DJI Mavic AIR 2 Flight Test Review IN-DEPTHHow good is it…ECHT!? (BONUS CRASH TEST!)

Finally got my hands on it. If you missed the unboxing and full on set up really getting in depth and looking at it close up with all the parts and how it connects and updating go ahead and check, the video in the series I'll have that pop up here, you might want to […]

Mavic Air 2 Unboxing and Overview

Lately we have thunderstorms in New Jersey, so I can't go outside and fly and there's nothing more frustrating than having a brand new toy that you can't play with. But I promise you if I get a break in the weather today, and it stops raining even for 30 seconds I'm gon na have […]

MAVIC AIR 2 Beoordeling – Deel 1 In DepthFLY MORE COMBO Unboxing, Setup, Bijwerken! Profs & Cons

This is the fly more combo. As you may know, DJI does not send me demo units, yet I should probably contact them again to see if I can get some, but maybe it's, because my reviews are brutally honest. I'M, not sure I do show the pros and the cons as they are. Dit […]


It is guys welcome back to the channel. Please do subscribe, because we do everything on this channel, not just race drones, but we also do fixed wing, FTB planes, wings and even the occasional toy drone. We just like to have fun on this channel, but today it's all about the xl5. Dit is […]

DJI MAVIC MINI op vakantie – De beste filmische shots die ik kon bereiken

Een DJI Drone kopen in 2020? Bekijk deze eerste!

This video is designed to give you an overview of the different consumer drones that DJI makes and help you pick the one that is right for you now to be clear. I know that these are not the only drones available on the market. Today there are hundreds of companies making thousands of different […]

Ontspannende video – 4K Drone Footage uit Europa + Muziek + Apple TV-stijl + Trage tv

Mavic mini – 5 Important Settings For Safer Flights and Better Video

Drone fans Rick here again from drone Valley in today's, clip I'll, be reviewing five important settings for the Mavic mini that every pilot should know about the Mavic mini was built to be an incredibly easy quad to fly. You can pretty much buy this quad pop it out of the box charge up […]


But today, we're gon na check out the DJI version. Specifiek, the wheelbase is a hundred and thirty eight millimeters. Het wordt 3 K, carbon fiber top and bottom plate. It has the DJI air module with DVR in the back with the accessible SD card, and the two antennas are flush mounted, ook […]

Happymodel Mobula6 X2 GIVEAWAY!!! – ENTER TO WIN A FREE DRONE ?

Welcome back to my channel today, I'm excited because we're going to give away to mobile. Oh six is here from happy model. These were super popular on my channel's little 1s brushless woop that really rip. So if you want a chance to win either one of these, you have twice the chance coming […]

BESTE DJI MICRO CINEWHOOP? – BetaFpv 95X, Transtec Kever, VS Geprc Rocket Lite

You decide which micro you buy this year with DJI digital in there we're gon na review sort of do a mash up. Vandaag, we're gon na put in some footage of the rocket from gap RC. This is the rocket light with the cat X on board and I'm also going to show you […]


Ik heb mijn eigen vrijheid gemaakt., Ik deed het in de kelder van mijn huis.. Ik nam deze delen, ik stelde ze samen en liet hem over het verleden vliegen. 10 jaar. I'Ve worked with companies around the world to create to research, naar veldtest, om te vliegen, to have failure to motivate to help […]