Mavic mini – 10 Awesome Accessories Youll Want In Your Kit

The new drone like this is released. The third party accessory companies kick into overdrive and start flooding. The market with accessories that they think you need, and in some cases those accessories are good. They actually will work with your quad pretty well and you use them an awful lot, but more often than […]


What might be the best deal out there right now for a GPS? Beginner drone is the Beast: SG, 906, 4k and 1080p versions, but don't get it confused by the 4k option. Is 4k photos not video 2k video and 1080p for the 1080p video option, it records the media down to the phone […]

LEER FPV IN 5 Minuten – Emax EZ Pilot Drone

Dit is mijn woonkamer hier en wat een betere dag om binnen te vliegen, because I have the new easy pilot from Emacs it's been out for a little bit. Maar nu is dit mijn beoordeling op het en perfecte timing, because the holidays are coming up and most of us are flying indoors […]

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