddies gives me an rc. It does happen. Uh and i got ta say that when it does happen, it is so heartwarming. I love sharing the hobby as much as anybody else on this planet and i'll. Tell you what, when i get a heartfelt gift […]

Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 gets MUDDY in CHOCOLATE MiLK! Boom Racing BRX01 | RC ADVENTURES

Spring is within the air, and which means the Run Off is SEVERE! Zeker, I must be pumping out my store.. however screw it, Im going out to play within the water! There may be Mud Mud MUD In every single place I look.. and I need to christen this truck the right method! Dat […]