DJI FPV DRONE (Leaked photos, specificaties, price and release date)

Hi i'm paul from and in this video we're, taking a look at all the rumored specs photos and so on. Regarding the new dji fpv drone everything in great detail, the leak happened on twitter by osita lv, which is someone who has leaked a lot of dj drones in the past. His […]

3 Big Reasons We Haven’t Seen a Mavic 3……Nog

Why haven't we seen a brand new mavic 3 from dji. Yet now i did a clip about a week ago and in that clip i tried to make the case for not waiting for the mavic 3, because i feel like the joy of flight is something you should experience today. Dus als je. […]

Don’t Wait For The DJI Mavic 3 – I’ll Explain Why

Drone fans rick here again from drone valley in today's, clip i'd like to explain why. Geloof ik, if you're waiting for the mavic 3 to be released before you buy your first drone you're, making a huge mistakeand i know i'mgoing to get grief for saying that, but i've thought […]