$175 goedkope 4K Drone – MJX Bugs 12 EIS is niet slecht voor je eerste drone! ?

Na die, hier gaan we moet een van de beste waarden zijn die er op dit moment zijn. In 175, je krijgt 4k 3840 electronic stabilized video 50x digital zoom, ground, Sensoren, gps maps, all kinds of modes 5g, wi fi video in here, making it a lot more reliable. We have folding props on here […]


You can't tell from the field out here, but you can tell by the clouds that are up there. We have some serious clouds up there right now. This is like the only spot on the radar that had an opening for me to fly today. Everything portland vancouver everywhere, is just covered in rain […]

4K Drone voor $167! – MJX Bugs20 4K GPS Drone – Geen slechte drone voor het geld ??

This is the b20 i'm going to take this out of the box. Let you see what's in the box included for the money under 200.. 4K is it's kind of crazy. So you get a pretty good flight time on this battery we're going to talk about the flight time, the characteristics, the different […]

Eachine E130 Beginners Altitude Hold Helicopter Flight Test Review

Michael was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's the ones this shot at. Dus gefeliciteerd goedemorgen, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new eachine e130 helicopter. Nu, what is the e130 helicopter? Well um? Those of you who've, been uh, seen my reviews recently i've been […]

Eachine E160 RTF Flybarless Brushless 6G 3D RC Helicopter Flight Test Review

Nu, wat is de e 160? Goed, e 160 is actually i what i would consider at least i'm sure others might consider the same that this is an entry level hobby grade helicopter. Oke. Dit is niet bedoeld voor beginners mensen um, in my opinion at least it's not intended for beginners as […]

Drone de carreras Eachine LAL 5 Style 4S WOWaunque tuve un accidente :( | DRONEPEDIA

Ah, lo estn viendo vuelan muy bien la cosa es que tuvo un pequeo detalle y vamos, a hablar sobre l y naturalmente tambin vamos, a sacarlo de la caja vamos, a ver cmo viene las especificaciones y lo vamos, a ir a probar porque tuvo un pequeito problema Pero ya, lo estaremos solucionando en […]

Eachine E129 Long Flying Altitude Hold Flybarless Stabilised Helicopter Flight Test Review

Buenafloor joey was de eerste om te zeggen eerste in een van mijn recente video's en dus wint deze shout out. Dus gefeliciteerd goedemorgen, quadcopter 101, hier met een herziening van de nieuwe eachine e een negen helikopter. Nu is de e129 helikopter is een verbeterde versie van de eachine e119 helikopter, which looks uh just about […]

Eachine US65 Pro 2S Micro Racer Drone Outdoor Flight Test Review

That i promised for the um us65 pro now. I have two batteries attached in there. Let me center them here first folks, but this will give us the 2s power i already got one of them plugged in, but i need to plug the other into the bridle and that'll power it up and […]

Eachine EX5 229 grams Brushless GPS 4K Camera Drone Flight Test Review

Martin timon was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's when's, the shout out. Dus gefeliciteerd goedemorgen, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new eachine ex5. What is the ex5 look at this little thing? Goed, looking at this little thing, you can see right away what […]


That is a ripper what's up guys happy friday, and it is labor day weekend this weekend, but we have a pretty fun review here for you today. This is the heiress hobby chameleon. This is around a 220 millimeter frame and what's cool about this frame. Right away is that it has really really […]


Hier is het jongens de emacs klein, Hawk 2 freestyle klaar om kit te vliegen alles wat je hier nodig hebt in deze doos om te beginnen. If you are the ultimate beginner to someone advanced. This is a great kit and everybody was asking for it, something that they could just bind up and have a transmitter […]


This is the eachine law, 5 stijl, and you might be wondering why they call it the style. I have an idea that they call me of the style, because it is what does it say with me: jongens: freestyle it's, the freestyle version of the original law 5 met. I believe it was a […]