You can make all right, thats, fine, ill, just um ill. Just look up a tutorial if that works. Um heres one lets try this guy Music. Are you sick and tired of having the same old foods every day, but all you got in the house is fuji. Flavors well fear not because today were making a really special dish. Nikon nachos step, one use a tweezers to pluck out the high end video features of your fuji xt4 step. Two carefully remove the jpeg film simulations from your fuji camera to avoid any fuji juice from spilling into these nachos. Oh theres, an ad coming up yeah, i dont pay for premium wow. You should. I dont you ever find yourself watching a cooking tutorial within a karma review and think to yourself im offended right now, well, thats, why i commit to warn you about the dangers of karma reviewers, with a sense of humor click away now and come to my channel, Where all my camera reviews are devoid of humor and fun, im sorry im getting flustered, but once again click away from this video right now, if you dont like having fun, if you dont, like having a good im gon na check that guys channel out later yeah After youve added some decent autofocus cook for 20 minutes and then enjoy your nikon nachos, the nikon zfc is wait for it, a good camera. I know i im saying it here. First, i think i dont think anybody else has said that and if the title of this video triggered you at all, just please just just hold on.

Let me talk for a little bit and then you might understand what im saying so since its a good camera. Why dont? We start with the things i like about the camera and then move on to the things i dont like and some other stuff in there as well lets get into it a little bit. First thing i like about the zfc is the retro design. I love how the body of this camera looks. The silver with the contrasted black looks really nice. My favorite part is the top dials, just like the retro film cameras and the fuji cameras, the dials just look really nice. I love the charcoal black color, with the silver rings on the outer edges, its really cool, looking im, a big fan of how it looks and, as you guys know already, i am the founder and ceo of fuji juice, which authorizes me to talk about retro. Looking cameras, so this zfc it passes my test next thing i like is the viewfinder, its 2.3 million dots, not quite as crazy as the a7s 3, which is like 100 billion. I think, and the viewfinder is great looking through it to shoot photos and videos is a pleasant experience, its sharp its bright enough for outdoor shooting, and i definitely prefer it over the screen which isnt great, but the viewfinder is fine, so yeah there we go the Battery life is freaking bonkers on this camera, so these are the little tiny batteries i slipped.

One into the zfc fully charged started rolling a 4k 30 clip it rolled for 30 minutes. I immediately started a second clip because its got a 30 minute limit. Did that three times so we had an hour and a half of footage and only lost one bar of battery. So you probably only need a couple of these guys if youre just casually shooting the shutter sound is absolutely beautiful. Connor – and i took this thing for a little photo – walk against the xt4 heres. The difference in those shutters is that goofy, no its important its part of the vibe of the camera. You got to enjoy the experience of holding it listening to it, shooting with it, and i really like how the shutter sounds its very satisfying guess what the photos and the footage im still holding this battery. Guess what the photos and the footage look good from this camera. We i got more to say about that stuff. This is just kind of a brisk walkthrough in the beginning, but theyre looking good and its 20 21. So if a camera doesnt make decent looking photos and video, what are you doing man? You know we have the tech. Lastly, its very lightweight, which is nice for traveling and scooting around with this thing, but it does kind of suffer in the build quality department. A little bit well get into that, because this is the things i like. Okay, so there you have, it now were gon na, be super pretentious and talk about the things that i dont, like my first bugaboo with this zfc.

Is it doesnt? Have a grip on the body: the body is just kind of a rectangular prism, very similar to the fuji xe4, which was a sweet camera, but theres, just nothing to grip onto when youre walking around your hands are getting sweaty from shooting in the summer of tennessee. You got ta have something to hold on to, or the camera could actually slip out of your camera and crack a lens on the ground. No one wants that. So maybe nikon for the next iteration just just add a little lump a little bump that you can grip on too so were not dropping stuff. Okay, my second bugaboo the vibration reduction or stabilization as nikon should be calling. It is not good god, its so hard to the footage, is so shaky and this kind of multiplies on top of the fact that the camera is super super light, usually with a really light camera. You need super good stabilization if youre not going to rig it out with a cage, heavy lenses, an external battery, a monitor, adding all those extra things will give you smoother footage because its heavier, but if you want to use a lightweight camera like this, it better Have good stabilization for video, otherwise your footage is going to look like my footage. I was shooting with the helios 442, which is about a 90 mil on this camera and theres, just so many micro jitters and the vibration reduction doesnt really smooth them out all that.

Well, it just kind of adds a little bit of warpiness to the image and thats no bueno. We dont want that so lets. Uh lets, get that fixed up nikon, maybe a little firmware. Maybe just uh do a recall and talking about the build quality. The body is just a little bit: plasticky like i dont, want to say its cheap feeling, but it doesnt feel as rugged as something like the fuji xt4 and that camera is more expensive than the zfc. So theres got to be. You know a little bit of difference there for sure, but theres, just like parts like the battery door. That feel like total plastic, that could just snap off and i guess its fine. You know its marketed as a beginner camera, but if youre gon na spend a thousand dollars, you want a little bit of quality in your camera, a little bit of ruggedness that will keep it safe and i think the zfc suffers in that area. Next bugaboo, the zfc doesnt have a log profile for shooting video and you know its kind of marketed as a beginner camera. But there are beginner cameras, specifically the fuji ones, like the xe4, even the x100v, which is like a pocket point and shoot essentially, and you can shoot in f log in dci, 4k in those cameras and even though its internal 8 bit its still fun to practice. Color grading and it still looks fine in my opinion, if youre throwing it on youtube, it looks fine.

There is a flat color profile in the nikon for both photo and video, but it would have been cool to see a dedicated nikon log profile on the zfc. Hey guys, editor connor here just say that i actually brought the nikon zfc home with me and tested out the video a little bit myself recorded. My dogs, and one thing that i kind of discovered is that you can actually make the flat profile flatter. If you bring down, say the contrast and the saturation, as well as the sharpness, not necessarily saying its a great idea or its a substitute for a log, but it is something that potentially you guys can consider and use in your use. If you end up buying this camera, okay, now back to zach speaking of picture profiles, the jpeg profiles when shooting photos in this camera are just not up to par with, with what im used to. I know im talking about fuji a lot. So, excuse me if youre annoyed, but fuji just has like so many cool features in their cameras and they arent that expensive, theyre not much more expensive, well get into that, and it just would be nice to see some really cool nikon film simulations like i want To see other camera companies put some awesome, jpeg simulations into their cameras like fuji, because right now i feel like fuji is kicking ass in that department like they are totally running that right now, and it would be cool to see that from nikon.

You do have a couple of basic jpeg options and then a bunch of super corny ones um. So i would probably just shooting raw with this camera, and my final bugaboo nikon is that all your stuff is backwards, and i just found out about it im sure you guys already know this. I didnt know this because i suck the lenses screw on to the left, the lens caps to the left. I dont – i i dont get it like. I know its probably been like that forever and like all their lenses and mounts are built that way now, but my brain is now screwed up. So when i go to put a lens on my sony now, im undoing it and its scary because it could fall off so personally, im pissed its not that big a deal if youre a nikon, shooter youre – probably used to it its just. This is a little bugaboo for me. Sorry, we got a lot more to talk about so sit. Your buns down, we got ta, say a huge thank you to our sponsor today, professional photographers of america ppa and, if youre, a true homie of this channel youll watch. This ad ppa is an awesome resource for photographers, like you and me, im trying to be a photographer at least crap crap mega crap, whether youre looking for inspiration, guidance, education, business tips. This is the place to go to learn how to run the entire spectrum of a photo business and im sure a lot of you out.

There are trying to make a living, making photos and videos and thats. Why were talking about this? Its important personally ive heard too many stories from my photo friends about them getting screwed out of a payment from a client. Maybe they didnt have a contract ready. They didnt know how to send an invoice like all these things that really help you run a successful photography. Business ill, give you 200 bucks for all that seems a little low, take them somewhere else. Then ppa has the resources to teach you how to do this stuff so that you can be successful and not run into those big roadblocks. They have resources. Also that help you protect your rights as an artist and they have insurance benefits with flat deductibles. So you can keep your gear and data safe, weve all heard stories of people getting their gear stolen or their data lost, so lets be smart and check out ppas insurance so check out the top link in the description to become a ppa member today and youll Get 25 off your new membership, and thank you so much for watching this. It means a lot and thank you to professional photographers of america for sponsoring this video and my little photo walk that i did with connor. Im very excited: go watch that video too! So why am i calling this nikon or nikon zfc good, but not great? The camera has a great autofocus shoots. Nice raw photos, good, looking footage.

Its compact has amazing battery life, but i do think there are better options for a similar price. Our first contender for you to consider is a used fuji xt3. It shoots incredible photos with the beautiful fuji jpeg simulations. It has high end video features like internal 10 bit and 4k up to 60 frames per second, it doesnt have ibis and the battery life isnt. Amazing, but those things can be worked around with the xd3 and all that can come in around the 900 usd range on ebay. Our second contender to consider is the sony zve10, its relatively new. It shoots great looking raw photos, it has the sony e mount, which is one of my favorite lens mounts, because you can go from full frame to aps c and its really convenient. It has great looking footage with pretty decent stabilization and we are getting one in the studio to test very soon. So, stick around for that and its only 700 brand new and has like a lot of the same features as the nikon zfc and does some of those features much better and our third and final contender is the fuji xt30. It gives you the amazing photos and the jpeg simulations all the fuji cameras. Have it does 4k up to 30 frames per second and gives you that f log profile to practice color grading. It has the same sensor as the fuji xt4, which is freaking beautiful, but there is no stabilization and you can get the xt30 for about 800 brand new and they also just announced the xt30 mark ii so check that one out as well, but its basically the Same thing, if im being straight up honest with you guys, which i try to be on this channel, i would choose those other three contenders, one of those three over the nikon zfc at this point, but maybe youre a die hard nikon fan.

Maybe you just really love the retro look and you also have z mount lenses and you dont want to change. I get it. The z mount does seem relatively versatile, hopefully more and more lenses get made for that mount and another cool thing is you can mount vintage glass to the zfc which i did on my photo walk? I got a little like 12 adapter for my helios 442, which can cover full frame and aps c, and it was really affordable to get that vintage lens, which is a nice option. Im excited that nikon made a modern mirrorless with a retro coat of paint slapped on the hood. It looks cool and overall its good, but i do think that the zfc is slightly undercooked. Make sure to like this video, because one like today does equal one nikon nacho on the house, subscribe to be a subscriber and join our discord below to become an honorary member of the zaki mayfam check out the description below for my instagram, my merch, like fuji Juice, hats and so much more text me when you get home, so i know youre safe thanks for watching.