It is the smallest torch per output that you can buy and its really cheap as well. I think i bought this one for 25 gbp its just a single 18650 and it weighs about the same as a gopro. Originally, this was meant to go on my cub as a landing light, but the cub had a crash, so theres been a setback with that. So i thought to join in with the fun. I would just strap this towards the top here of the best buy and fly quadcopter that money can buy. This is the iflight f5 evoke and its got its leds on there anyways. So you could argue its a night flyer: its got the cadx polar camera up front here, which is a starlight camera, its very good in low light. However, it doesnt have the ir block removed now people who have been following me for a long time may remember when i put an infrared emitter on the top here, and the cameras that have got the ir block removed can pick up the infrared light. So you dont actually see any the brightness of the emitter on the top here, but because this one here has got its ir block in place, i thought well, why not just strap this to the top of this model here and create a kind of spotlight now Before i go any further, i really need to mention that we have permission at our site tonight.

Fly we pay for the site uh. They know the kind of things that we get up to so its probably not a good idea to do this. If you are just flying in a field well, unless youre in the middle of nowhere, but this light here, i think it can do uh 1200 lumens and if you dont know what that means its just basically very bright its on the lowest setting. Here. At the moment, um its got three leds and yeah. You cant look at it when its on full power, for example, if i just tap it there, uh yes, its not showing up uh well in this room, because the phone adjusts to the exposure its got a boost button, which gives it even more light and uh. These particular torches they actually start to dim because they get very hot. But of course we are flying uh in the air and it gets lots of airflow. So i can do the turbo boost and uh. It wont dim because uh it it um doesnt it doesnt overheat. You can see the three leds here and uh. My plan is to sort of like give a spotlight to the planes uh, so i sort of fly above them its gon na be pitch black, although it wont look like it probably because of this polar camera here, in fact, what i think is probably going to Happen is this: torch is just going to sort of wash out everything, but essentially give a spotlight on the ground so that the nightflyers can sort of see.

You know a place to land its also great, when youre doing night flying because i can take this off and when we need to pack up uh. I can shine this at my bag and you know, make sure ive packed everything away now, im, not sure if you saw on the previous video with the hawk um, we had a guy in the estate just off the side, shining, a very powerful laser pen and Even though you know he was trying to perhaps attack us, it actually looked really good and theres, a member in the club who has got his own laser, not as powerful as that one and we thought yeah lets uh lets see how it would look as a Night show again, we have uh permission to do this, im, not sure about the laser. Just because of you know, we want to keep our sight if youve ever tried to set up a flying club and they let you do crazy stuff like this. You really dont want to push it, so i dont know if were going to see any of the laser but kind of just that flashing in the background and a plane with lights on and a quad like this um yeah, i think you could uh do a Spectacular sort of light show now recently i went to weston park and they put on an incredible fireworks and uh light show on their planes and i think thats important for fpv.

You know to have a visual spectacle rather than you know. Oh yeah, you have to buy these expensive goggles if you want to see anything otherwise, youre, just looking at a mosquito in the skies, so ive always uh. You know ive tried to push us making fpv more spectacular, and this is just a fun thing that i want to. Try might not work um to see if we can make things a little bit more interesting. But as i say, if you havent got permission, then dont attempt this because youre probably going to uh, create you know, maybe some complaints or something like that or you know ufo sightings, if anything other than that, and i believe in some countries uh you cant even Night fly anyways, but were quite lucky with that, so phil is bringing a plane and uh yeah gopro gets in the way, so thats got to come off, but the gopro, i think, wouldnt uh, give good results. Anyways, probably the the polar cam will give better results and its just mounted on the top of the battery here for now, uh and with the camera pointed slightly up. The idea is that, when im flying straight, this spotlight here is going to shine on the ground point down slightly and light stuff up. All right lets give this a go: yeah, thats lighting, the ground up nice. Oh, we got laser pen going as well. Oh yeah! Good point well ill light you up phil! Is that not light in the ground up nicely for you phil laser laser pan? We need just some music now dont.

We we got a rave going on if its too much well. Last week there was a chat firing, a laser pen at the uh whats, it theres, so many particles in the air hit in the uh the light yeah. I think it it must be so many yeah. It must be like flies, moths and confusing a million moths. Both others are yeah, i think so, its good man. It looks good its just shame that um i cant have the gopro on top with the light its either the light or the gopro. So this particular spotlight is um, really blasting everything out, but it it works. In that, like you know it lights up the ground yeah because well i suppose i could i just i didnt plan it. I just grabbed the light, and that was it. I just thought: oh lets see, even if it works, but it does so thats thats good to know this is what we should have done back in the day. Phil have the have the light on the plane behind encounters. Ah thats my battery im afraid um now landing might be a problem because i dont want to blind you guys and i dont want to blind phil either.