This is my copy from axial, so let's say thanks to axial for sending me this for review. I will have a full review on this truck coming up in some high rock crawling of Oregon we're gon na put it through a pretty strenuous test, but in the meantime I wanted to bring you […]

NET ALS AXIAL SCX10 III – HOBBYWING & ALLE METALEN! – Maar is het een goed??? ?

3 61 are on this new Freeman 110 schaal, sort of a scx10 2 type of clone per se, it's, not exactly like it but I'm, hoping that some of the parts will transfer over. If I need to get new parts, echter, they do have a full listing of the parts inside the manual […]

DJI DIGITAL FPV ROCK CRAWLING! – Epische 2020 way to CRAWL!!! ?

We'Re gon na go outside we're gon na take this axial capra of 1.9 and we're gon na do some digital fpv with it, and I say Digital fpv. If you're new to fpv fpv has two versions currently analogue and now DJI digital digital systems are a little more expensive than your analog versions. […]

AXIAL CAPRA 1.9 Rock Crawler RTR – UNBOXING, Upgrades, & Complete Overview ?

This is a few of my friends, Diego Robert and Shawn, all with their axial crawlers out in the mountains of Oregon. Some of the most punishing legit rock crawling is happening right here in this state, zeer, very punishing for these trucks and cars. So we're gon na check out the axial capra 1.9 […]