GET WETTwo Guys Play with Muddy RC 4×4 Vrachtwagens – AXIAL SCX10 RELIC & POWER WAGON | RC ADVENTURES

What kind of truck is relic an scx 10 what's that what's that ladder chassis uh trail truck? Yes from a company called axial, de originele? Sorry i'm suffering from uh old carburetor issues. Here no worries: this is my dodge power wagon. I just unboxed the body. It is a hydro dipped from […]

AXIAL CAPRA 1.9 Rock Crawler RTR – UNBOXING, Upgrades, & Complete Overview ?

This is a few of my friends, Diego Robert and Shawn, all with their axial crawlers out in the mountains of Oregon. Some of the most punishing legit rock crawling is happening right here in this state, zeer, very punishing for these trucks and cars. So we're gon na check out the axial capra 1.9 […]

WAT NU?! 49cc w/ 1200cc gastank! TMR-prestaties – OERRAMINATOR MONSTER TRUCK | RC ADVENTURES

Mijn vrienden en kijkers van de show kunnen herkennen deze vrachtwagen. Het is een 110 schaal, axial scx10 original that's, hydro dipped with mystique paint. Eigenlijk, you can see it changes color there from purple to brown, to green and also a beautifully painted flame job and hydro dip on the front that was done […]


This years CONTAINER TRAP was BRUTAL! What an epic effort by a lot of motorists. therefore lots of trucks did not make it!! I drove my Chevy K5 Blazer (orange and also white) and did the absolute best I can.! I was adhered to by so many wonderful vehicle drivers that rolled their rigs with […]