This month and next month, so the next two months are going to be pretty nuts for the drone industry and thats. What were going to talk about today? So a lot of you know the evo light series is coming out, theres going to be a bunch of different drones, different colors, as you can see right here and give me one second just want to check on the live chat, make sure were going here. Okay, working everything, good, okay, okay, okay, seems to be a little delay, but all right were gon na keep going so theres gon na be the evil lights. Gon na have gon na be 1249. and thats. Actually, a really good price, because youre gon na get a variable aperture from f 2.8 to f 11.. Now the only drone that has this is the phantom 4 pro and the mavic 2 pro okay, the air 2s, which is the competition for this drone, does not have a variable aperture and also does not shoot 6k. So, with a one inch sensor, shooting 6k variable, aperture 20 megapixel photos, i think thats a reasonable price and it has autels intelligent moon algorithm. So its supposed to be good in night low light all right supposed to restore colors to their natural exposure. So the you know the the um shadows and the highlights its supposed to help out with that and also produce better looking images which autel has struggled with in the past, so interested to see how well they do that.

They also have this intelligent flight mode uh or this sorry uh artificial intelligence to intelligence, to get rid of the fog over here to make your image a little more clear, all right, so its called defog mode. All right, though, i kind of like the fog here, it looks kind of more like a film look, then we move on. We have the evo light now. Let me just check make sure all right. People are on audio good, audio video, all good, all right good to hear good to hear yeah. I was having technical difficulties earlier, but were rolling so round number two. Here we go all right, so the evo light. Now i would rather get the light plus than the light, because the light for an extra 100 bucks – you, you know you get a bigger sensor and the variable aperture. So the big thing with this with this evo light, is its got the worlds. First, four axis gimbal, so youll be able to shoot videos and photos vertically, which is great for instagram and social media. Things like that shoots, 50 megapixel photos which, whatever theres other drones, that do that as well. But you know, the big thing here is the fact that its got a four axis: gimbal, okay and its a one slash one point: two eight inch sensor so slightly smaller than the evo plus. Personally, i would just get the evo plus, i mean sorry, the evo light plus god.

That name is hard. We need to take out the evo part. I think all right. So we got the controller here, no lag 7.4 miles. Control looks you know nothing special here, but its supposed to give you up to 40 minutes of flight time realistically thats, probably about 35 minutes of flight time for the evo light drones, okay, thats, the plus and the normal ones, so thats pretty good flight time right. There 6k drone, with variable aperture for that price, im looking forward to that so thats supposed to come out later this month in october and im going to talk about where you can get that in just a bit, all right so were going to go on to The evo nano series comes in all these different colors and a one slash 1.28 inch sensor, which is pretty good for a drone under 250 grams thats. A big thing you wont, need to register the evo nano drones, both the plus and the normal version. So theres two versions and its gon na have a one slash 1.28 inch sensor, thats pretty big with a 1.9 aperture, okay. So for 799 dollars, i think thats, actually a very reasonable price, considering its a nano drone or very you know, lightweight drone. So, as i said, 1.28 inch cmos sensor and the evo nano is going to be 649., its going to be a little smaller sensor, half inch sensor, but its also going to be able to shoot 4k with a 2.

8 inch aperture. So again, i would spend a little extra money get the evo nano plus, if you can, okay and its supposed to have darker shadows brighter highlights. Okay, seeing is believing, but it definitely should look better than the dji mini series, the mini and the mini 2, and of course it has these intelligent flight modes as well, and then youre also going to be able to share it with the autel sky app. You can share what you shoot onto social media, but thats expected with any drone nowadays it does that dji drones do that so nothing special there and what is nice about these nano drones is theyre the first nano drones to have obstacle avoidance in the front back And bottom, okay, so the mini and the mini two by dji do not do this. So if you want a lightweight drone that has obstacle avoidance, okay go with the nano and autel autel. Unfortunately, they make you buy from these online stores, rather than their own store. I dont know why they do that or you can look up a store. However, when i looked up a store, it has all these different countries, but not the united states, which was kind of weird, but i did see it on b, h and ill link to ill put a link below this video. So you can find it so you dont have to look around all right now. Other interesting news, other interesting news is that this company called hubsan, which came out with the xenomini pro uh yeah.

It was the worlds first drone obstacle avoidance under 250 grams, but obviously we have the nano right now that does that as well as i was talking about before. Where is it uh right here? Okay, but the thing about this hubsan is that its coming out with a four thirds inch sensor, uh, drone, okay and on this youtube channel, said beyond your imagination, 1299, and it showed a picture of this lens. It was very vague, not very long, as you can see 13 seconds right there for that video. I just took some screen captures here, so i dont get copyrighted and here it shows handheld, shooting effect 1920×1080, no ones going to get excited about hd video. But if its hd video – i imagine this is what whats whats going on here. So hubsan, i believe, is creating a four thirds inch sensor, drone that you can also use as a video camera. Okay, so that would be worth the 12.99 okay and it does look like it. Has nice bokeh nice out of focus blur with a nice shallow depth of field right there, okay and it says, attribute to video studio workers, which is a weird way of phrasing it. I dont know if this was a chinese translation, but its going to be 1299 and that keep your eye out for that. So that may be something interesting of a four thirds inch drone, which is what the mavic 3 will be, but for a 12.

99 price. Now you know the proof is in the pudding: hubsan hasnt really released a drone, thats really really good in terms of image quality, but well have to see what they come out with. So i just want to let you know what guys know about that and the mavic 3, so everyones excited about the mavic 3, and i just want to give an update in terms of the pricing for the mavic 3. The fact that you know theres going to be these various versions, the normal version or the cine version. Now the cine version, which is like the premium flagship version, will be around 3 500 to 5 000. I imagine okay, we dont know for sure, but talking with some other people and looking the fact that its got apple, prores uh with a one terabyte storage apple pro is right now its 500 to license that and then storage for the inspire 2. If you get about one terabyte, its hundred 1600, so thats over two thousand dollars right there, so i dont know how they would sell a drone under three thousand dollars with those kind of specs, so heres my picks for 2021. 2022. Let me just check the live stream, make sure everythings all good. All right greetings from austria, hello from the netherlands. Good to see you guys good to see you guys all right um. So these are my picks for what we might see for this winter. The next couple months, so these are all the new drones coming out: uh, not the mini 2.

Its already been out, and so is the air 2s, but these are basically the top drones on the market. Now, when i say top drones top portable drones, okay, you could spend over ten thousand dollars, but im talking uh for portable cinematic drones for filmmakers photographers under under five thousand dollars. Okay, so we have, if you have around four thousand dollars with with a few extra batteries, youre going to want to get the dji mavic 3 cine version. Okay, that we just were talking about. Okay, the normal version will probably be half the price but uh. I think this will sell more. A lot of people will be more interested in that people dont want to spend four thousand dollars, but the four thousand dollars would be worth it, especially if youre doing this for a living now, fifteen hundred dollars, you have a lot of choices. The autel light based on the specs – i would put it ahead of the dji air 2 s, but well have to see what it what it looks like um based on the and its reputation. But the hubs in you know four thirds its. It looks great on paper, but you know hubs in it still. Doesnt have the same reputation as dji or autel, so thats. Why? I put it number three and then right in the middle, put the dji air 2s now for a thousand dollars the autel nano plus. Would be great okay for for for that kind of drone in that size you dont have to register it.

Dont have to worry about all the rules in your country, okay, most countries under 250 grams. You can pretty much fly at your leisure, whereas the mavic air 2 youre going to have to register it. Although the mavic air 2 is a great drone, shoots 240 frames per second in slow motion which the air 2s does not thats. One reason i love the air 2. and im going to make another video about that in the near future. Now, for 500, the dji mini 2 still a great drone. Okay for 500 bucks, although if you have a little extra money, probably want to get the autel nano, because these are both uh nano drones or drones under 250 grams. But you have a much bigger sensor, obstacle avoidance with the autel nano and you have a bigger you. You got that bigger camera sensor. So all right. One thing i i talked about before, but i just want to mention again – is that kitty hawk since air map is no longer uh working for authorization with the faa in the united states, youre going to want to use an app called a loft which used to Be known as kitty hawk, but they changed their name. Okay, um just want to let you know that, so, if you need authorization near airport or in a restricted flight zone, use a loft now im gon na give away. My color grading course, which includes my cinematic drone pack to two people so lets see who who would like to win in the live chat were going to give away.

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