It costs 1 100 us dollars or 1 100 pounds here in the uk, so it is definitely being marketed as a premium product and id like to thank nikon uk for loaning me a sample copy of this lens for testing for a couple of weeks, although, as Usual, this is a totally independent review. The lenses body is mostly made of plastic keeping the weights down to a reasonable 630 grams, so its not too heavy. Although the rear section of the lens is made of metal, theres, a weather ceiling, gasket around the metal lens, mount and nikon marketed as being dust and moisture resistant and as usual with these expensive lenses, im too much of a wimp to throw a bucket of water Over it to test its resilience on the lenses body, we are treated to a variety of controls, including an auto manual focus, switch a smooth turning customizable control ring as well as another customizable function. Button on the side, the rubberized zoom ring turns somewhat heavily, but with only a little stickiness to it. So i think video makers will be quite pleased with that too. At the top, we have the manual focus ring, which is also rubberized and turns extremely smoothly, with the focus motor responding a little slowly, but precisely to it being manipulated. Here, you can see that the lens displays just a little focus breathing. Nothing too dramatic, though, and the lenses autofocus motor is really fantastic. Its accurate silent and lightning fast, as you can see, my nikon z7 is starting to feel more.

Like my canon eos r5, the lenses front, filter size is 77 millimeters wide and it comes with quite a cheap feeling plastic lens hood. It does not have its own image stabilization built in, although most of nikons full frame, z system cameras do have in body image. Stabilization so thats not really such a big deal. Overall, it is top marks here for build quality. Everything needed is present and correct, and i like that nikon have managed to keep its weight down to a reasonable level, although its a little large, its still easy to carry around with you all right. More importantly, lets look at image: quality nikons original 24 to 120 millimeter f4 lens for digital slr cameras released years ago had a bit of a mixed reputation, apparently suffering from corner softness and nervous. Looking autofocus backgrounds lets see. If this lenses designers have managed to spruce things up since then, im testing it here on a nikon z7 camera, with its full frame, 45 megapixel sensor and in camera, corrections are turned on at 24, millimeter and f4 in the middle of the image right away. We see razor sharpness and excellent contrast. Lets look over in the corners; they are noticeably softer, but still very decent capturing. A good level of detail and contrast, f, 5.6, looks just a little brighter and punchier the lens stays. This sharp down to f11, where the effects of diffraction begin to introduce just a little softening still.

A good start here lets zoom in to 60 millimeter at f4. Once again, we see excellent sharpness in the middle, although perhaps not quite as razor sharp, as things were at 24 millimeter over in the corners. Everything remains very nice indeed excellent, even although not perfectly sharp stop down to f5.6 for a nice improvement and again, the lens stays. This sharp down to f11. Okay lets zoom all the way in to 120 millimeter. Now, considering this lenses zoom range, surely the image quality has to slip up here well, at f4 pleasingly the lens remains fantastically sharp in the middle and the corners still very good plenty of detail here once again, top down to f 5.6 for a little boost in Resolution and that is as sharp as those corners get overall well. This is brilliant image, quality from a full frame lens with such a long zoom range, although the corners are generally just a little softer than the middle, we are still seeing tons of detail being captured across the whole image frame and the whole zoom range, not to Mention plenty of lovely contrast too: okay well lets see about vignetting and distortion. Then the following pictures have been taken in war without any of the usual in camera corrections at 24 millimeter, the lens projects, a strong barrel distortion with very dark corners at f4. Stop down to f8 and those corners brighten, just a little zoom in to 31 millimeter and that distortion straightens out at 120 millimeter.

We see some pretty wild, pin, cushion distortion now and very heavy vignetting at f4, stop down to f, 5.6 or f 8 to see at least some of that corner darkness brightening up. Overall, this is 100 a lens that you will want to keep in camera. Corrections turned on with okay lets see about close up image quality. Now the lens can focus down to 35 centimeters, which is lots of fun for shooting smaller subjects and adds to its overall general usefulness at f4. Close up image quality is a bit ghostly here. However. F5.6 and f8 look much sharper. How well does the lens work against bright lights, whether youre shooting at wide angles or zoomed in we encounter very little flaring or loss of contrast here again, thats really nice and makes it tempting to leave that nasty plastic lens hood at home and finally, lets take A look at the quality of this lenss bokeh and if you zoom into your subject, then even at f4, you can get nicely out of focus backgrounds here. Those backgrounds look decently soft, not the smoothest ive ever seen, but neither are there any real problems overall. Well put down whatever you might be holding because this lens deserves a round of applause. Nikon really have managed to get just about everything right with this one: a useful zoom range and maximum aperture excellent sharpness and contrast close, focusing ability, lightning, fast, autofocus, a lens body. Thats not too heavy its just about all there everything you could want.

There might be some slightly sharper zoom lenses out there, but nothing. This sharp, combined with this kind of zoom range, okay, im slightly biased. I suppose, because i love landscape and travel photography, which is something this lens was clearly born for, but i am going to go out on a limb and say this is probably the best standard zoom lens available on the market today, and certainly my favorite for what Its worth, this thing comes very highly recommended Music thanks for watching everyone, and i hope you enjoyed this review.