But today, we're gon na check out the DJI version. Specifiek, the wheelbase is a hundred and thirty eight millimeters. Het wordt 3 K, carbon fiber top and bottom plate. It has the DJI air module with DVR in the back with the accessible SD card, and the two antennas are flush mounted, ook […]

Runcam 5 Oranje – Is het zo goed als de GoPro Sessie 5?

Beoordeling: Runcam 5 “orange” FPV / Action Camera with extra features!

These are two runcam 5s. This is the original run came 5. This is the run. Came 5 orange. I wonder why they called it that I don't know anyway. So we've got run. Camp 5 it's a new one, we're still gon na black button. How about there they couldn't actually get around to […]

L109S EASOUL Matavish 3 Brushless GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

He was first to say first of one of my recent videos and this one's this shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter water, een hier met een herziening van een nette nieuwe drone, de MacTavish 3 ook bekend als de el 109 s. Dus wat is de el 109? Ja? Goed, het is een […]

KAI DENG K60 HD Mini QuadCopter – [Remote Camera Tilt Function]

Eigenlijk, in my first review, I kind of missed the camera function that has a actually the camera has a tilt function. So I wanted to show you guys that really quick I'm going to go ahead and record some video of it tilting as well, so you can um. You can also see that […]

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