We have the 91st flyover of the nicholas height and coolidge arizona. The weather today was cloudy and it had rained a lot earlier during the night there is tons and tons of rain. Fortunately, the drainage is still working quite well and you can see lots of the retention basins are filled with water, but you can also see theres lots of pooling water around the site. You can see my prediction from a couple weeks ago about the site. Turning green with weeds is now coming true, its typical out here with no water, not much grows, throw down a bunch of rain and poof. It turns green in a matter of a couple of days, its all weeds, though the footings were flooded also, and we are forecast for more rain later today or tomorrow, so draining them out and digging more is not going to work. Though you can see, the footings have extended further north and some of the holes do have some rebar in them. So there was some progress made before the rain since our last video. Of course, everyone must be wondering about the ten structure im not going to bs. You guys and say it looks like anything else, except what i think it is. It looks like a presentation: booth, a booth large enough for a semi. Obviously that would mean that something is very close to being unveiled. Of course, i could be wrong and maybe theyre just having to bring your kids to work day and theyre going to make popcorn and hot dogs.

Those would have to be some pretty tall. Kids like semi, height, kids or hey, maybe its uh indoor skydiving for them. I dont know so thats it for today, if youre still into nicola as far as the stock goes buy the dip, if youre, not im, sure youll. Let me know if you like this video, please hit that like button. If you want to see more content like this in the future, please subscribe and if you want to help support this channel through patreon, please take a look at the link down below in the description. Also, we are on twitter at bears workshop.