Boven 10 Tips voor duurzame FPV Drones!

The wires fix that up with some solder and some electrical tape twisted it back together. Now a permanent fix, but it'll get us going for the day, take off flying grass and tennis gone and ten is gone and the cameras cracked for that matter and oh yeah broke another arm. Quads used to […]

Drone STUCK on a Billboard?!

It has a little bit of everything for everybody way up there there's a little crevasse a Death Star trench run. I want to go through it upside down. I'Ve always wanted to stick myself to that sign up there. I love getting fly these high elevation places where you got that big. Like point […]

5 Mistakes EVERY FPV Pilot Makes!

There are certain things: certain mistakes that if you fly fpv drones, you're you're gon na. Do it doesn't matter whether you just started flying or you've been flying for a while. There are just certain little things that just you're gon na mess up don't be ashamed. We'Ve all done it. Hi I'm drib […]


I'Ll see if I can rescue you is with overkill I'll give you push them back push forward. Oh I'm, glad you can't move right now, cuz! I might be getting tipped over if you did go forward. Nothing there. You go a push, start, look how soupy it is sound, so squishy, Weet ik. […]

Phantom Bit My Finger

Phantom 4 Prop Fail

Drone Crash Slow Motion

HUAJUN UFLY W606-3 5,8 G FPV Quadcopter(Lily) – Volledige Review – [UnBox, Inspectie, Setup, Vlucht Test]

Why I won’t be using MY Jumper T16 transmitter

My Jumper T16 is damaged! It is a feature-filled transmitter that units a terrific worth level however after lower than an hour's use, my has already developed a fault. It appears very a lot as if the microSD card interface circuitry has failed, inflicting the radio to fail on boot-up. I've not heard of some […]

Project: GROTE 2.0.5 – Na 2 Jaar probeer ik om te beginnen mijn 32cc GAS Race Truck | RC ADVENTURES

AFTER YEARS of sitting idle.. I try to begin my Losi 5T 1/fifth Scale Race Truck. It has a 32cc 2 stroke engine in it.. and some methods up its sleeve for me to determine! Eerste .. I need to pull the engine out, so I can change the spark plug wire that was broken […]


Prime 20 FPV DEMONEN. Harmful points which will happen to your fpv quad. Goede video. Door Drone kampen RC. Mijn prime 5 Drone Picks 1. Geprc Phantom Toothpick Drone : 2. Geprc Cinepro 4K Drone : 3. DJI vonk : 4. FIMI X8 4k Drone 3mile Fluctuate : 5. JJRC X9 Heron Drone : Meeste […]

FPV Drones VS sloop Derby!!

Enormous buses crashing into one another! Sparks flying all over the place! Mud and mayhem! It's a demolition derbywith FPV FREESTYLE DRONES!! Thanks to the Auburndale Speedway for letting come out and rip at your occasion! We had a lot enjoyable! Additionally large due to Lite Wing for coordinating with us, sharing the venue, […]