This was an infamous play where burro went to scramble. Almost went out of bounds, threw the ball in the air, and the whistle was blown while the ball was in the air, causing the defenders to stop boom touchdown player for the bengals – and this was a this – was a game that was one possession game all day. So really unfortunate when we see the pool report, this is where the nfl officials are asked questions after the game and in this pool report the officials just straight up, deny blowing the whistle while the ball was in the air. Now let me just show you guys this a little closely all right. So here is the pool report where the nfl just denies blowing the whistle early, and we already confirmed, i went back and took a look. You could even check it out yourself. The nfl highlights five minutes and 35 seconds in you can hear the official blow the whistle while the ball is in the air. The ball is right here in the air five minutes and 35 seconds into the highlight reel that the nfl themselves have posted so heres. What the officials said the question was: can you talk through the conversions that were had on an inadvertent whistle on cincinnatis touchdown in the second quarter? Here is the referee official walt anderson. We confirmed with the referee and the crew that on that play, they got together and talked they determined that they had a whistle, but that the whistle for them on the field was blown after the receiver caught the ball so and the question the person presses them.

A little bit more, so they didnt think that the whistle was blown while the ball was in the air anderson thats correct. They did not feel that the whistle was blown before the receiver caught the ball thats a straight up lie. They did not feel that you did not feel that i guess its not a lie, because you could feel something thats, not true, i guess, but the fact is we have confirmed it right here. You can take a look at it. Take a look at it yourself, and so they asked: where did this inadvertent whistle come from theyre, not even going to tell you who did who did it? It was one of the officials on the field that blew the whistle thats. The answer. The question: do you know if it was the back judge? Who exactly was it now? The back judge is the sum. The person who sits there. You know kind of near the field goal post anderson says no. The ruling on the field was a touchdown, but we still have to confirm any revivable aspect of the place, so we did confirm that the pass was thrown before the quarterback stepped out of bounds. We also determined that the pass was caught in the end zone by the receiver, who was not out of bounds, so he basically avoided the question he asked him. Do you know if it was the back judge this guy just straight up, avoids the question and then the person asks again and that and that whistle was blown after the receiver had already caught the ball and then anderson doesnt even answer this question.

He doesnt answer the question whether or not the whistle was blown the second time and says what is specific in rule 15. Is that an erroneous whistle is not a reviewable play, so you cannot review, and this is actually in the rules section. You know rule 15, section 4. You cant review whether or not it was a bad whistle, but it is weird how hes dodging questions hes asking if it was the back judge, not getting a response. This guys not saying which referee blew the whistle he wont tell you which ref did it. He admits the ref. Did it wont tell you who did it then says, avoids that question wont tell you, do it and then also is avoiding the question saying the whistle was blown after the receiver caught the ball because he knows were going to be able to look back at this Tape and catch him in a lie, which is exactly what we did earlier. He said they did not feel that the whistle was blown before the receiver caught the ball. We dont care how people feel we want to know what actually happened and are you going to deny reality to make your officiating look good in in the playoffs and thats, exactly what that hes doing, hes, avoiding the question, avoiding confirming that it is a fact that They blew the whistle while the ball was in the air, causing the raiders defense to think the play was over at boom.

You got an easy reception and look at the receiver there. The defender is in a very good place where, if that whistle is not blown, he could easily. He could easily defend that pass, but he led up because he thought the play was over. Look. These people are trained to immediately stop when the whistle is blown. That way you dont get a big time penalty. You dont want to get a messed up penalty, uh unnecessary roughness. You know doing anything after the play, so thats kind of messed up that they did that, and there was a lot of, i would say there was a no call p uh pi on z jones at the very end, but we have other videos about that. We just wanted to talk about this play, in particular what the what the officials said about it with the uh senior vice president of officiating, walt anderson, said about it. We want to let you guys know right away so hope you enjoyed this video like it. If you watch it all the way through and also subscribe to this channel, i know the seasons over, but we have so much to talk about theres, so much potential in this team and were going to cover every move and everything that happens and obviously hear what Raider nation has to say about it. We have questions about whos going to be here in the future. I mean i dont even want to spit.

I dont even want to get into specifics really, but obviously the head coach is still an open question right now. Thats thats just a straight fact, but i hope you enjoyed this video and uh ill.