This is the t8sbt. Alright guys welcome back to the channel. This is a pretty interesting radio. It is sort of a smaller format, radio that would probably most likely be used for tiny, whoop or micro brushless. You could probably also fly on five inch or bigger, but i think that this would probably be more along the lines of loops or micro brushless. So if you want something kind of quick and easy to just set up and fly on any types of smaller quads, this will be the one this is set up in mode two and this battery inside this radio is a 1s. I believe it was a 900 milliamp here inside it can be charged with an android style micro, usb-kabel, from any outlet up to about two amps, so um pretty cool there. It also does have built in bluetooth this version, dat is leuk. It comes with a super awesome app. It has scan code on the inside of the manual for the bluetooth app and you can go straight to that and it's actually pretty decent. It does have all kinds of model controls inside and what's nice about. The app is that you can have multiple models on this particular transmitter. I believe on a previous version. It might not have been available, but you can add multiple models with this new version. So correct me, if i'm wrong there, but you have tons of advanced menus for changing all of the different channels on the radio which is cool.

You can also add dual rates in here and up to about eight channels like i mentioned before, but you can really get pretty detailed in your model setups in this particular controller, so very basic setup. On the outside of this controller, we have two three position: schakelaars, dat is leuk. We have channel seven there channel five. These are both threes position switch and we have a dial here for channel eight. In case, you had some type of gimbal operation on your drone, and we have this momentary switch here as well on channel six, which is kind of cool and down bottom. This is your usb port right here for charging up your radio and this actually charges. Quite quick, i believe it charges up total in under an hour which is kind of cool. This power button is in the middle here press and hold and you'll see it start up, and it has an led for how well it's charged up to four. For a hundred percent, we also have trim along each axis right here, all the different throttle. We have y'all. We have aileron and elevator here and you can bind up pretty much any type of rc to this radio, dat is een soort van cool, so using their variety receivers. The receivers are fairly cheap. You can get on the radio link website or you can go on amazon, wat cool is, so all their stuff is available on amazon. I was looking actually today.

This particular radio is on there for about 55 and i'm, not sure if that comes with a receiver or not, but i have a feeling it does. It also has actually the receiver version. I see here it does come with a receiver ready version for 66 dollar. Dus een extraatje 10 bokken – 11 bucks will get you the radio and the receiver, dat is een soort van cool, so i've used this one before i did a review on the original one without the bluetooth and i had to link it up directly to the phone. But this one is very similar, just adding the new option for bluetooth, and it also has anti interference option where it does switch between modes. Nu, if you're wondering what type of range you can get on, this particular model, it's it's, actually around two kilometers, which is cool that's about 1.2 miles for us standard imperial standards, and they sent me the r8ef receiver, dat is leuk, because this one has up to Eight channels, so i can use this one on aircraft rc car boat, whatever i want here, and it also supports s, bus and ppm, dat is leuk. So your s, bus channel down here you have your signal, positive and ground there. It looks like it might. Lay out like that, so that might the top pin right there might be your signal row and in the middle, obviously it's going to be your power and ground on the very bottom, and i could be wrong about that.

But if the good news is, if you plug things in backwards, it's not going to fry anything like some older receivers would. But this is um also going to show you that it is bound up by an led on there. And there is a procedure in the manual to how to bind it up, it's, actually pretty easy to bind up any receiver to this radio link t8s and while you're here checking out this radio let's just go ahead and put it on the scale. Because i want you guys to see how light this is. 151 grams is great for traveling, if you guys are looking for something super lightweight, throw in a bag. If you're traveling overseas, this battery would definitely be able to go on the airplane, probably going to check this in your luggage, but very lightweight at 151 grams that's, really great and one other thing. I have to tell you guys before we. Let you at the end of this overview is that this one is also compatible with futaba receivers. So if you already have a whole bunch of the fhs protocol receivers, you can use those on here as well. So that's kind of cool that you can do that so um either the radio link, receivers or futaba is actually super cool options, but i like this radio and it doesn't, feel like a total toy in my hands. The gimbals do remind me of the uh. The fly sky i6 series gimbals, they are sort of plastic gimbals they're, not hull, gimbals they're super high end, but for around 55.

You know it is what it is but yeah. If you're, looking for a radio, that's cool for any type of micro, brushless or woof flying check out the radio link, t8s super cool, little micro series, radios and and probably keep going along with this one, because i think they sell quite well.