Weve got wild flying nikon z9 that i wasnt allowed to fly and a sneaky peak at prototype that isnt a leak because were allowed to show you and i wasnt allowed to drive it. But thats cool because i had a blast with the new nikon z9 and that doesnt really need to sing or shout Music there you go thats the 20 fps burst Music and just before we carry on this video. This video is sponsored by skillshare and online learning. Community, with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people, i mean this is lotuss hq. This is their test track, thats, where they make the cars. This is not for everybody to come around and have a track. Bay were very lucky to be here with amy shaw, nikon crew. To look at this, i dont know why im speaking so quietly because theres, nobody else around not even a load of stuff theyre, not here, well, actually theyre driving it driving the cars but still vip access to this and those hello. You have to have that in uh back in the days i love the colors yeah. They dont do now. Do they its all gray and black, oh style, by giugiaro he did some nikons f4. I can see the connection there is yellow as well, yellow and black. Perfect gio gyro, i see the connection thats, what theyve done, isnt it and that ones golden black as well so yeah its all starting to make sense, though flying z9 set night air, yes Music, we have, we have been hearing.

Oh, this is a pro fearless. This is a promise not until now yeah i mean weve got sort of pro mirrorless cameras out there already, but this kind of really does it feels d6, like its got the battery grip integrated. You know its, not uh what one that you add on to it. So it does feel just like a d6. It is a bit slimmer, you know its not as thick and chunky it looks. It looks like a beefed up z6 z7 id put z7 in there, because this is 45 megapixels, its not a low megapixel count 45 megapixels, and it does that at 20 fps. But the thing is one interesting feature of this is that it was completely silent. Listen to that or dont. Listen to that! Well, every mirror can do silence mold yeah, but this is completely signed. I mean thats, it thats all youve got, i dont know if you heard and it wasnt tony that leaked at this time. Yes, the z9 can do a 20 fps burst, silently its amy shaw hanging out from there taking photos, action that turbo sound, weird, seeing you pointing the camera there and then theres, no sound isnt it from your camera. It feels like there should be more drama, especially when it comes to action. Youre used to hearing like when youre youve got something fast moving. You expect this to be as loud as animated, but its not totally silent. Just like this, i could.

I could be lying to you. There you go thats. The 20 fps burst its the wind noise. I mean itll be like tumbleweed, because when you look at it i mean thats, not the shutter thats, just to protect the sensor from dust, and they say this is a harder, toughest plastic yeah than a normal shutter, its its hollywood plastic. No, not that kind of plastic, its good plastic, its tough plastic, its dwayne johnson plastic, not saying that he had a plastic surgery were not gon na test that were not gon na. This is the only one were very lucky to have this so lets not test. How tough that plastic is? We took over 3 000 shots with a z9 and couldnt find any evidence of rolling shut effects in photos and thats. Despite having cars, speeding, past and camera being panned with a long tele lens, we cant quite confirm that we cant get it to get rolling shutter yet, but also this is a prototype, so we dont know it could be even better. We dont, we dont, have a glob swing to test it. I mean apparently, theyve got a few firmware updates until release, so this is pre pre pre pre firmware, but i mean we can just i dont know thats how early we are at this time. Well, i guess well just have to do more testing in a controlled environment when we borrow the final firmware unit same when im taking like one shot.

You get a blackout just so you know youve taken a shot, but when you im on a burst now so im just taking one shot every now and then and then it has a bit black out just to let you know that youve taken the shot. But when you suddenly press it all the way for a burst, no viewfinder blackout, it just automatically yeah it blacked the first shot, yeah, so that you know its doing something. Yes, because, especially when its completely silent you dont want to be like uh. Is it taking a shot whats going on? You want to know that somethings happening there, you go yeah makes sense. Now i just got to delete a load of them. Oh yeah, the mode dial here, yeah like the d6 isnt it but continuous, low, continuous, high timer and then um, just whatever that is actually all of them, because theres just so many of them and on top youve got another button here. So when you press that, when you look on the screen, you can access all of them using the front and the rear, dials 20 fps, 15, 12, 10 fps but rear dial. Here i mean i say, 20 fps. It goes up to 30. 30, not enough. Yeah. 120, i mean this: does this uh 11 megapixels? So you know theres a bit of compromise there, but it does. I mean it. Doesnt stop after one second, some cameras. They have really an insane high burst rate and it does it for like half a second 120 fps, but not even for the second second nikon sony.

Theyve all done it thats great okay, ive got this now just for for giggles 120 fps there. We are, of course, that 120 fps is limited to 11 megapixels, but that is still bonkers. Mad with the 20 fps bursts hold down the right arrow in lightroom and its like watching a video with each frame being 45 megapixels with the 120 fps burst its like watching a load of learner drivers driving around the track. Its slow motion with 11 megapixel stills electronic shutter bursts the canon r3 and sony a1 outnumbered z9 in terms of fps, but the r3 does that 30 fps with 24 megapixels. The a1 does 30 fps with lossy compressed raw 50 megapixels. The z9 does 20 fps with non compressed raw 45 megapixel images. The z9 is part d6 part d850 part z, its high res high fps, in a smaller but ergonomically fantastic body on this uh, the screen and tilts tilts a lot lots of angles actually its like. When you go to the camera shops or you go to nikon hq or something, and you see those kind of exploded cameras where theyve been taken apart, so it does, it does uh does one of those gangster style. It does that it does that you know top down and a sort of whatever that is, but not selfie style. Can you imagine that 20 fps silent shooting selfies? No. Thank you also, i kind of think when you do a portrait and then when you flip the screen up, it flip more than other camera, this flipped to 90 degrees.

I think i think youre right because some other some other cameras that do this is kind of like that or maybe maybe some of them like do that. But this actually, like 90 degrees, goes away. So you can do waist level kind of stuff or really low down. I think this is like only reserved for pro pro level cameras isnt, it yeah. You only get this viewfinder ring, so the viewfinder is a lot of viewfinders on the the z6 and z7s theres. Something about them, they they feel quite um. I mean obviously its a screen in there, but they felt very, very nice and natural, but this is massive huge, so its 3.69 million dot evf but 120 fps refresh rate. That is the card flap there open the flap. What do we got to execute these, but yeah? I mean the body if youre used to shooting with the d6 any pro level nikons, it feels kind of same you. Dont have the lcd screen down here at the bottom, but someone is going to somebody is going to complain. Oh no, oh no youve got this screen here. This is um. You know for some reason i thought this would be bigger. This looks similar to the one. No, its a bit bigger than the one on z62, but thats, a very big z9 battery this. This must be the same as d6 yeah. There you go. I just like that. It feels very uh industrial for like a gun.

Yes, we load, we dont, but you wont, be, you wont, be reloading for a while, with a battery that size thats an interesting little nub in there on the side, youre thinking. What is that is that is that doing the same job as that, because it feels like it, but when you press it and then use the rear dial to change from afs afc manual focus and then the front dial there. You focus the zones so an auto. Focusing system its improved its got an xb7 sensor, i mean not sensor its got an xb7 processor, so its faster better. The auto focus points are the same 493 90 coverage but uh. Most importantly, i think this might be exciting to any nikon fanboys 3d af tracking. You know auto focus the trend for auto focusing is iaf animal af just got vehicle here. So for the vehicle af, you get planes, trains, automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles, not skateboards, thats, not a vehicle anyway, thats a thats, a board with four tiny wheels on it, no bolts. Yet, but maybe no later thats, the next firmware update so humans, youve got your head eyes head shoulders, knees and toes knees, and toes so yeah torso face eyes: general head um. What else the body, the body in general people just it detects people? I am so grateful that now its got 3d af tracking – that is what any nikon user for any pro nikon user. Anybody who uses the you know the higher grade, nikon dslrs, you want the 3d af tracking.

This is it. This is what youve been waiting for, and you just it just makes thats thats the noises z9 around here props to the man flying the thing, with props for tracking that elise, but also to the z9 for adding vehicle tracking focus with a half press and let The focus follow the thing with wheels, so you can concentrate on composing. The blackout 3 burst is great when youre shooting at 20 fps or more. By the way you can check out the buffer indicator on the bottom right to see how many shots i just took. Thats practically nothing for the buffer capacity of this camera, every shot, 45 megapixels and the focus is absolutely fantastic spot on with every single one of them its not just cars, it does humans, eyes and animal af tracking, but the only animals here are the horses under The bonnet its a smart system, even when the subject is partially blocked. It sticks to the subject like a simile that you expected me to put in here. Well, they say kind of unlimited burst rate whatever that means i.e. Technically pull glasses down. Nose is not unlimited, but practically it is when youre shooting, with 45 megapixel high efficiency raw shots. You dont need to have your finger permanently on the shutter all the time, but when youre taking a load of shots, its good to know that the camera is ready for the next car coming around the corner.

But this is, i think, its important that they get something out like this, while there arent too many pro level full frame, mirrorless cameras out there, so they have to make a big splash and theyre making that splash by making a camera those really capable stills. I know not only that good at video as well. I think this is where nikon can completely smash it out of the park. They dont have silly cameras to sell no doorstep to doodle one and for video theyve pumped out the hot stuff, the good stuff, not the doo doo. It has high resolution video covered high frame rates, raw video and pro res internal 4, 2. 2, 10 bit. All in camera, no overheating and unlimited recording and very minimal rolling, shutter, visible and more to come. But if they i dont know, if i can say but ill say anyway, but uh, and then they will have 8k, 60. and ill have to say by the way, stabilize it, because this lens is not um. Ive changed from 70 to 200. stabilization, even with a landslide. This is really good handheld. This is a 85 1.8. What is the world coming to? You know somebodys been busy during lockdowns i mean first. They they announced that they were going to make an announcement about z9. Some time ago, i thought oh no. I did worry that it was sort of an announcement because uh you know sony had one works, canon canon one in the works and its sort of like a yeah weve gotten to as well just to let you know, but no, yes, this does all the talking.

Oh and one more thing, one very juicy thing to see: prototype yeah when we are at the around this corner lotus headquarters. This is going to happen around this way. Music, thats louder. The loudest thing in a minute is the drone. It was one silent beast. A little silent beast on the track, i dont know whats more impressive, the drone flying or the prototype loaders, but throw the z9 in my hands into the equation and its no competition im, pretty smitten with its capabilities Music. Dare i say that a1 feels a bit like a its a pro level full frame meal, its dressed up in a cheapskate body that this yes theres? Nothing cheap about that and you feel like you: dont have to worry about a bum bump it in on a yeah. We can do the durability test that we used to do. Oh yeah lets. Do it now. I think a lot of nikon users pro nikon users. This is what theyve been waiting for the z6 z7 nice cameras, nice mirrorless cameras, but this is something to aspire to something to look forward to to save up, for you want to invest in a system that has some big potential and, oh boy does this, have Huge potential, even not just for nikon shooters. I think this now theyre getting this out now theyre kind of saying this is what were capable of yeah. This could potentially attract a lot more than just nikon users thats.

What they need to do make a bold statement. These are oh, so exciting times, not just for nikon fanboys with the z9 theres. Every reason nikon can lead the way not just offer us two camera specs wise, its impressive, but its the complete package. The way it feels the way it shoots and precise and reliable way it performs with fast moving subjects. It instills you with confidence in its capabilities. It feels like this is the character, show that nikon can make a mark with mirrorless now and for the future. Their vision for high performance in the future is without shutters. I cant say how people will react to this, but it works, and i couldnt find any initial evidence to show why it could be problematic from what i heard its going to be attractively priced, but its not just a numbers game. I definitely need to test this complex beast out a bit more. At least i do if that means i can try out the z9 again and just before we get to the end of this video, i want to talk a little bit about skillshare. If you want to fill your head with useful stuff and learn some new skills, then you might want to check them out. Theyve got some superb classes now, including ones such as mkbhds, fantastic guide on how to get going with youtube. Now. The first 1000 of my subscribers to click the link in the description box below will get a one month, free trial of skillshare premium.

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