OFFICIËLE RELEASE – Emax Nanohawk Indoor Racing Drone – Beoordeling, Upgrades, & Vluchten ⚡️

The new emacs nanohawk in the house and let's get this one started and let's dive into this review. Goed, we're gon na do a bunch of things in this review because you know me and emacs i've got to uh have some fun with whatever they come out with and today i'm going to […]

HET LEUKSTE MET EEN WHOOP IN 2020! – Eachine DE65 PRO 2S Whoop met Crossfire – BEOORDELING & VLUCHTEN! ?

Waarom zou iemand kruisvuur op iets dat alleen een 25 milliwatt vtx on there well you're about to find out Music? Hey all right, jongens! Welcome back from that, quick little break a little flying sort of preview of what we're going to show you the full flight review coming up for the […]