LEGO spider man’s drone duel (BAD REVIEW)

So of course you get spooderman, but black spooner man, which looks great like look at these details. He got even arm printing and yeah. This figure looks great 9 uit 10. Ja. So enough about spooderman, so here we go vulture scary person and he got a stud shooter one of the most […]

Dwi Dowellin 6.3 Inch 10 Minutes Long Flight Mini Drone for Kids Review

The dwi daolin d10, now im to tell you right off the bat. This thing is way bigger than i thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be this little. You know one of these little little quadcopters, but this thing once i opened up this pretty cool case. U […]

DJI Air 2S Vs Mavic Pro – Drone Review. Exploring NOOSA, QLD

Also going to do some filming on the gopro hero 9 so well see how that turns out so lets go. I love doing a day trip to noosa as its only an hour 45 drive from brisbane its got beautiful beaches, great food and an awesome national park to walk through Music. De kerels van Hey, […]


No me deixar falar aqui pela, L, dela, l s que ficar um dia, no pega tanto vento eu t colocando quatro itens venda vou deixar aqui na descrio do vdeo quem quiser tiver, interesse, entre, em, contato, comigo, por e mail, T eu vou, deixar todos os dados Aqui no e mail, eu t […]

VIEW BALKONNYA JUARA!! Review Candi Beach Resort & Spa, Rekomendasi hotel bagus di Bali

com channel wisata terlengkap yang akan membahas berbagai info seputar traveling mulai dari jalanan dan juga destinasi wisata yang asik, buat didatengin jadi, Niet doen, lupa, klik dulu tombol subscribe, Hsi, Eerste, akun, Instagram dan juga Facebook, bobo cantik, Hai, kembali ke. Bali bersama bocan kalau kemarin, Biasanya, We, alleen, Weg, Weg, ke area, Kuta, Dezelfde, […]

(76195) Lego Spider-Man's Drone Duel Lego Set Review

Ive got everything laid out here and im going to start going into the specifics right now, OK, so starting with the minifigures. Here we have the new spider man from the new movie um. This is exclusive to the set all the print and everything. I think this is very cool. The colors […]


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76184: Spider-Man vs Mysterio’s Drone Attack! Review y Opinión ¿Vale la pena?

Con el traje de bosco y de este lado creo que todo pasamos al otro lado de la caja de este lado se ve todo el contenido del set incluye un radio, para misterio una gema que se supone que est robando el misterio dos pistolas, para nick fury Y dos discos, accesorios bueno repuestos […]

Insta 360 Go 2 on a FPV drone

Vandaag, im going to be doing something different today, i am going to be flying my tiny hot to freestyle with the uh insta360 go to, and i just got this mount im gon na. Try this out and well get some uh pretty good video and the neat thing about this mount is it […]

Can Budget Kit Be Any Good? The Simond Cascade 2 Pants Mountaineering Pants, a Review.

The cheaper version of. I prefer a cola cheap cola to proper coca cola um. I prefer own brand baked beans to heinz baked beans. I prefer buying just bog standard 14p paracetamol rather than expensive neurofen, but in the world of like climbing and mountaineering ive been trying to think of things where i […]

Ultimate Online Drone Course For BeginnersFearless Drone Academy

This is completely normal at the end of the day, youre controlling a flying robot. I remember my first flight. I was petrified. I felt anxious and overwhelmed by the whole experience, maar nu 500 missions later with zero crashes and years of experience as a commercial drone pilot ive made it my mission to […]

HJH RC. HJ78 Drone ; Unboxing & Short Flight, Camera test

Let me show you some portable drone heres, the drum its a small little drum im going to take it out after i do this unboxing and do a review of it flying to have a test flight im going to check out the camera and see how small It is looks almost bigger than […]