All right guys welcome back to the channel another cool five inch on the channel for review today. This is the hdrc sector 5v3, with gps on the back and it's running an 800 milliwatt vtx on here. So if you really want to get out there for a few miles on analog video, U […]

KILLED THEM ALL $145! – Reptile Cloud149 HD V2 Cinewhoop – VOLLEDIGE REVIEW & VLUCHTEN

The great price flies great lightweight long flight times. My old freestyle seems like you had it all, and now here you are back again for version 2. Super excited to see you back better than ever let's check out the features do a little flying you guys. Here we go reptile v2. Alright, welcome […]

Cinewhoop Barato¡y sirve para freestyle! y graba 4K reales|HGLRC Sector 132 DRONEPEDIA

Se merece que haga algunas tomas interesantes as que vamos a revisar cmo viene vamos, a medio probarlo en el jardn y les cuento que es lo que entra as que vamos a ver Msica en esta caja llega, a nuestro drone de la marca, h, gl rc tenemos. Ah, a un dinosaurio y de […]


It is a Bugatti actually named after Bugatti, dat is een soort van cool. Het heeft een 4 in success and DJI options, dat is leuk. This is the lightest of the 3 inch cinemas that I have and I pretty much have them all at this point. This is a hundred and thirty six millimeter […]


Vandaag, we're gon na review, the flywheel X, bot 3 HD just runcam Nano 3 Versie, I'm gon na suggest a 3 s 450 Aan 550 batterij, and it has a wheelbase of 116 millimeter with little tiny. Three inch props, which are super fast, 2.5 millimeter bottom plate and super ultra shiny with that […]

200mw Brushless Micro VtxFULL SPEED FSD-TX200 Review

Your host, as always today, is Monday October 2nd, and we woke up again this morning to another tragedy of Vegas. There was an out Jason Aldean concert and there was a shooter up in the window of the 32nd floor across the street from the concert, and there are more than 50 deaths and […]

HGLRC XJB 145 Micro FPV Race Drone Review – Unboxing, Vlucht / CRASH Test!, Profs & Cons

HGLRC HORNET 120 – OFFICIËLE RELEASE, Beoordeling, Vluchten, Profs & Cons

NO SOFT MOUNT F4! – Kakute F4 AIO, Osd, with Floating IMU

4S Freestyle HD Ripper – BetaFpv HX 115 HD – Beoordeling, Vluchten, & Rating

NEW HX115 HD version from Betafpv is comingTry the total assessment of this 4S micro brushless freestyle ripper. Vluchten, assessment and rating. Purchase a BetaFpv HX-115 HD Quad Betafpv website hyperlink : Coming on the finish of Sept. 2019 Advisable 3S Battery : Advisable 4S Battery : Mijn andere Prime 5 Toothpick Fashion Quads […]

DIATONE GTB 329 Kabab tandenstoker prototype – EERSTE BLIK & VLUCHTEN ???

First look and flights of the Diatone GTB 329 Kabab Toothpick. Production version will come with a new Runcam Nano and re-designed canopy. See an early preview of this awesome quad! Buy a Diatone GTB 329 Kabab 3" 2S Toothpick here Diatone Website : Banggood : Couponcode : toyho Battery of Choice here : […]

HGLRC DE SNELSTE QUAD OOIT? – WIND 5 6S FPV Race Quad – Volledige Review

HGLRC snelste Quad ooit? 6S WIND 5 Assessment VS 6S F16 Jet van Horizon tijdverdrijf. Daarnaast een volledige evaluatie van de professionals en nadelen van deze Quad. Koop de HGLRC wind 5 6S-model op de HGLRC-website : 4S-model op de HGLRC-website : 6S-model bij Banggood : 4S-model bij Banggood […]