I dont find it an especially exciting focal length, but ever since the optic you see before you was announced, ive wanted to try it out, just because i love its tile. The nikon said: 28 millimeter, f 2.8. It is deliberately styled, as you can see, to look like one of nikons old manual focus lenses from the 1980s, although thankfully its actually a modern autofocus lens its a kit lens option for the equally awesome retro, looking nikon zfc camera and, as you can see, both Camera and lens blend together in lovely harmony, the nikon zfc camera only has a smaller sized aps c or dx sensor. So this lens will behave like a 42 millimeter lens on it, giving a very useful standard field of view. Neither wide angle nor telephoto, although that maximum aperture of f 2.8, is not very bright for a prime lens. Interestingly, though, despite being obviously designed with the nikon zfc in mind, this is actually a full frame camera lens, so you can get a lovely wide image with it when using it on one of nikons full frame cameras. Here it is on my nikon z7, where it also happens to look pretty natty if youre buying the lens on its own, then it costs a slightly expensive 300 us dollars or an even more expensive, 310 pounds in the uk. If you buy it as part of a kit with the nikon zfc, though, then its only 250 dollars and also nikon have just released a version with a non retro plane design which costs about 40 dollars.

Less id like to thank nikon uk for loaning me. This lens for a couple of weeks for testing, although, as usual, this is a totally independent review and a quick reminder. This lens, only the nikon z system, mirrorless cameras and not their digital slr cameras. Okay, lets start by looking at the build quality. The lens is made with a lot of plastic even down to the lens mount, which i know a lot of people do not appreciate theres, no weather ceiling to it either. Apart from that, though, it actually feels quite nice and solid, not to mention looking fabulous. The only control point is the lenses rubberized manual focus ring, which turns incredibly smoothly and responds very well with the lens focus motor. The lens exhibits only a small amount of focus breathing. As you can see here, Music, the lenses, autofocus motor doesnt exactly have a difficult job, considering the wide angle and only average maximum aperture here, but it does perform quickly, accurately and silently nice and well honestly, thats about it. This is one very simple camera lens it doesnt come with a hood, it doesnt have image stabilization and its filter. Size is 52 millimeters wide. The lens is inexpensive, but still stylish and simple and enjoyable to use for the price youre. Paying, though i do wish it had a metal lens mount anyway lets see about image quality. Traditionally, here i start with the results on a full frame camera, and in this case my first test is with a nikon z7, with its 45 megapixel sensor in camera.

Corrections are turned on in the middle of the image right away. We see excellent sharpness and contrast. Tons of detail is being captured here. The image corners still see lots of detail being captured too, which is great, although contrast is a lot more hazy here than it was back in the middle, stop down to f4 for a big improvement. In contrast, though, f 5.6 looks about the same, although at f 8, there seems to be just a minuscule improvement in sharpness. The lens tastes sharp down to f16, where just a little softness begins to creep in from the effects of diffraction. Overall, though, as you can see its a very good performance on a full frame camera, you should stop down to f4, though, if you want the best possible contrast in the image corners. Okay lets try the lens on an aps c, camera now and appropriately enough ill. Be testing it out here on a nikon zfc, which nikon also loaned to me for a couple of weeks. It has a 20 megapixel aps c or dx sized sensor, so not too demanding anyway, at f 2.8 im pleased to say that again, the lens is perfectly sharp in the middle, with good contrast and the corner image quality virtually as sharp nice stopping down to f4 Brings about the most tiny improvement in the corners imaginable, the lens stays this sharp down to f11, where a little softness from diffraction emerges and at f16 as youd expect.

The image gets noticeably soft still if you bought your nikon zfc or any other nikon dx camera. With this, as your kit lens safe to say, you wont be disappointed. Its great alright lets turn off those in camera corrections and take a look at distortion and vignetting on a full frame. Camera strangely nikon chose to force distortion correction on in your camera. With this lens and thats, usually a sign that a lenss raw distortion characteristic is horrifying. However, that turns out not to be the case, as you can see here, the lens, without any corrections, only projects a moderate barrel distortion here, vignetting or corner darkness – is rather strong at f 2.8, but stop the aperture down to f4 or f 5.6. For that to largely go away, lets look at close up image quality. Now the lens can focus as closely as 20 centimeters to a subject which is fantastic, really less encouraging is the close up image quality at f 2.8, which is very ghostly and soft stop down to f4 for a huge improvement. In contrast, though, and f 5.6 looks very good again, so, if you are shooting up close, stop down a little lets, see how well the lens works against bright lights, as expected for a small, simple lens. There are no real issues here, which is just as well as the lens doesnt come with. A hood contrast remains high flaring remains low and finally bokeh any 28 millimeter f, 2.

8 lens is hardly going to be a portrait photographers first choice, although if you do getting close to your subject at f 2.8, you can get some out of focus backgrounds here, particularly If youre using a full frame camera, of course, the quality of this lenss autofocus background is super lovely and soft. In nearly all situations, no problems here whatsoever. All right, then, overall, the nikon set 28 millimeter f. 2.8 may be a very unambitious lens in its parameters. I really wish its maximum aperture was more like f2, because, as it is its not going to get you, the most earth, shatteringly creative images, but it can still get you some very nice pictures which are very sharp with no real optical problems, and it can do All that, while looking well really cool, it comes recommended, and if you ask me you would be a fool not to pay the extra forty dollars or whatever for the version with a cool retro design, Music. Okay, that was the most enjoyable review of a 28 millimeter lens i have ever put together. Something else i really enjoy is putting together exclusive videos and content for my generous subscribers over on patreon. Thank you for your support and, if youd like to find out more about how you can help keep these lens reviews. Trucking on then check out the link to my patreon in the description below ciao.